Ye Eun Cyworld Diary Entry 080711

Rather downbeat message from Ye Eun. Cheer up soon, Park Yosa!

2008.07.11 03:32


whether to eat rice or bread
whether to drink juice or cola


whether it’s Wonder Girl’s Ye Eun or 20 year old Park Ye Eun…

In life is there a choice with no regrets
does that even exist?

to others I have to be broad-minded
and to myself I have to be more severe but

i keep wanting to forgive myself..


Netizens commented immediately on Wonderholic

Don’t be depressed, Wonderful is always with you

We love PYE. Be with us PYE. Be forever PYE… fighting!
We always support you ^^

YE, you are always the best. Cheer up!!!

YE, you made such a hard decision to be world’s best. I feel so sad now that you regret it T_T. I’ll always pray for you. ^^

credit: wonderkid (translation) + lazenca0 (netizens’ comments)


66 thoughts on “Ye Eun Cyworld Diary Entry 080711

  1. @vb
    yeah we’re the wonderfuls (we represent wonder girls with our maturity)not like a little naughty kid who loves to argue.:)

  2. I don’t know but I feel like ye eun eoni…….
    there’s a part in her dream that she don’t like to be involved
    I mean to achieve her dreams there is still things that she has to do but she won’t cause for inside her heart saying that its wrong…
    (do anyone understand what i’m saying?)
    maybe now she wants just want to be the 20 year old PYE..
    :'{ anyway I’ll still support her.

  3. poor ye eun. she’s trying her hardest to achieve her dreams but everytime she’s getting good she gets cut down by antis or other obstacles. it’s bad enough that she’s so underrated but now she’s being put on the hotplate because of mnet and probably her weight 😦 i hope she’ll receive much more love from her fans so she can feel better about herself. park ye eun we love you!!!

  4. I have just read about the mnet shows mentioned earlier.
    I cant believe they can do that…
    Dont they care about other people feelings?
    Do they like it if we say, for example:

    “you have no future (as MCs)”
    “I dont expect you 10 years from now”
    “I dont know which path you will be good at”

    That show is disrespectful. It hurts the artists and the fans.
    But we wonderfuls should remain calm and face this with maturity. Because we are wonderfuls and we represents the image of artist we love.

    YeEun fighting.
    WG fighting.

  5. A’s aren’t hard to get at all but stress kills. Most people don’t realize the pressure that comes from being a star…


  6. Poor girl. The Mnet thing is seriously too much. It is damn strange that So Hee is the least vocally equipped person in WG and she is who they would want to see 10 years from now and Ye Eun is one of the best singers and she is CLEARLY the most intelligent academically. (HOW IN THE WORLD CAN SHE GET SO MANY AS?!?!?)

    I think she’ll do fine. She’ll be alright. She’s a WG, SHE IS STRONG! GO PYE!

    I hope the other girls are doing fine as well. 🙂 I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE their So Hot Remix. SO SO HOT MY GOD SO HOT!

  7. Wow… mnet has stooped down to such a low level that I’ve lost all respect for them in the music and entertainment industry. Don’t really care whoever said that, they can rot in hell for all I care, but it’s very disrespectful to actually show that on air.

    What saddens me is that in recent years the Korean music industry has greatly focused on “popular idols” and not people who actually have real talent in singing and/or dancing.

    Ye Eun is one of the best, if not the BEST, singer in WG and has so much potential to grow since she’s still young. I have no doubt in my mind in a couple of years she’ll develop into a powerhouse vocal. There’s only room to grow and I have faith in her that’s what she’ll do. I and all Wonderfuls love you Ye Eun and don’t give up because of mnet’s comments from a bunch of no-name people!

  8. @ IluvYubin – the best thing I LOVE about the Wonderfuls is that they are mature enough to handle most situations thrown at them and the girls. Perhaps they aren’t bashing Mnet for their harsh words and poor execution of the whole chart. I really hope they stay above the obvious hate and continue to show that their maturity is what makes the Wonderfuls well xD wonderful =D

    @ Jenny – which is why i personally believe the list would have been just FINE with mentioning just the TOP 10. The last bit about Shinee, FT, and Ye Eun wasn’t necessary AT ALL, but Mnet must be losing viewers. Otherwise they wouldn’t start bashing other artists, especially Shinee. Why? Shinee belongs to SM entertainment. Sm entertainment is basically a partner company for Mnet. I was personally wondering why Mnet would be so stupid, but I guess papa SM and Mnet got into a lil fight =P since Mnet is basically on their hands and knees praising Big Bang (which belongs to YG entertainment, another partner company with Mnet). Now, I’m not saying that Big Bang isn’t talented (Dear lord, I’d kill myself as I’m a VIP). Maybe those people really do believe that list is truth, but the overwhelming amount of YG artists on the list definitely smells fishy. I won’t accuse Mnet of anything. I’m above the ignorance and hate, as we all should be. Wonderfuls in Korea are doing just that, so why not everyone else =D

    sorry coolsmurf, I feel like im spamming this entry xD

  9. Mnet is full of fucking shit. Plain and simple.

    First of all, Shinee although I’m not a fan are obviously talented. They can sing pretty well.

