So Hee’s Hug with Jo Kwon of 2AM Becomes a Hot Topic

A backstage video featuring JYP’s longest serving trainee of seven years and presently a member of 2AM, Jo Kwon when his group 2AM debuted on Music Bank a week ago has made headlines after it’s release yesterday.

On the afternoon of 17th July, fans of 2AM posted this backstage video on the fansite which then appeared on various video sharing websites as we saw what went behind the scenes when 2AM debuted a week earlier.

Not just that, from the video, we can also see Kim Hee Hwan and the Wonder Girls appearing in person to lend and show their support to 2AM. To console Jo Kwon who was seemingly overwhelmed with emotions after completing his debut stage, So Hee leaned forward and gave him a sincere hug.

After that was made known to the public, “Jo Kwon, So Hee” immediately became the No.1 search terms on Daum. On the other hand, the video which first surfaced on 2AM fansite saw an incredible jump in the number of people visiting, showing the high curiosity that netizens have over this.

Netizens commented, “Hope that 2AM can continue showing this kind of emotions from their debut stage in future”, “Hope that they will retain this purity and become great singers”, etc as support for them poured in.

According to someone from JYPE and Cube, “Everyone has been showing their support for 2AM who has been running towards their dreams. To repay everyone for their love, 2AM will work even harder in future.”

Wonder Girls visiting 2AM backstage on their Music Bank Debut Stage on 11th July staring at 2:01. The hug between So Hee and Jo Kwon is at 2:20.

Don’t read too much into it. Just a friendly reassuring hug from So Hee.


43 thoughts on “So Hee’s Hug with Jo Kwon of 2AM Becomes a Hot Topic

  1. sweet so hee
    i wonder heechul will get upset bout this..
    but it become normal among artists to hug each other right?

    cute so hee

  2. its funny how people go crazy over this stuff i mean its just a hug i mean it’ll be a big deal if they kiss or tounge but a hug?

  3. @IluvYubin
    Haha. Your comment made me lol.

    That was really sweet. I love moments between members of the same companies because they’ve usually trained together, and when others debut, they are all supportive of each other. =D

  4. He has nice arms! lol why are his arms so nice lol ^^;;; lol it is weird to see him tear up with such manly arms hahahahaha ^^;;; lol n.n

  5. hey if i was sohee i would hug my crying friend too!
    and they were sooooo cute.
    i hope 2am does well in the future πŸ˜€

    JYP people FIGHTING! πŸ˜€

  6. @Pauline
    i totally agree with you πŸ˜€
    i cant wait the photoshoot with 2PM haha
    hot girls + hot guys = jyp family =)

  7. 2AM has my support!!!!!!!!
    and that was so lovely hug from SoHee, showing us how she and the WG fully support their friends

  8. JYP family is the best. I just can’t wait till the debut of 2PM. That’ll be one hot party right there.

    So sweet to see the love between them… and Kwon mentionning Sun Ye! Too bad she wasn’t there for his debut.. Or else the whole changing room would’ve cried.. HAHAHA!!
    Anybody missed Sun Mi patting his stomach?? this more scandalous than a hug!! hahah.. netizens better calm down with this one.. I’ll go Ninja on them… Can’t wait for Star King!!

  10. let go of my so hee TT
    i’m sure he wanted to hold her tight but it was impossible with the camera^^

    ahaha i love the cameraman!! i love the camera!!!

  11. Awww mandoo pie is so adorable >.<
    But seriously, stop touching his arms lol, jk.

    Remember the taxi show where SunMi was crying? SoHee hit her as a sign of comfort lol adorkable πŸ™‚

    WonderClock fighting!

  12. lol I hope sohee fan boys dont go on the attack x.x; like they did with whats his name from that movie, I forget I think its kim kibum or just kibum lol. ^^

    But yahhhh I imagine heechul is the leader of sohee fan boys that would be upset lol. >XD

  13. ahah so hee is so nice! she was so supporting!

    she just hugged him and it became the No.1 search terms on Daum? wow

    actually they became more famous & they gained fans thanks to so hee !! cool !

    but the wonder girls fanboys weren’t jealous and upset when they saw that? i thought 2am would gain antis too…

  14. I LOVE this side of Sohee.
    But when I saw it the first time on cutegiurl’s blog I think it was I really hoped netizens wouldn’t make too much out of it.
    I mean she hit him first, then hugged him, then shook his hand.
    Hahaha I guess it’s just Sohees way of comfort xD
    She’s just too cute.
    And I do hope 2AM will do well with everything!

    thanks coolsmurf

  15. yeah me too.. i love it when groups support each other… I hope the hugging thing doesn’t become an issue… its just a friendly hug… wonder girl and JYP family fighting!!!

  16. yayy. i love seeing closeness and friendliness between groups, especially if they’re from the same company. it shows a sense of comradery<3.

  17. Oh god -___-;; lol I thought it’d be a hot topic simply because sohee was showing some sign of a warm human being somewhere in her, lol. jk XD but wow, lol.


  18. Wonder Clock fighting!
    Jo Kwon thanked SunYe nuna too!
    is it a love triangle? awww thats sweet of So Hee.

    Wonder Clock fighting! JYPent family fighting!

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