Wonder Girls Appointed as Seoul Character Fair 2008 Ambassadors

The Korean Ministry of Culture announced today that the Wonder Girls who are very popular all over Korea thanks to their “Tell Me” and “So Hot” songs would become CF ambassadors again for the upcoming Seoul Character Fair 2008.

Wonder Girls will fulfill their duties by performing at the opening ceremony of the event on 23rd July and also help in actively promoting related merchandise. The 5-day event starts on 23rd July and will end on 27th July at the Pacific & Indian Hall, COEX Convention and Exhibition Center.

The Wonder Girls expressed (they did the same thing last year)

We are very honored to be appointed the CF ambassadors for Asia’s biggest and most comprehensive culture content licensing show. Pucca, Pororo, Dooly, Miffy, etc are cartoon characters that the Wonder Girls like very much and are excellent game characters that bring joy to everyone. So please show more love and support them.

The Seoul Character Fair 2008 which is into it’s 7th year will offer visitors a chance to view a variety of animations, comics, games, cartoons, variety, music, videos, etc plus the chance to interact with popular Korean cartoon characters.


21 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Appointed as Seoul Character Fair 2008 Ambassadors

  1. sunye looks as adorable as Miffy!!hahah^^
    she got the tokki ;D

    park oppa looks fab in that white dress^.^

  2. I love stuffed animals and those ones in their arms are absolutely adorable! I’ve got to get some of them for myself!!XD

  3. At first i didn’t know what it was but then it seemed to look like the wild cargo!! I used to love to play Maple Story >.>”

  4. O_O arhhh i want sunmi’s purple cargo..!!
    its purrrrpleee~~~ ._.
    YA, rite thats is Maple Story wild cargo.. haha.

  5. o.o..
    Either the pictures changed.
    Or i’m blind but I guess I made a mistake about SunMi holding 2 dolls..

  6. minus yoobin’s shorts those red leopard prints are HOT!!! *-*
    where’s pucca? she’s my all-time favorite korean character.. lol..


    Yoobins body is just gorgeous wow x.x; lol she looks really really nice in that outfit too, I want that outfit lol ^^

    those plushies are adorable too hehe^^

  8. Lol? I don’t get it but I’m sure I will when you update xD
    ❤ how our maknae’s both have 2 dolls. Looking so hot with their white/red outfits!
    But I have to say Sohee still has that adorably cute look even with the leopard printing..

    thanks coolsmurf~!

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