Wonder Girls No.1 on M! Countdown Again

Ironic isn’t it? Wonder Girls didn’t perform on M! Countdown again yesterday but they managed to win No.1 again against the same competitor, Brown Eyes, their second consecutive win in a row. Nothing much to write about so just congratulations. Maybe should adopt this strategy in future?

Wonder Girls are appearing on Music Bank and Music Core this week. No Inkigayo. It appears to see if Hyori’s comeback will have an impact.


7 thoughts on “Wonder Girls No.1 on M! Countdown Again

  1. Is brown eyes those two R&B guys? or is this is a ‘new’ Brown eyes they’re beating? because theres no way WG could be the original brown eyes…they’re perhaps one of the most talented duo’s in Asia. but they aren’t exactly in the spotlight anymore so yah =/

    Anyways Congrats^____^

  2. Hahaaa
    That’s just how good the WG is. 😉
    No need to show upp lol.
    Grats to them again! They totally deserve it.
    MiSo in the pic sooo cute. :DDDD

    thanks coolsmurf!

  3. congratulationssss !!! hope they will be n°1 on music bank !I don’t care about lee hyori! WG’s are the best!

    i love this pic^^ *miso*

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