    FT island are not the best singers but they are good at making music.

    And YE EUN CAN SING. she’s often called the best vocals in WG actually.

    WTF is wrong with them? These are the same fuckers that probably praise Hyori’s singing, we all know how mnet kisses her ass when they know that bitch can’t sing, lol.

    I hope the wonderfuls are bashing the hell out of mnet’s website =D ignorant bastards.

  10. ramonerz: go to google and search: MNet YeEun bashing. There’s one website that says that. Also, kjpop told me and basically they reject YeEun and started bashing her saying that they didn’t want to see her in the next ten years and they think she’s talentless. Also they rejected Shinee and FT Island.

  11. kjpop: Yeah for sure. They really didn’t have to say she was talentless and horrible at singing/performance… They didn’t only reject YeEun, but they rejected some FT Island members and all of Shinee! D: Horrible right?

  12. I had no idea Mnet did such a nasty thing. Why the hell would they bash ye eun’s singing? Lena park herself has praised her singing…and we all know what an amazing singer lena is, I take lena’s word over mnet’s retarded ass. Why would they make a list of people they don’t want to see in the next 10 years?? that’s wow…really fucked up. that pisses me off. NEVER going to watch that station and their bullshit again. And I hope JYP never makes them perform for Mnet again..that’s just a really nasty thing to do. -__-;

  13. ohh…yeah

    a choice wherein you’ll never fell regrets doesnt exist..

    but always remember that…you’re not alone…

    we,your fans,are always here for you…no matter what difficulties are ahead…

    we’ll always believe in you…we’ll never leave you
    we’ll support any decision that you’ll make..

    CHEER UP!! PYE be strong always^^,

  14. well, i have to confess,
    many times i also doubted about PYE’s performance and personality but i’m sure doesn’t want her to hear about it,

    in this moment, i feel sorry for PYE, poor girl…

    i can only say that since you’re public people (WG and whoever in those spotlight) can’t just expect everyone to have the right attitude to you, different opinion is so normal, if you’re not going to be in the next ten years, it’s normal, nothing stable anyway if you understand what i mean.

    But, instead of being sad of what other said, just do BEST TODAY!!
    remember, let those words hurt you just ONCE! once you read it! not tomorrow, not next weeek, not next month, because what’s the point of keep hurting yourself with those words, just do BEST TODAY!! tomorrow is not ours to know….why worry

    Fighting, PYE

  15. cheer up park ye eun we the wonderfuls will always support you now until forever.

    we love you park ye eun!

  16. @ jenny, no problem. As much as we’d LOVE for them to keep it to themselves, it’s their jobs, and they’re only doing what they’re paid to do. However, I believe the execution of HOW they could have done the whole top 10 list could have been WAYYYY better and obviously could have been done in a more positive light. This is a case where stupidity outweighs LOGIC and COMMON COURTESY.

  17. dude, i cant believe Mnet would totally bash on Park Ye Eun like that. sheesh, those comments were harsh. and also the anti’s blowing the whole drinking thing out of proportion!

    Ye Eun Fighting!!!!

    Dont let the Mnet PDs and Anti’s get to you!!
    Your voice, moves, and personally are awesome!!!
    Don’t lose hope! Have Faith!!

  18. aww, poor Ye Eun. don’t be sad, cheer up!
    she’s such a good singer. she’s awesome.

  19. kjpop and jaime: Thanks for the info… wow, they are so rude. Gosh, YeEun has a terrific talent and everyone loves her singing. She’s just the soul of wonder girls D: If you hate her so much keep it to yourself…

  20. TH009 has got the east covered. I have the west. (Jay R. – a Filpino representing the San Francisco Bay Area).

    YE EUN FOEVER!….I like that idea of someone translating all these positive comments and giving them not only to PYE but to all of WG but I would feel sorry for the person or persons who would has translate all this. Hey WONDERSUBBERS you interested?!?!?! hahahaha J/K.

