Wonder Day Project – Story of New York (36P)

The Wonder Girls captured in candid poses for their Wonder Day project titled Story of New York. The series has ended and will not be updated anymore. There are two postcards labelled n.25 so the total number of postcards is 36 with the last being n.35 and not n.36. Listed with the most recent at the top.

credit: tenbyten


38 thoughts on “Wonder Day Project – Story of New York (36P)

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  2. soo hee is really a Little Miss Sunshine! Her smile is so sunny! Her friendly face in those pics always make me feel comfortable! ohhhh….

  3. OHMYGOSH. i was at UCLA last week, and i saw this one student walking around, listening to her ipod, and SHE WAS WEARING THE SAME HEADPHONES AS SOHEE!!! i wanted to chase her down to ask her where she got it because i’ve seen that picture of sohee using those headphones before. a pictorial with sooyoung of snsd had her wearing it, too.

  4. LMAO@SunYe’s group leader picture!!!
    Haha I agree there are alooot of couple photos.
    Although 24 is my fav. MiSo pic on here just cause it’s so funny and cute at the same time. xDDD
    And 28 i think it is is SO cute with the YeSo/YeHee/SoEun/whatever they are 😛
    I like YeSo..xDD

    Thanks for the update coolsmurf!!

  5. wow so many couple pics.
    YeMi, YoHee, YeYe, MiSo, YeHee, YeBin, SunBin

    yoobin on the last pic,haha

  6. i freaking want those ice cream earrings that yoobin and yeeun wore!!! ToT they’re so cute!! anyone know where i can get them? :O

  7. I LOVE how Sohee smiles in these pictures she’s so pretty!
    Ahh the couple nicknames confuse me just cause of SunMi and SunYe.

    Thanks coolsmurf!

  8. Generally I think 2Ye and MiSo are the best couples, but after seeing picture 21, I think EunSun wins cutest couple of all time! 예뻐요.

  9. T-bone, YeYe is what I use to call Sun Ye and Ye Eun together. XDDD I don’t know why my comment was cut up like that but I meant to say that I like seeing them together. -___-

  10. =P i wanna know where she got the headphones from too!
    those headphones look awesome. sunmi is always so pretty hehehe

  11. sunmi looks pretty 🙂
    do you know where so hee got her headphones from?
    i thought they were the cutest thing when i saw her on mtv new york and i really wanted it ><
    thanks! 🙂

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