Sneak Preview of the Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun Chocolate 080709

Official Kim Jung Eun Chocolate pictures which the Wonder Girls recorded last Saturday on 5th July. This episode will be broadcast over SBS television today, 9th July at the unearthly hours of 12.30am (KST).

From the preview pictures, we can assume that the Wonder Girls would be having an interview with the host, Kim Jung Eun and perform “Tell Me” and “So Hot” remix. The Wonder Girls will also teach Kim Jung Eun the V-Line dance.

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9 thoughts on “Sneak Preview of the Wonder Girls @ Kim Jung Eun Chocolate 080709

    Someone posted a video on youtube and hahahah!
    Wonder Boys started it out and did…entertainingly…
    And then WG came out literally pushing them off stage to show them how to do it the right way
    hahah :DDD
    so funny hope to see a full episode of this somewhere!

  2. dont like their outfits they should have worn the music core outfits red and white looks hot on wonder girls.

    cant wait to watch another performance of so hot remix i love that one specially the YeMi dance at the beggining and the dance before yoobin’s rap.

  3. so many new outfits =D

    I wonder howcome JYP never gave them new outfits for tell me haha..cheapo T.T lol I guess he finally see’s they’re worth the money for their super cute outfits now^^

    I still really loved that pinkish red top and white shorts yoobin recently wore =D it looked really nice on her. but sunye has got to show some legs T.T lol

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  6. Fhfiadhsofidhsofhsao
    I cannot WAIT to watch this :DDDD.
    I absolutely freakin LOVELOVELOVE how Tell Me is still So Hot. hahahah sorry for the pun.
    But anyway ! Yes our girls are so hot themselves and it looks like they nailed the remix again!
    Hopefully Sohee,SunMi,and Yoobin exercised their newly training skills and talked more than they usually do.

    thanks coolsmurf!

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