Photoshoot (28P) 080714

New photoshoot which is very much welcome since it’s been a long time we had one. There are group shots and several portrait shots for each member.


69 thoughts on “ Photoshoot (28P) 080714

  1. sohee and yoobin both got scars on their arms from a deadly car accident last year while promoting Tell Me…
    The other members also had minor injuries, but unfortunately the taxi driver they got in the accident with died on the scene. ):

  2. this is the first time ive seen a wg pictorial, sohee has a hardcore scar on her arm. does anyone know how she got that… cutting down ninjas with her smaurai sword? cause thats how i got mine

  3. @fasha : ahahhaahaahaha JEALOUS! you envy them so much that you even visit their fansite!!! ahahaha you’re ridiculous!

  4. i like what so hee and ye eun are wearing ^_^
    ah, and speaking of ye eun, she looks gorgeous….!
    please dont take that hairstyle away anytime soon ^^

  5. its nice to see them out of the leopard print ^^
    gah! they’re all so pretty,…. ENVY!!
    sohee and yoobin!

  6. love all of them!!!

    sunye so gorgeous ( I REALLY love her smile..)
    ye eun looks prettier than usual
    sun mi looks cute and have an innocent looks
    doesn’t she? hu~hu~ (she is my favourite anyway)but, why she looks kinda uncomfortable??
    yoo bin and so hee are so cool.

    wish them luck!!

  7. YE EUN!! hot stuff! she’s sooo pretty^^ and i’ve always loved her smile =]
    she has an angel’s smile

  8. wow the photoshoots get better each time:)
    some miso moments and eunmi moments

    yeeun looks amazing..i love her hair style makes her look more mature…sunye in a sjirt..a cute one too:)..yoobin sunmi and sohee look gorgious

    so far my favorite collection of photos

  9. Sun Mi looks kinda weird with her hair looking like an apple hairdo or something… LOL! But… either way she still looks cute!!

    Wow in that photoshoot, Ye Eun just stand out like BAM!!

  10. The photoshoot is beautiful. I think all the girls are equally lovely in these pictures. Thank you for posting them. 🙂

    Oh, jukebox, jukebox. Maybe we spend our time on the heels of celebrities we love, but you spend your time on the heels of celebrities you claim not to (I mean, you are here, aren’t you?). Which is worse, really? At least we’re happy. You’re just angry. I feel kind of sorry for you. Maybe if you go out and do something you’ll be a happier person? Sunlight is good for you.

  11. #4: she’s always been and always will be the center of attention for wg. it’s sad for the fans of other members, but that just seems to be how it is. whether it’s for ads, albums (just look at the covers/jackets), news, etc etc. she’s always gotten the most cheers, coverage, attention, etc. but that’s show biz/life; some people will just be more popular for god knows why. my advice is to just accept it and not care anymore. :/

    #5: leave her alone. just b/c you’re a sohee fan doesn’t mean we all are. it’s not like we hate her. we just wish the other members got some of the limelight.

    #19: seriously, WHY ARE YOU here? lol

  12. ye eun should leave her hair like this more often. and it looks less orangey too. i was quite annoyed with the hair person pinning two sides of her hair up all the time. sunmi’s top is cute on her.

  13. OMO!!



    THEY ALL LOOK SO NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. park yosa!!!! your so damn hot, sexy and beautiful omg perfect body figure!
    love park ye eun!

  15. I love Ye-eun figure its more like women figure she have a cute curve going on not too skinny same time
    Love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love Yoobin’s leg though
    Love the photos

  16. Sun Mi is cute and pretty, as always 🙂
    I love Ye Eun’s hair, its so straight i think she looks prettier than with her other hair styles.

  17. love it… i hope they have more photoshoots like this more… wonder girls are so pretty!!!

  18. i don’t like how these pictures are low quality and they
    like shrunk the top and bottom a little..making them look
    a bit chubbier than usual. although i’m dissapointed with
    that, i think all of them look really good in here. sun yeh
    is wearing a cute skirt, yeh eun finally back with her normal
    gorgeous hair, sun mih’s shirt is a bit bothering me and also
    soh hee’s shorts aren’t really matching…but other than that,
    i’m glad to see them finally with just normal casual cute clothes.

    all 5 of them are gorgeous ladies.

  19. cuttee!

    ye eun looks pretty. lovee her hair that way.
    everyone else also look pretty.
    finally sunye got out of the long pants look :]

    go wg!<3

  20. Ahh, so gorgeous! It’s such a refreshing change to see them wear something that isn’t covered in leopard print. Everyone’s outfits are super cute, but I especially love Sun Ye, Ye Eun and Yoobin’s looks. Ye Eun and So Hee’s hair looks so nice down.

