Wonder Girls @ Tablo Dream Radio 080706

Wonder Girls on Tablo Dream Radio on 6th July hosted by Tablo and Lee Jung. The highlight of the radio show was when Lee Jung started singing a song and pointed to Yoo Bin. Everyone is in love with Yoo Bin.


11 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Tablo Dream Radio 080706

  1. ^ hehehe, dreamelephant, you’re here too!

    I’m in-love with Yoobin too, and I’m a STRAIGHT girl, lol!

    Yoobin ah, turn down your sexiness cause it’s burning hearts all over the place! Everyone’s in-love with you! Haha, just kidding, keep doing what you do cause we love it!

  2. OMG….what till TOP think? LOL. oh well he likes old hotties apparently, like mina XD LOL.

    This was so cute though she was blushing hehehe…>XD lol

  3. cutee!
    everyone love yoobin! :]

    sunmi is such a cutiee!
    sohee actually smiling in the last picture.
    sunye and ye eun look pretty.

  4. LOL YOOOBIN. Hahahahhah. how cutee.
    I love how SunMi the alien has a ? instead of a ! like YeEun and Sohee in the 2nd picture. xD
    And yeah I couldn’t even see the WG until I double checked lol.
    Either way they’re still the center of attention to me! 😀

    thanks coolsmurf!

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