Wonder Girls Ends So Hot Promotions~ See You in Autumn

5-member girl group Wonder Girls has ended their “So Hot” promotions. This will be their final week where they will appear on M! Countdown and Music Bank.

Wonder Girls has break from the norm by not promoting any follow-up songs from their “So Hot” mini album which was released in early June. After nearly two months of promoting “So Hot” and a remix version of the same song, their promotional activities has come to an abrupt end which is strange considering their high popularity now with fans. They are scheduled for an autumn comeback in early September with their new single from their 2nd album.

According to JYP Entertainment, “So Hot has been equally popular as Tell Me last year but we will not be promoting any follow-up songs from the mini album and end our promotions at this. There’s no special reason behind this since we are just following our plans that we set at the beginning. Because the Wonder Girls will be releasing their new single in early September, they will be back with a totally new image so that’s why we decided to halt their promotions.”

The Wonder Girls have a scheduled fan meeting this coming Saturday (26th July), 7pm while they will pick up Cyworld Song of the Month for June tonight. According to JYP Entertainment, “The fan meeting will be held in the form of a mini concert. The Wonder Girls have been practising really hard daily, stretching into the wee hours for this final performance.”


34 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Ends So Hot Promotions~ See You in Autumn

  1. they spent the past 2 weeks massively promoting the song and they just abruptly stopped…

    that’s so weird!

  2. WHOA! WHAT?! That’s so sudden! They just started the remix, too! I feel like that was really quick. O.O

    @#31 ss
    EXACTLY!! Yoobin just started rapping live again! We didn’t even get to hear her sing live in “This Time”. =(

    @#22 kjpop
    I know, right!? I’ll have some serious WG withdrawals. Maybe Sun Ye will perform with Mighty Mouth again sometime?

    “So Hot” is still doing well. I can’t believe they’ll just stop now, and they’re coming back with yet another new image? Oh man… well, I doubt it’ll be cutesy stuff because going from sexy “So Hot” to SNSD “Kissing You” cute stuff is going to be a shock and weird.

    @#18 IluvYubin
    WOOHOO! Since Big Bang is coming back, too, WONDERBANG is a huge possibility. Especially since Epik Wonder totally failed.

  3. yes, i agree to comment 28. && maybe more english lyrics, since they’re studying so hard on it. heehee.
    im going to miss them but hey! they’re just going to be gone for a month and couple of days or weeks depending on when in Sept. they’re coming back. if i can wait for
    “So Hot” i can wait for their 2nd Album. Wonder Girls Fightin’

  4. I think they should come back with a ‘mature’ look, something like B.E.G and SeeYa and show their vocals more, but maybe hiphop and r&b would be best with all the competition they’re going to be in, they need to stand out again. ^^

  5. and i hope they will go for hip hop/r&B style
    any genre that can showcase their vocals!

  6. aww no more so hot:(( i’ll miss it..
    can’t wait for the 2nd studio album=)
    i hope they can rest in august and then in september we’ll see a relaxed Wonder Girls^^

    Love You Girls<3 WG Fighting!!

  7. Ill be dying in august ahha

    wonder girls withdrawal is going to get to me @___@

    but im glad they can finally rest =]

  8. isn’t snsd also going to have their comeback this year? xp
    what a good competition ehehe. for me, both of them are the best nyaha. i’ll be looking forward on their comeback. aja!!
    i’ll miss wg ='( again.

  9. Also with BB doing a comeback soon, I smell more WONDERBANG for the fall and winter =D ohhh maybe a winter theme musical o.o; or a song featuring some of them? lol BB and WG have friendly competition. ^^

  10. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo =( can’t they just promote AND record the second album? it’d be like constant WG everyday then ^^ I hate when WG goes away like this =( oh well….=/

    SNSD wont get a smooth comeback nor do they ever end up able to promote one song and have everyone love it, they always promote about 5 lol.

    DBSG….WG wont be in competition with, it’s pointless with their amount of fans NO ONE can compete with them. lol

    And kara sucks lol.

    Just as long as JYP makes this album real hot, seriously we need it so hot that SNSD’s comeback is totally pointless! show them bitches who the bosses are. XD lol

  11. i’m worried too! snsd , big bang, dbsk & rain’s will do their comeback soon so i’m scared for my wonder girls even if i know that they are the best girlgroup the fact is that they’ve never been in competition with dbsk & rain !

    i can’t wait to see what’ll happen


  12. awww so hot is gone!

    i’m gonna miss the girls! haha
    but i cant wait for their secong album!!

    i have a feeling that its gonna be awesome!
    girls fighting!

    when the girls come back in september, their gonna blow everyone out of the water! haha. hot!

  13. ^ what you are saying is very impossible..

    hahaha.. not trying to be an ANTI but Kara’s break it didn’t even exceed IRONY’s popularity.. now with so Hot and Esp tell me.. How could the people forget them???
    and One Factor.. DSP ENT?? wth.. they are in a financial crisis.. but i love KARA.. my 2nd favorite girl group.. and SNSD?? booooooooooooooooooooooooo..
    hahahahaha.. wondergirls rock.. definitely 2008’s best Girl Group..

  14. i’m kinda stressed out now… can some1 please give me some advice… KARA is having their comeback soon, I know most people likes KARA better than WG… i’m worried that their popularity would diasappear when KARA is having their comeback… I’m really worried if people start comparing WG and KARA since they have 5 members too… I want to remind all wonderfuls to stay strong and continue to support WG… WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. aww…i’m feeling sad because i can’t see them for a while..
    but atleast they could finally rest after those busy days…

    Go WonderGirls!!!
    and congratulations to you!!

  16. T,T say byebye to “So Hot”!
    hope they REST WELL!! sleep well, eat full, be happy, stay healthy…….
    see them on September again πŸ˜€

  17. Aww! No more Wonder Girls! No more Sun Mi.. 😦 But its great for them since they can rest now..3 hours of sleep daily ><“..crazy. I can’t wait for their second studio album!

  18. Wow that was out of nowhere. But just because they stopped promoting it doesn’t mean it won’t get bigger right?
    :). Grats to WG to winning yet another award as they deserve it to the fullest! And I guess now all we can do it sit patiently and wait till they come out with their newest hit of an album. :D.
    ❀ to the WG and i’ll def. miss their promotional activities. xD

    thanks coolsmurf!

  19. After I saw the article on Yahoo, I was so shocked because I thought it should be around some time next month not July. This is so sudden but I’m also happy because they can finally get some rest since they’ve been working so hard on promoting So Hot since May. And congrats to WG once again for winning another Cyworld award ^^

    Also be prepare for what’s coming this Autumn, JYP PD-nim is having other surprises coming out other than WG’s 2nd album πŸ˜‰ Just thought I give you guys a small hint and I can only pray that it’s not going be delayed hehe πŸ™‚ And thank you for the news Alvin ^^

  20. Ahhh, bye bye So Hot!

    I’m soooo excited for the 2nd album. It means new songs and a new image! Please don’t screw up any one’s hair, stylist unnis. xD

    Hope the girls have a good break before working on the second album.

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