  21. WOW, my exquisite darling Ye Eun is looking even more gorgeous than usual! ❤ Must be the hair. And the outfit is one of her best mos DEF! 😀 Totally ADORE So Hee’s vest btw! hehe
    Anywhoo, I really like this photoshoot! Seems natural and sweet, and they each look extraordinary. =]]

  22. I LOVE these!
    It looks like SunMi’s more in the cute phase than Sohee is though
    They all look GORGEOUS. But I couldn’t help staring at Sohee’s pics a bit longer than the others xD
    She’s always wearing that bracelet too
    Yayyy WG 😀

    thanks coolsmurf!

  23. oh my gawd look at park oppa!! she looks sooooo gorgeous! the stylists need to give her that hairstyle more often because she matches it sooo much 😀

  24. they all look beautiful
    sun mi is adorable even with her hair up
    they are way prettier than snsd!

    @yeeun : maybe in your unrealistic dreams!!!!!!LOL

  25. super pretty for everyone!!
    yes true true!! Ye Eun looks soo good with her hair down!!
    hell of a natural beauty!!
    So Hee looks like shes smiling more 😀
    and Sun Ye is showing more leg 🙂

    how come Sun Mi is the only one with her hair up =p

  26. OMG!! They’re all so beautiful in these photos! Ye eun’s so gorgeous with her hair down, Sun ye is so beautiful and innocent-looking, Yoobin looks so cool here, So Hee glows with her smile all over the portraits, and Sun mi is so adorable. I love these pics.

  27. awww jukebox, why are YOU here> shouldn’t u been outside?? let me annoy you some more..

    THE PHOTOSHOOT LOOKS AMAZING!! Yoobin marry me!!!

  28. Yeaaay…Sun Ye is so georgeousssss!

    And when I scrolled down, I was so surprised to see Ye Eun’s hair. She looks so beautiful with that cut.

    But, how come Sun Mi doesn’t act weird? ^_^

    I don’t mind some getting more solo pics.. the more the merrier!!
    The all look beautiful!!
    I can’t spazzing over these pics..
    thank you!

  30. You’re all losers get a life…on the heels of celebrities that you’ll never meet, meanwhile you yourselves are getting nowhere in life because of your blind idolization…get out and do something…

    (I can barely contain my anticipation as to what kind of infuriated responses I get…all the better, it would just prove your fickle dependency and sycophancy)

  31. amazing! very natural & decent looking. i ❤ to see more of this side. not too much makeup or clothing. its much of themselves.


    Sun Ye is on point as usual…
    The yongers Mi & Hee are fine

    But Yoo Bin… I want her to have an older face… she doesn’t look like the older of the group but on stage you can see that she’s the more confident, from her rap to her dance and her attitude.
    I want photoshoot to reflect that now !

  33. ye eun’s hair is fabulous but not so sure about her outfit…
    sun ye should show her legs more often

  34. ye eun is so beautiful! and the other members are getting prettier and prettier..
    thanks for sharing anyway =)

  35. As usual, looking SO HOT HOT HOT! =P It’s nice to see them take a small break from the leopard print that they usually do for the “So Hot” promotions.


  36. sun ye’s showin some leg ❤ haha

    ye eun’s been popping out lately =] and i LOVE it

    sohee, yoobin, and sunmi are looking supa fine as always ❤

    its just that yoobin and sunmi (even though she always has been) are looking very skinny =[. they need to eat a lil more

  37. Ye Eun looks amazing here! Totally agree the middle parting is not cool for her. What was her stylist thinking my goodness.

    I think Sun Mi’s just getting prettier and prettier by the day! MY GOODNESS SHE IS SO PRETTY! She gets my vote for prettiest Wonder Girl.

    Sun Ye cannot go wrong, ever. 🙂 She’s perfection. ULTIMATE perfection. LOVE SUN YE! LOVELOVELOVE!

    Soo Hee looks so cute! 🙂 Love how they decided to let down her fringe. I kinda missed seeing her without her forehead.

    Yoo Bin is the sex. Always. 🙂

  38. sunmi looks sooo cute!!
    this time she doesn’t have so much make- up on T_T
    she looks so pretty natural too ❤
    and ye eun looks gorgeous with her hair like that !!

  39. wwwaaahhh ye eun looks really nice!!!! i detest that middle part they’ve been giving her lately. a nice change!

    thanks for sharing!

  40. @IluvYubin
    can you please stop that?
    it’s so childish! they are a group and they love each other like sisters so please stop your stupid questions!!!

    btw: it’s often yoo bin and so hee who have the more pics and i’m sure that when it’s yoo bin you don’t ask why!!!!

  41. My god…ye eun is so so so gorgeous =O ..Wow she looks so beautiful and mature and just wow ^^ I love her lol,, they had another photoshoot inside with dark makeup and all black clothes.. I want to see the pics from that photoshoot soon =D they looked wonderful^^ sohee looks so cute,, yoobin is gorgeous as usual, sunmi looks kind of out of pl;ace with her hair like that hahaha and sunye is very very pretty ^^ Im getting my hair cut like hers =D

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