Kim Hyun Jung, “Wonder Girls Reminds Me of Fin.K.L”

That was what Kim Hyun Jung said about the Wonder Girls on a tv recording.

In a recording for Sang Sang Plus Season 2 recently, Kim Hyun Jung talked about the Wonder Girls, “Seeing the Wonder Girls now, it really reminds me of Fin.K.L when they performed back then. Seeing their refreshing and mature performances, I really feel that I can learn a lot of things from them.”

She also joked, “If we say that the Wonder Girls brings down the average age of the Korean music industry, then for singers like Lee Hyori, she brings up the average age instead.” Her words bringing laughter all around.

This episode will be shown tonight over KBS 2TV.


9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Jung, “Wonder Girls Reminds Me of Fin.K.L”

  1. ^ lol..
    Nobody can take FINKL’s spot.. but WG are making a name for themselves, so its good to be compared to their sunbaes.. I’m sure in a decade someone will say the same about WG…. FIGHTING!! aww ,lol Lee Hyori.. FIGHTING!

  2. ^ Word with IloveYubin ahah

    as much as that’s quite the compliment, the girls are making a name FOR THEMSELVES. The girls are leaving their own mark on Kpop history and that’s what matter =]

    but still, that’s quite the compliment

  3. No offense, but WG could never be better than Fin.KL, Just like DBSG could never outshine H.O.T no matter how much they want it, it’s not gonna happen. lol I love WG and I want them to make their own name for themselves. not try to outshine a group that still has a huge fan base that could easily destroy WG like Cass, ELF and triple S did SNSD.

    I will turn on WG and ANY group that tries to take Fin.KL’s spot to this day.

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