    I owe a big thank you to WONDERSUBBERS for helping me become a huge fan of WG.

    Can you guys believe that I came across WG only a few weeks after watching YounHa do the “Tell Me” dance during a radio interview. From there I saw the videos for “Tell Me” and “So Hot” and I was hooked on WG.

    WG is truly something special.

    WG FIGHTING!!!!!

  21. Do your best Ye Eun! 🙂 There’s always your fans supporting you! Hope she’s alright, must be a bad day..or that Mnet issue with the fans….Hwaiting!

  22. GRR , i’ma keep it short and simple

  23. Ye Eun’s talent, personality, and intelligence have impressed and made fans of people around the world, even an old white guy from southeastern USA who can’t speak Korean (me). Seeing that Ye Eun has feelings and doubts like any other person just makes me like her more.

    As for the anti-fans and bashers, I’ve never heard of any of them (Are there thousands of videos of their performances on the Internet? No? Didn’t think so.) The only impression they’ve made on me is that they are immature, mean-spirited people with bad manners, even by American standards.

    JYP told the girls it would be hard to make it to the top. Garbage like this is part of it. WG were good enough and strong enough to make it this far. That says it all!


  24. yeah i think it’s because of the mnet thing and the liquor revelation too… park ye eun! please dont regret being a part of WG!!!!!! we love you park ye eun! be strong!

  25. they need a little break…….
    maybe she feel a little tired….
    it’s normal for a young girl to feel that way…
    sometimes we common people also thinks like that too…
    “is this is the right choice for our life?”

  26. And for the record, Ye Eun. I’d LOVE, let me repeat myself: LOVE LOVE LOVE, to see you performing solo or with another group (whichever floats your boat) 1000 years from now.

  27. I wish that someone could translate a message and post it from each of us onto the board. The more good messages she gets from fans (from around the world) the better I think she would feel.

    There is wisdom in her words. There is no life without regrets for we all have to make choices. Sometimes the regrets associated with the path not taken is greater than for other choices, but the most important thing is to not look backwards at the road not taken. Take pride and confidence in your efforts, Ye Eun! Like what one of the netizens have said, you’ve taken on the world and all of the kpop industry to be the best! That in itself is a step in the direction towards your dream. Don’t take a step back at the @$$holes who poke fun at your singing (you sing with one of the most talented voices in Korea I’ve ever heard), at your dancing (you may not be able to whip out moves like other dancers, but you’re not shabby in the least), and last but not least your looks (dear one, you are absolutely g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s! especially when you smile, I can tell its from the heart).

    I really wish I could give a shoulder for Ye Eun to lean on. I admire her (and all other young entertainers in the industry) for the strength and dedication and resolve required of them. You don’t see this in celebrities in other parts of the world, where entertainment isn’t commodified at such an early age. They all went through and still continue intense training. They have been trained from an early age to be in public eye.

    I’m so pissed at netizens for taking it to this level. They have no f***ing right to say what she can or can’t do. They expect so much of their artists but nothing of themselves. It’s okay for them to be rude because “they are the masses”, which is complete bullsh*t. It’s okay for the general population to drink, but not artists. Who told them (the masses) to put their artists on these pedestals in the first place?! Don’t go tearing them down if you put them on those pedestals in your own damn heads in the first place.

  28. to add to kjpop,
    they didn’t just bash her singing and dancing, but also her personality and intelligence. it was just downright bashing. they pointed her out.

  29. @ jenny

    well, Mnet had a bunch of their people basically make a list of artists they wanted to see ten years from now (only so hee from the wonder girls made it). But it didn’t just stop with the list, they went on and stated the people that they didnt want to see in 10 years (or something like that) and ye eun was mentioned. They basically bashed her singing and dancing and said she wasn’t going to make it.

  30. @ iwishiwaskorean

    net = internet, right?
    online/internet citizens

    Jay R. and TH009 – mad props to both of u for really nailing that one =D

  31. aw, she’s probably going through a phase :l I hope that changes into a positive manner sooooon! ❤

    oh and by the way, what’s a “Netizen”?

  32. TH009….I totally agree with you about the celebrities comment. I’m a WG fan here in America and I admire thier hard work and dedication to what they do. You rarely see that with celebs here in America. Everything that they have accomplished and achieved is totally well deserved.

    There are times in life where you make the decsion that isn’t the best one. It’s never the wrong one, it’s just not the best one. It’s how you learn from the experiences that make you a stronger person.

