Wonder Girls Keroro Fighter CF (30s) 080716

The Wonder Girls Keroro Fighter CF is finally out. Quite cute to see them dancing with the Keroro Fighter characters. The butt patting and CF song was adorable.

Download (UU)

credit: wonderholic


42 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Keroro Fighter CF (30s) 080716

  1. Let’s see….

    There’s SoHee’s “Oh-Moh-Na” from TELL ME…

    There’s SunMi’s “I’m So Pretty” pose from SO HOT…

    Let’s add the Keroro Fighter “Butt Pat” to the list of WG dances that won’t be leaving our hearts any time soon =P


  2. this is the 7 times i watched this short clip! OMG! soooooo wonder! the outfits are so cute, the song is so cute, and the dance is so cute, tooo!

  3. yoobin is so cute here.
    and the butt spanking move is so cute.
    wah. only split second of YE eun here???why o why?

  4. yes they sang the song… you cant recognize their voices??????? its soo cute!!! i this song is mad catchy and the
    i wanna learn the dance too! wg always got a good dance

  5. I was sooooo waiting for the CF. So adorable!! I was able to record the audio and create a ringtone for my cell phone. Turned out great!!

    I wanna see the other versions when they come out!


  6. I’m surprised Tamama is in the center instead of Keroro XD Maybe because he’s the cutest of them all? Anyway, I love this clip!!!

  7. Awww YooBin’s hair is just so adorable! DDDD: SO jealous. She can be sexy and cute at the same time. Sun Ye’s so cute with the butt patting and Sunmi is adorable when she kissed the little guy.

  8. ^There’s probably going to be different versions of the CF~

    But OMG the CF is so cute!
    I hope they’ll release the full song too, cause it’s reallllllly addictive haha

    And was it just me or did Yeeun mess up the dance a little right at the end? lol

  9. aw! the editing of this CF sucks. most of the time the Wonder Girls were dancing. i thought i saw more then just the dancing parts when they filmed it. oh well; they’re still cute. Sohee & YeEun have less screentime. sad 😦

  10. Yay its finally out! I’ve been waiting. All of them are so so cute here! Wonder Girls can switch from a sexy/hot image [So Hot] to a cute/adorable image [Kissing You/Keroro CF]! Sun Mi and So Hee are the cutest here!

  11. Aww.!
    I absolutely love the WG.
    They’re so good at being cute it’s ridiculous. πŸ˜€
    But then you see So Hot and it’s like damnnnn!
    Loved Sohee’s 2 finger salute near the end :).

    thanks coolsmurf!

  12. coolsmurf, can you possibly sub the interview when they made the cf? thanks a bunchhhhh! that would be greattt :]

  13. Awww…that was so cute!!!
    I’m gonna go and watch it again…

    Yup, it’s still cute!!!
    Love the outfits on them!
    The random but patting was cute but … yeah …
    The song is totally cute!

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