HQ Quality Photoshoot (28P) 080714

You might be asking, didn’t I post this before? Yes, I did. But this set of pictures from is now in HQ resolution and untagged. So I’m just gonna post a few samples and you can see the previous 28 pictures over here.

Download (UU) | password:

credit: wonderholic


10 thoughts on “ HQ Quality Photoshoot (28P) 080714

  1. Thank you so much for your shared HQ download.

    I’m looking for this set.

    They’re all so cute.

  2. i downloaded it, and i clicked Extract Here .. on the file
    but it happended to say “No Archives Found”

    I really want those pictures (in HQ files!!)
    can you send it to me by email??


  3. yoobin has a rocker-stance thingy going on in the first pic,she’s just needing an electric guitar to complete the look^.^

    anyways thanks these pics are really pretty

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