    I know many of you want to leave your comments and opinions and I totally respect that. Comment away!!

    But I think this issue has been taken to its limit and should be put to bed.

    The girls have perfomances coming up so we gotta continue to show our love and support.

    WG FIGHTING!!!!!

  33. i hope she doesn’t pay attention Mnet’s comments. she’s the best singer in wonder girls, she doesn’t need to worry. people will ALWAYS remember the wonder girls and ye eun ❤

  34. now I understand why her “tell me” perforamnces were not so good as they used to be…
    she’s surely a lot tired and need some vacation to take a break and learn more about herself not to be lost in the group or anywhere else

  35. I’ve always wanted to ask the WG if the rewards were worth the hard work, not enough sleep, not having normal lives, never being allowed to make the slightest mistake or say the wrong thing. It sounds like YeEun is asking herself the same thing.

    Speaking as a fan-uncle (the wise old kind, not the creepy kind) (I hope), the only choices without regrets are choices about unimportant things. Growing up means having regrets, but moving past them and learning from them.

    Compared to how most American celebrities handle fame and fortune, the Wonder Girls are on another level entirely. I’m proud of them!

  36. Umm ye eun is 20,, she’s probably just going through some emotional times..maybe something is happening in her life. I doubt this is about the pathetic anti’s trying to bash her because I’m not seeing much in her comments on cyworld but then again I cant see the messages she may be getting..

    But if it is, why dont they just leave her the fuck alone. Seriously she is 20!!!! AN ADULT. Good fucking god. They need to take the sticks out of their asses and fuck off already.

    OR maybe she is just not feeling ‘ok’ about being in WG? she seems better as a solo artist, I feel like her voice and her potential goes to waste in a pop group, same goes for sunye and sunmi as far as singing skills go, WG music holds them back.

  37. i hope she doesn’t regret being a wonder girl… she sounds like she is confuse… PYE please don’t leave the group.. you are the piece that completed the wonder girls.. i will always pray for wonder girls, wonder girls fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I don’t think PYE regrets her decision of drinking. She feels bad on how people, especially antis are are reacting to what she said and she feels responsible because she was the one who answered the question.

    She’s saying that no matter what WG does, either as a group or induvidually, people are gonna react positively and negatively towards them. That can’t be helped.


    WG Fans all over the world have and always will love and support you no matter what you do.

    WG FIGHTING!!!!!

  39. 😦
    She probably feels bad about the alcohol thing and is starting to regret things.
    As everyone stated before.
    We will always be here for her through thick and thin!
    don’t give up! 🙂
    <33 YeEun

  40. i want to know too, what’s the mnet thing ???

    ye eun don’t be depressed wonderfuls will always be with you!!!
    WG’s fighting!!!

    wonderfuls will always be here for you…
    cheer up pretty girl, we mis your upbeat personality..

  42. cud someone tell what happen with the MNet thing? i know about the drinking incident but what’s the MNet thing… anyway WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!! YE EUN!!!

  43. @sharon

    i think its the MNET thing and the drinking thing.

    the MNet thing was just stupid.
    i would have killed the PDs for doing that to Ye Eun.
    you have no idea how pissed i got after i saw it.

    Ye Eun fighting!! you can dooo ittt! =)

  44. Cheer up Ye Eun! Feel better, wonder girls we love you

    I wonder is it the mnet thing? or maybe she is stressed out with school and wonder girls schedule?

    Hope she feels better, the wonderfuls are really good supporters in those comments, heart wonderfuls

  45. ooh wonderfuls are so kind !!
    i’m really proud of them !
    they understand how the wondergirls feel and they give them so much support !
    wonderfuls & wonder girls fighting!!!!

  46. theres been a lot of drama concerning the wonder girls lately. perhaps maybe within the group there might be some problems, no one really knows. hopefully not.

    PYE!!! FIGHTING!! wonderfuls are there for you no matter what =]

  47. is it because of the mnet thing and the reaction to their interview with KJE with regards to liquor thing?

    to me her post somehow means “being torn between other’s expectations of her and her own expectations for herself”…
    she is being hard on herself i guess…
    she sorta put her own expectations way higher than what others have given.

  48. i hope she’s not stressing out..please be strong no matter what others said!

    saranghae Ye Park!!

  49. she seems like she regrets being part of the wondergirls? i guess she just wants to have a normal life and be a wonder girl too.

  50. what does this mesage mean???
    shes on o diet and cant eat a lot?
    shes too strict to herself?im quite confused

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