So Hot mini album hits 30k+ sales volume

According to the latest sales figures from Recording Industry Association of Korea (RIAK) for June 2008, Wonder Girls sold 31,840 copies (No.3) since it was released on 3rd June. This is another remarkable achievement for the Wonder Girls since they did over 30k copies in a month. This is much better than their 1st album “Tell Me” considering it’s not even a full album.

Mention must also be made of “Tell Me” which is placed No.34, having sold 1,244 copies and their accumulated sales figure is 70,689 copies in June 2008.


15 thoughts on “So Hot mini album hits 30k+ sales volume

  1. I just bought 2 CDs along with 2 posters yesterday at COEX LOL So hard to find a CD stores in Seoul !!! -_-

    I also went to JYPE just before, I saw fans waiting for the Wonder Girls, I waited like 5 min taking pictures then go eat close to the building and out to see if they’re gone but no… fans were still waiting… I would wait but it’s soooo long~ so I left to COEX lol actually I was soooooo close to them omg !! only a wall separate us lool

    U posted that next week they’re going to perform at Lotte World and somewhere else that we could join as an event right ? LOL

  2. Congrads considering it’s a mini album. Considering all those #1s they’ve been winning, I thought they would have sold more though.

  3. who is that at #1? they were able doubled wonder girls sales :(. just curious because I cant read korean

  4. 30k for a mini! i know for sure their next album will be mind blowing. lets wait and see??? <33 SO HOT!

  5. dang… dbsk’s old stuff is STILL selling??? crazy stuff

    yay for ‘so hot’!!!! MUCH better than ‘tell me’
    wish them all the best for their future!

  6. Yay WG :D.
    It’s not even a full album and it’s at 30k?
    That’s pretty damn good.
    Wonder Girls are just So Hot. xD
    Hoping for a full album if not a bigger one than So Hot when they come back!

    thanks coolsmurf!

  7. Nice 30K, however its not that much compared to other hits.
    But for a mini album, 30k is success.

    Tae yang has 36,662 since 5-22-08 so they are both doing comparably. (its not in this picture, I went to the website)

  8. whoa o.o;

    Is this good though?? I feel like all this hype and attention people will have much much bigger expectations for the full album..and what happens if it doesn’t do this well?? ._.; I only hope JYP comes back with a hot new album. ^^ Im so proud of them =D

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