Sun Mi Praises Sun Ye Driving Skills

Sun Ye was the first Wonder Girl to get her driving license.

In an interview with yesterday, Sun Ye mentioned, “While we were in the midst of our break in April, I got my driving license then”, with joy etched on her face. She learned driving from her uncle and passed all her theory and practical tests in one setting, shocking everyone.

Sun Ye shly added, “The car that I am using now is a Korean-made small-sized car provided by the company (JYP Entertainment).”

Sun Mi who had taken Sun Ye’s car before praised her, “Probably because she is fearless (confident), it’s like she already had 10 years of driving experience.”

Yoo Bin and Ye Eun who are 20 and 19 respectively haven’t got their driving license yet. Yoo Bin expressed, “I don’t have any need for it now.” Ye Eun on the other hand, “Because I have a tendency to speed, it would be really dangerous if I get my license. So I decided not to go for the test.”

Wonder Girls are now really busy with their “So Hot” promotions just like last year with “Tell Me”. They have at least 5 – 6 schedules per day.


19 thoughts on “Sun Mi Praises Sun Ye Driving Skills

  1. yaay! ^^ … I still remember reading this topics long time ago πŸ™‚ … Sunye unnie what can’t you do? .. ^^ .. “all around” agree w/ that.. she’s so good at everything.

  2. *laugh* I’m like Yoo Bin, I also don’t think I’ll be needing to drive any time soon in the future even though I’m qualified to take the test for driver’s permit already. It’s funny how Ye Eun speeds and is trying not to get her license for the welfare of others.

  3. Ye Eun is so single-minded, she probably focuses on the road (or where she needs to be) and forgets to check her speed.

    Aren’t Yoo Bin and Ye Eun both 20 now (October and May)?

  4. MysterDreamer, Sohee once said: …I usually attend only the first lesson…
    So everyday one lesson… πŸ™‚

    Coolsmurf what does it mean: Sun Mi who had taken Sun Ye’s car before…
    Sunmi was a passenger when Sunye drove? I guess so?

    I can so imagine Yeeun like that. Punching the beeb beeb thingie every 3 seconds when they are in a traffic jam and totally kicking the speeding pedal when the road is clear xDD

  5. GO SUN YE!

    shit i’ve been driving since i was 11..since my parents are fobs i was taught early so i can take them to their fonos hahaha ahhh memories..omo 6 years now & the thing that scared me the most at first was the damn motorway but its all good now..i’ve only got my restricted though aww well

    full license next year YOSH!

    lol @ 1st comment uh no. not even near all cars in america are korean made idiot…pfff Daewoo sucks! ask Queen Latifa lol!
    the majority of cars in the states are Japanese, American & French made.

  6. LOL i can imagine Ye Eun hitting somebody in the first 5 seconds of the car trip…. πŸ˜€

    5-6 Schedules a day!!? WOWZOR, so do like Sun Mi and So Hee skip school like half the time?

  7. In Korea, you have to be an experienced driver in order to survive on the roads. Even in the streets where people walk, you have to be careful to not hit any pedestrians or other cars. Very dangerous >_<, but I’m glad that Sunye is a safe, intelligent driver! She’s no threat to the citizens of Korea!!
    On the other hand, Ye eun… Speeder? Lol, I never would’ve thought her to be like that. Maybe she shouldn’t get her license just for the sake of the pedestrians.
    @ vertigo- Haha, “she would be dangerous on the road if hungry” indeed!

  8. LOLLLL YeEun.. that’s very smart of her.
    Aww I ❀ the WG they’re so down to earth. xD
    Yay SunYe on the 1st tryy nicee.

    thanks coolsmurf

  9. LOL i can picture Ye Eun as the crazy driver who speeds all the time! I never knew Sun Ye got her driving licence :O..but since she’s always the responsible and caring leader, she does seem very experienced with driving and taking it serious, just like a responsible person!

  10. oh Ye Eun… she would be dangerous on the road if hungry!! shes too cute… lol.. i remember when sun ye wrote about studying for her test…she was so excited!! happy she got it…

  11. lol of course the car is Korean made ^^ even all the cars in the US are Korean made hahahaha^^ that’s great though. =D Hopefully she’ll be safe and pimp out her car cheetah style XD lmao

  12. AHAHA i cant imagine that about Ye Eun. A speeder? geez ahah

    but man, gotta love sun ye and her awesome all around skillz ahha

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