Wonder Girls Falls Short in their Bid for 6th Consecutive K-Chart No.1

It comes as a complete shock really. I even had to rewrite my headline. Wonder Girls were up against Brown Eyes (not performing) and Davichi. But there was no No.1 for Wonder Girls for the 6th consecutive week as they lost by 188 votes to Davichi. Tough luck, I guess. And so Jewelry’s K-Chart record remains.

But on the bright side, Yoo Bin rapped live. Although there were background vocals, but you can hear her clearly because her mic volume was much louder. I think she was quite nervous because it was not a great rap but still it only means that her voicebox is going to be back to 100% soon. The Wonder Girls also had new outfits although it didn’t quite match and thus did not stand out as a group for me. Individually, it looks stunning though.


31 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Falls Short in their Bid for 6th Consecutive K-Chart No.1

  1. i agree with the outfits, the outfits make them stand out as individuals, but it was kinda bad as a group…

    However, it’s good to know that yoo bin is rapping! i hope she will get better and do it to her full potential!!

    Sun Mi’s hair looks weird!!

  2. their outfits were massive ^^, however; So Hee was so cute! beautiful! great! i luv SH sooooooo much!

  3. lol trust me with Hyori’s come back theres gonna be alot of rigging and pay offs to certain awards now.. T.T luckily WG will be gone in August busy, so they wont care. ^^

  4. aw, that’s lameeeee :l
    is in a coincidence that when they didn’t perform
    they won? and now that they did they lost? haha idk.
    maybe it was rigged, doubt it.

    but they tried their best and five weeks is already amazing as is.

  5. the word “FAIL” is really cruel. the Wonder Girls didnt fail. just that they didnt make it No.1 this week. im really proud of them for making it through 5 consecutive weeks.
    WG’s Fightin’ all the way.

  6. just 20 votes *.* i’m sad about it but we know they’re so cool and won a lot already, so no matter…

    Yoo Bin rapped!! wooo! πŸ˜€ ok it was not perfect but i like it and i’m so glad that she rapped again^^

    the new outfits were…umm.. really unusual but not bad! i thought Sohee and Yoobin outfits were pretty=)

  7. oh man. i smell something fishy. verrry stinky fish.
    even Shin Dong was surprised. hmmmm.
    it doesnt seem right. but we can take it.

    wonder girls fighting!

  8. hmmm what was jewelry’s record? just curious.

    Oh well, =D they won Mnet so no hard feelings ahha.

  9. And OMG! Sunye has on normal pants lol. sunmi’s outfit is a awful XD lol

    what is with their stylist. lol…seriously..lol..wow. lmao

  10. What the hell does ye eun have on here? jesus christ, their stylist needs to tone it down a bit.

    Yoobin sounded a bit shaky for her first live perf. ^^ but she will get it together soon, she always does. =D

  11. NOOO!!! I CANT BELIEVE THEY FAILED!!! IT’S LIKE… KIND OF… IMPOSSIBLE!!! but yeah, on the bright side, YAY FOR YOO BIN!!! YAY!! AJA AJA!!! β™₯β™₯



  12. OMG I was SO happy that Yoobin rapped πŸ˜€ Even though it wasn’t perfect I thought it was AWESOME that she sung live πŸ˜€ Yay!!

    And congrats to Wondergirls getting 5 weeks straight on the charts πŸ˜€ WOOT!!! πŸ˜€

    I can’t wait for their album! πŸ˜€




  14. they are still the best! forever !!! they are second this week, so what?
    it’s not over !

    5 weeks consecutives it’s awesome!!! and it’s just the FIRST SINGLE of their new album!! it’s just the beginning!!

    they will do a new album with another tube soon!! WG’s are great they made the “tell me” mania and the “so hot ” mania now we just have to wait until a new WG’s mania!!!!!

    WG’s fighting!!!

  15. 5 weeks consecutives it’s already great!!!
    20 votes it’s nothing.
    they are still number 1 for us and they are still number 1 on m countdown ! hope they will stay number 1 for many weeks!

    good for yoo bin!

    Wonder Girls fighting!

  16. omg!!!!!!!!!!! i want WONDERGIRLS to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I’m shocked …but its okay…
    20 points??? sigh*****
    I liked the outifts, excpet for yoobin…
    i didn’t mind that it didn’t match..our girls can stand on their own… feel kinda bleh now…Congrats to Davichi …

  18. Aw.. that’s a shame..
    Well they did have a good run.
    Of course to us they’re still number 1 so whatever.. xD
    She’s been singing along little by little hasn’t she?
    It’s been exciting but her rapping 100% live would be GREAT!
    Hope to see pics and vid soon!

    thanks coolsmurf

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