Sun Ye Reveals the Secret to Singing So Hot Well

The Wonder Girls who have managed to carry on the momentum from last year “Tell Me” with “So Hot” revealed the secret behind singing “So Hot” well.

(Sun Mi goes hahahaha after her answer at 0:35 ^^)

With regards to “So Hot” being a song that’s sung very often at KTV and how to sing it well, Sun Ye expressed, “When you are singing, try to imagine yourself to be cute in many ways, think of yourself as one with princess complex and sing it. Regardless of who it is, you would be able to do well singing it.”

The Wonder Girls who became Nation’s Little Sisters with “Tell Me” have managed to show another side of them to fans with their sexy concept for “So Hot”. They are often labelled as cute and sexy by fans as So Hee was asked which she likes better, “I want to let fans see different images of me so I can’t say which one I like better. I wil continue to show more images of me in future.”

Although the Wonder Girls have no concert plans as yet this year, they expressed, “We will have a fan meeting soon to meet our fans.”

credit: cutegiurl (video)


9 thoughts on “Sun Ye Reveals the Secret to Singing So Hot Well

  1. Lol that’s true. Sohee’s just so adorably cute. With any image that she is she’s also cute. Like the So Hot image. She’s So Hot but in a way cute.
    Haha SunYe..
    WG is just Wonderful. Success in everything they do. 🙂

    thanks coolsmurf

  2. lol sohee is always a cutie patootie no matter what they dress her like^^ her chubby babie cheeks make it impossible for her to be anything but cute. =D ..same with sunmi, she’s very very very very pretty and she’s always going to be the prettiest. ^^

  3. Kari u understand korea langauge?
    anyone can sub.

    lol. i am interested in learning korean. it sounds abit like chinese and sometime abit like dialect.

  4. actually, the cute vs. sexy question was towards all the wg, not just sohee. she just happened to be the one answering the question.

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