Wonder Girls Continues Dominance of Music Bank K-Chart, 5th in a Row

The Wonder Girls couldn’t be on Music Bank this evening because they had other recordings to attend later in the night and JYP Entertainment probably wanted them to have more rest I reckoned which was great.

But still, they were among the Top 3 for Music Bank’s K-Chart and were up against Mighty Mouth and Brown Eyes. In the end, for the second night running, the Wonder Girls won just like M! Countdown without the need to perform. They just edged out Brown Eyes by 222 votes. Congrats on their 5th win.

080711 WG – No.1, 5th in a Row @ KBS Music Bank K-Chart [No Perf]
Last week didn’t count because it was just a Mid-Year Special.

Credit: POPOLYL@wg-china
ReUp -> DiY_MaN & Wondergirlsthailan.com

2AM made their debut but it was a slow ballad song and probably hard to catch on with the general public, save their fans.


13 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Continues Dominance of Music Bank K-Chart, 5th in a Row

  1. it’s not shocking that they dominate ^_^ they are the best female group performer in their country except for soohee, she’s need more training and practice as well

  2. Wonder Girls woot!!!!!!!!



  3. @ kari. hehe. 2AM is part of JYP’s boyband group with another group called 2PM (not debutted yet). together they are 2AM + 2PM = 2oClock (seriously).

    WG and these new boys are BFF, thats why WG was there at Music Bank. so its Wonder Clock!

  4. Grats to WG!!
    They completely and totally deserve it
    Can’t wait for their next perf!

    thanks coolsmurf

  5. wonder girls was still at Music Bank .. believe it or not.

    credits: raeseddon at hot blood thread. hehe.

    sorry guys Wonder Bang is over. its Wonder Clock now.


  6. YAY!! ^^

    I am so happy for them these days. everything seems to be going so perfect,, they seem to be becoming such big stars =D but that also makes me worry…since we all know, the bigger you get the harder you fall…o.o; but then again boa never fell and she’s still on top XD


  7. yay !!! wonder girls are the best!!!
    5 weeks!!!! hihi congratulations!!!!!!!!

    wonder girls forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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