Sun Ye and Yoo Bin on Introducing Star’s Friends

Wonder Girls Sun Ye and Yoo Bin first dating experience (not quite).

Sun Ye and Yoo Bin are confirmed for the July 23rd recording of MBC “Introducing Star’s Friends” variety. This variety show sees stars bringing their non-celebrity friends on the show who are then put together on a date with people whom they are seeing for the first time.

Yoo Bin and Sun Ye will be the youngest-ever participants at the age of 20 and 19 respectively. Many are curious exactly as to what friends they would bring along for the show’s recording. The show PD expressed, “To find partners for their friends, Sun Ye and Yoo Bin will become their helpers. Their participation in the ensuing games will result in them knowing each other better.”

Besides the Wonder Girls duo, 21 year old Lee Hyun Ji will once again appear on the show with the trio average age being 20. On the guys side, Boom and MC Mong will be the representatives in the 30s age bracket.

According to someone from MBC, “It’s surprising for us to get two members of the Wonder Girls who have so much character to appear on the show. Through the show, we will get to see their individual skills and the natural interaction between stars and their friends which will be great. I am anticipating to see what Sun Ye and Yoo Bin will offer.”

This episode of “Introducing Star’s Friends” is set for broadcast in early August.


22 thoughts on “Sun Ye and Yoo Bin on Introducing Star’s Friends

  1. yeboseyo………i luv wondergirls ur no.1 fan…i wish that i can go and live in seoul south korea…. kamsanida………………….sunbae mwahhah

  2. Rawr, the show is a bit fun. I watched it when Bae Seul Gi was on it, and it was fairly amusing. I did skip through a few parts as I really purely watched it for BSG.

    So .. is it going to be Yoobin and Sunye guesting on the same episode? Sounds like it from the description, even more interesting then.

    Gawsh .. if they do this show .. there’s going to be so much shippers on whoever gets paired with those two girls in the activities .. maybe they’ll limit it since they’re both young, but come on, this is Star’s Friends we’re talking about.

    Yah! Maybe they’ll just downplay the games a bit for the 20-range age group, haha.

  3. wG and VL….

    you are buth correct. That is a scar on YooBins arm. When WG was on Brain Battle, they asked the girls how many things they wanted changed on thier bodies and YooBin wanted a couple of scars removed they she got when she was younger. One on her arm and one just above her eye.


  4. ohhhhh, I’m excited to see it! ;D youtube plus subs?
    thanks for the info coolsmurf! <333

  5. Ohhh lucky, they get to spend time with YooBin D: So jealous. It’s kind of like We Got Married I guess? xDD without the marrying part.

  6. @wG

    I think its a scar,, it looks like this scar I have on my leg from dropping an iron there. o.o;

  7. YOOBIN I LOVE YOU. ^^ lmao

    Anyways, lol she is soooooo cute ^^
    I cant wait to see the show =D Ive never watched this show before,,

  8. Oooh sounds fun. :DDD
    Same here can’t wait to see who they’ll bring!
    I’m sure you’ll be the first to post up cuts or something when this is out!!
    Can’t wait!

    thanks coolsmurf!!

  9. the youngest ever participants? cool! i wonder how are their friends …..*curious*
    i can’t wait to see that!

    thanks coolsmurf

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