1, 2, 3! Wonder Girls Wins M! Countdown No.1 for the 3rd time

Wonder Girls finally turned up for M! Countdown after missing the past two weeks but yet still winning No.1 on both occasions against Brown Eyes. For the 3rd week running, Wonder Girls were up against Brown Eyes again who was not performing as usual. In lieu of various comebacks, the Wonder Girls appeared at the very beginning performing So Hot remix sporting new outfits.

Sun Mi so pretty with her hair untied

Sun Mi so pretty with her hair untied

In the end, Wonder Girls made it a hat trick of No.1s as they pipped out Brown Eyes by 944 to 921 points. Congratulations to them and hope they continue the momentum by reclaiming their No.1 in tomorrow’s K-Chart on Music Bank.


24 thoughts on “1, 2, 3! Wonder Girls Wins M! Countdown No.1 for the 3rd time

  1. The M! Countdown appearance as well as the appearnce on Music Bank are supposed to be the last appearances they make as part of promos for “So Hot”.

    After that, hopefully they get a much needed and deserved break before heading into the studio for the full length album in September.


  2. unbelievable. They’re only starting to win after ending promotion?

    I just absolutely adore SunMi’s outfit.

  3. WHOA! SO COOL! I thought they stopped promotions, so I was surprised when coolsmurf uploaded their perf. on YouTube. YAY FOR WG! It’s so sad that their ending their promotions early. I think “So Hot” will stay on top for awhile after they leave, but I think it would stay longer if they don’t end it so quickly. =( Well, at least, we can look forward to even more WG on their next comeback! =D

    Now that I think about it… are they rushing their next album because there’s so many preparing their comebacks already? Like SNSD and BB?

  4. I want to see how they were with 2am! nobody is gonna upload a video of their winning on youtube?
    pls ^^

  5. I was watching this! I didn’t even know they were gonna be there LOL.. I was watching the 2AM performance and then WG came outta nowhere and I flipped out cause I remember you said they won’t be promoting “So Hot” anymore hahaha..

  6. Hahaha I like how they won when they’ve stopped promoting So Hot.
    Grats to them!

    thanks coolsmurf


  8. Glad to see they’re still on the countdown even though they’re supposed to have stopped promoting.

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