So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 080712

So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi (read if you wonder why) co-hosts on MBC FM “Shim Shim Ta Pa” radio program on 12th July with Shin Dong and Kim Shin Young.


27 thoughts on “So Hee, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Program 080712

  1. sunmi is so stiffly cute.. her smile looks so practiced..
    I wish they were all a bit more like yoobin since she seems like the only one who goofs off..

  2. super cool~^^ YOOBINNN!!
    does anyone know the time they’re scheduled to be on?
    or a vid of the show or something.

    would love to see it!

  3. does anyone know where i could hear this?
    i live in US so i can’t listen to the korean radio…

  4. Lol They’re so cute! <333 I love So Hee and alien Sun Mi
    Yoobin looks like one of my cousins wth XD

  5. kim sin young is always on sohee’s side. it seem like she a big fan of sohee. i remember the episode taxi or however you called sinyoung was feeding sohee so much. i think that was kim sinyoung? if wrong then nvm. heehee.
    <333 sohee;yoobin & sunmi!

  6. having them as co-hosts on the show ,
    was the best thing that ever happened !
    havent read any reviews or watched the video yet
    but i’m sure it was BOMBING =)


    tHere are Reviews there about Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio..

    SUNMI WON., hahaha

  8. haha looks like they’re having lots of fun.
    can’t wait for the video! :]

    thanks coolsmurf ❤

  9. LOLLL@Sohee’s pics
    She’s so cute. XD
    Hahahah I love this!!
    Loved to hear how it went

    thanks coolsmurf!

  10. i heard a part of it online xD there was like twilight zone/x-files music playing when it came to sun mi’s part i do believe

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