Wonder Girls @ 2008 Boryeong Mud Festival 080713

Wonder Girls were one of the performing artists at the 2008 Boryeong Mud Festival held at Boryeong City’s Daecheon Beach this evening. They wore the same outfits from their earlier performance at SBS Inkigayo that afternoon.

The festival will run for nine days (July 12th~July 20th) at Boryeong City’s Daecheon Beach in Chungcheongnam-do Province.


23 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ 2008 Boryeong Mud Festival 080713

  1. I love their outfits! these have have got to be the cooler designed ones! :3

    I finally like Sun Ye’s and Soo Hee’s is my favorite!

  2. @moo

    omo! now that you say it to many..
    I’m not afraid to tell that to..
    my old Wonder girls eoni come back..!

  3. yoo bin looks weird XD
    I just saw tae yang,epik high,mighty mouth,wonder girls and etc. at music bank o.O Did they perform today or yesterday?
    because i saw them today at music bank XD on tv

  4. Agree with many others here.

    Their make-up is getting drastic and it looks, erm I hate to say this, terrible.

    the pink lipstick is too much for me. I have always loved sunmi and i think she’s really gorgeous. But the pink lipstick have somehow outshone her beauty; i can only see the lipstick, i can’t find sunmi!

    their make-up back then was purrfect. they looked natural, sweet and pretty to the extent that I, a fully straight female, can’t help but stare at her photos and gush at how pretty she is.

    give me back my old wondergirls! someone, sack their make-up artist stat. seriously. they look wayyy better even without any make-up on.

  5. Watching this performance on youtube, I couldn’t help but notice that Yoobin got a lot skinnier O__o. Especially her arms…

    I donno, maybe it’s just me but, it’s making me worry ^^;

  6. They look so beautiful. xDD
    I have to say it’s a funny shot of Sohee though o.o.
    Good perf!

    thanks coolsmurf

  7. Sun Mi has way too much make up on it makes her look less pretty! The make-up artists should put less, she looks like a barbie..which is pretty scary. Sun Mi looks pretty naturally, anyway.

  8. It’s okay for a girl to admire the feature of another girl. I do the same thing, and I just take it as envy. Oh, how I envy them with their perfect legs and beauty.

  9. I love yoobins skin, It makes me want to go tan my skin haha^^ even the new Miss Korea has been tanning,, maybe tan skin will become popular again with hyori’s comeback too lol ^^

    They look so great in those outfits, I think their makeup artist has been drunk or high when doing their makeup for the past couple of days, it’s getting to be a bit too much, it’s not healthy for the skin nor is it very attractive to see on a group of naturally beautiful girls.

    I actually really like sunye’s pants hehe^^ I think she looks sexy and classy, they give her a nice shape,, and she has a pretty nice ass LOL…its ok for a girl to admire another girls booty right lmao..>XD

  10. lol did anyone notice that they’re all getting tanner …
    yay yoobin doesn’t look completely out of place, but then again she got darker too xD

  11. After watching their performance live on Inkigayo earlier, I realized that Sun ye stands out a lot wearing those pants, especially since everyone else is wearing something along the short side. Still, her legs are very pretty and she should flaunt them just as the rest do.

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