Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate 080709

The Wonder Girls who have been creating “So Hot” mania recently, went on a recording of SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate show which was shown last night. The members’ frankness and humor bought much laughter to the show.

Their segment started with DJ Doc doing “Tell Me” complete with exact outfits as the Wonder Girls and singing it live. Gotta applaud their effort and daring to do this on tv! Wonder Girls stepped in midway through the “Tell Me” and finished off their excellent performance with “So Hot” remix before their interview.

Kim Jung Eun asked what they wanted to do the most once they were adults. Ye Eun replied, “We wanted to have a open-hearted talk with Park Jin Young sunbaenim but some of us were too young.” And JYP told Sun Ye and her, “20 is good”. And he took Ye Eun, Sun Ye and Yoo Bin to a club and taught them how to drink.

The older members still remember that day vividly, “We had about 5 rounds. Although we didn’t drink much but Park Jin Young PD-nim ordered a variety of drinks including cocktails, beer, vodka and some side dishes. Only missing soju.” Their special experience making the two maknes feeling envious.

Sun Mi also thanked their fans on the show, “Although it’s very tough given our busy schedule (performance + school), but we always see our fans supporting us no matter where we perform. Because of their (fans) love, I am able to draw strength from that to do both things and will work even harder.”

Besides doing the “Tell Me” collaboration with DJ Doc and their own “So Hot” remix performance, the Wonder Girls also did a three tracks cover medley of their seniors, G.O.D. which got the audience clapping for their effort and unrelenting hard work in challenging different genres of music.

To those who say they can’t sing, kindly show them this again and again!

Full summary of the Wonder Girls Interview @ wgjjang.wordpress.com.


13 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate 080709

  1. they did great this time!! im so proud of them!! wow!!! and sohee wasnt all extra shy!!! u go girl!! lol

  2. yoo bin looks weird in the first picture LOL
    ye eun really impressed me !
    sun ye and sun mi really impressed me !
    and so hee improved so much! she is good now

    sun mi is adorable^^

  3. yoo bin looks weird in the first picture LOL
    ye eun really impressed me!!!
    sun ye and sun mi did really well!
    and so hee improved so much!!she is good now

    sun mi is so adorable^^

  4. O_____________________O

    YE EUN?

    Was that seriously ye eun’s voice? wow. WOW…WOW….WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goshh Ive never heard her like that before, she’s amazing, how in the world have I not noticed this girl? o.o; her voice is amazing, I want to hear her perform a song that shows her range more like that one. =D

    They did an amazing job, yoobin sounded good^^ and sohee was adorable haha sunye sounded perfect and sunmi didn’t sound so shaky or nervous again^^ YAY!! GO WG! AND YE EUN! you guys rock! ^^

  5. woow it’s so cool^^ i love it ❤
    So Hee isn’t shy, she is so gorgeous! love her rap
    I love Sun Mi’s part she did it very well!
    And Yoo Bin raps again!! yuppiii

  6. omggg this was amazinggg
    sohee was so not shy
    i love herrrrr
    please keep being like that
    sunmis perf in god medley blew me away
    loved it so much

  7. WAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! Yoo Bin DID THE RAAAAAP!!!! HYUUUU-HYUUUU!!!!! \(^O^)/ i missed her live voice!!!
    they did pretty well in these videos!!!!
    IM SO HAPPY!!!! ^_^

    WONDER GIRLS FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. FIRST….FINALLY oh my god…..my yoobie is rapping again 😀 i feel like screaming it seems like forever since i heard her rapping hopefully she will rap more in her performances WONDER GIRLS FOREVER!!!!!

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