Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate Download

No need for lengthy discussion. “Tell Me” collaboration with DJ Doc, “So Hot” remix, interview with Kim Jung Eun and their G.O.D. Special Stage.

I am not using other sites but MegaUpload because it’s the only one working now. I am not uploading to any other sites. Most can’t use it I know, but by using this method posted at my main blog, it works 99% of the time. Try it!

Download part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | password: chocolate


10 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate Download

  1. It was so hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing, especially hearing such low pitched voices going “tell me tell me te te te te te tell me” then to WG!

  2. LOL this was hilarious!
    I loved everything about it especially the silly story from Sohee
    thanks coolsmurf

  3. ooooo ahboo hasn’t uploaded this yet so thank you SOOO much! i wonder which GOD song they redid 😀

    thank you!!

  4. Tell Me: laughed so hard at the Wonder Boys. About WG… it was a good performance. YooBin is rapping live and, as almost always, Sun Ye didn’t hit the right note in the end… ._.

    So Hot: BEST SO HOT PERFORMANCE! They all hitted the right notes, even though Sun Ye’s voice didn’t really come out in the beginning of her verse. YooBin rapping *-*. So Hee was awesome in her verse! Sun Mi hitted the notes in the chorus! *-*

    Medley: erm… I have no words to say O_O
    Lie: great!! Sun Ye & Ye Eun rocked!
    Sorrow: YOOOOOOOBIIIIIN *————*
    man, So Hee’s rapping is really good :O
    This Is Where You Should Be: OMFG! I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally impressed with Sun Mi’s voice in this part! O_O

    Conclusion? I’M VEEEEERY PROUD OF THEM *-*
    you know, their performance was AMAZING!

    Binnie is back *-*
    They now have to take her voice outta the background music ._.

    WG should have a band, backing vocals*, and songs like these!

    *: backing vocals to sing the parts like… ‘tell me, tell me…’ or ‘I’m so hot!’
    you know?

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