Wonder Girls @ SBS D-30 Beijing Olympics Event 080709

Wonder Girls performing Tell Me with three members from the Korean Olympics Female Swimming team and then their own So Hot Remix stage for members of the Korean Olympics contingent bound for the Beijing Olympics 2008 this August. Decent enough performance but silent crowd.


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ SBS D-30 Beijing Olympics Event 080709

  1. lol the crowd is not the type of crowd to really care much for this kind of performance I guess..XD lol

    Anyways sohee looks lovely in the second picture, how can all these girls have such amazing legs? o.o; lol

    they did a great job^^

  2. Wonder Girls did an awesome performance. im really happy for them. keep it up girls. <3333 Sohee!

  3. The swimmers were too fast on the dancing and Sun Ye’s last note on Tell Me was reeeealy outta pitch :~

    So Hot was awesome though~

  4. Oh yeah. And the crowd pretty much sucks.
    It’s like filled with ahjussi’s and ohmoni’s.

  5. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
    I love all the pictures of Sohee!
    She looks so happy and totally into the perf!!
    And yes.. she does have shiny legs.. o.o
    LOL@the YeBin pic. hahah our silly girls.

    thanks coolsmurf!

  6. Well, they weren’t exactly silent ALL the time. It’s more like there was none of the usual fan stuff. 😐

  7. tough crowd huh? lol. The female Olympic swimming team looks like dudes in girls clothes :X

    haha the show was entertaining though. WOOO!

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