Wonder Girls Receiving Cyworld Song of the Month June 2008

The following are a series of pictures of the Wonder Girls receiving the Cyworld Song of the Month award for “So Hot” in the month of June 2008.

Once again, it’s impossible for me to post every picture so I am mainly posting pictures from Newsen and Photororo (they take really good shots).

You can find HQ pictures and 72 news agencies pictures courtesy of cutegiurl.


28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Receiving Cyworld Song of the Month June 2008

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  2. omggg it’s a bittersweet topic; ending of a great thing, but it’s definitely time for something new from WGs.

    i love them; their personalities always shine through those leopard-print outfits!

    and their stylist… omfg; i want their stylist… so clever; they always sneak in the leopard-print in every outfit, some aren’t that noticeable! ahh impressive πŸ™‚

    i hope their 3rd album will be SPECTACULAR. i will DEFINITELY buy it!!

    and about yoobin’s voice and her not rapping live much… i just loved their performance with the so hot remix where she rapped for the first time.. i think it was on like july 19th? idk but yoobin’s face just GLOWED because she could finally sing live again πŸ™‚ i loved it. you can just tell they’re having fun too.

  3. Now that’s how you end promos for “So Hot”….ON TOP!!!

    Congrats on another award and now it’s time for WG to take some much needed time off.

    WG FIGHTING!!!!!

  4. Aww I love Sohee’s kissy face picture.
    And the one with the YooMi couple. I think its the 3rd?
    WG really deserve this.
    They’re just so damn hot. πŸ˜‰

  5. Good job Wonder Girls! πŸ™‚ I don’t really like Yoo Bin’s pants or tights but i like her top :).. I really like the rest of the girl’s outfits..pretty πŸ™‚

  6. love Yoo Bin outfit looks like a mix between Tell me and So Hot
    Ye Hun outfit is a compete mess for once…

    I so want more perf of So Hot… looks like we should wait a mouth but I just can’t wait to discover their next single !!

    ooh ooh
    H HOT

  7. i really really love wondergirls !
    specially kim yoo bin and min sun ye =’)
    and i am from the philippines !

    Congratulations Wonder Girls for Receiving Cyworld Song of the Month June 2008 !

    Hope the next album will be a blast too =’)

  8. agree with kjpop. they deserved it! =)
    and they’re all looks so pretty^^

    (p.s.: i am the only one who likes yoo bin’s outfit? :$)

  9. sorry to say that but yoobin looks ugly with this lipstick when she smiles and she looks really horrible in the 9th pic !

  10. they are all gorgeous!but too much make up,again! & i dislike their lipsticks!

    anyway they are still HOT!

  11. yoobin couldn’t rap live often since she still needs to be able to record the second album safely without worrying about her voice giving in >.<; and since a full album is more important than a mini one it’s better this way. ^^ I’d hate for them to even consider replacing her because of this condition =(

    Anyways,, congrats again heh^^ sohee looks so mean sometimes lmao. I hated sunmi’s outfit there XD lol but she looked pretty and cute^^

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