Wonder Girls @ Chin Chin Radio 080709

Wonder Girls on MBC Chin Chin Radio Show on 9th July hosted by Tae Yeon and Kangin. Look how shy Sun Mi is standing next to her idol, Tae Yeon.


37 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Chin Chin Radio 080709

  1. @kkkan

    the hand gesture means …..umm….can I write it here xD??? it s too naughty hahahahaha XD I will not say it directly but gave you a ..hint–Pussycat Dolls XD (cut the -cat and -dolls out XD and..um think about the lollipop song by lil wayne)

    I hope it s clear xD

  2. Kangin-oppa, what’re you doing? xD
    You should show off that handsome face of yours. D: When I first saw this picture of him, I had no idea who he was (I didn’t even know he was part of SuJu) and thought he was weird. 😛 NOW I LOVE HIM.


  3. lol taeyeon proooobably doesn’t know what the hand gesture by her mouth represents in the first picture to us americans ><

  4. They all look so cute!
    I’m really happy to see that the Wonder Girls fans here respect Taeyeon.
    Just because of fans like you I’m into the Wonder Girls more than before.
    Sorry for talking about SNSD.

    YeEun! Cute!
    Sunye! Cute!
    Taeyeon! Cute!
    Sunmi! Cute!
    SoHee! Cute!
    YooBin! Cute!

    KangIn! Just… Adorable!

  5. SunMi looks so happy and shy at the same time. If I was able to meet the Wonder Girls, I would pass out.

  6. to [d]enise] : here is a lil cut from the show

    ” TY: What are you doing Sunmi?
    KI: Sunmi, are you there?
    Sunye: From what I think, Sunmi wanted to see Taeyeon so much
    and she’s so embarrassed so she keeps on covering her face.
    YB: Usually, Sunmi always goes around with not even lotion on her face,
    but today she wore BB (bb cream?? its something that makes your face whiter or something?)
    and lip balm because of Taeyeon.

    KI: (to Sunmi) Are you close with Taeyeon?
    Sunmi: N-no we.. don’t even.. say anything.. (stuttering xD)
    TY: That’s right, we can only say hi. “

  7. just when i thought sunmi couldnt get any cuter…. 🙂
    aw… i wonder if tae yeon knows that she’s a fan.. do they talk about it on the radio show?

  8. waah. sunmi soo lucky, XP. we are both a big fan of tae yeon.. XP ahaha. kang in all alone. XDD. i want to watch this part of chin chin.. XD

  9. http://www.mediafire.com/?ttzzm94fueq

    if anybody wants to hear the audio
    which was actually all there was , download link above
    too bad no video , really sad .
    err . . . you know waht i would like .
    translations for the audio , uploaded to youtube w/ official pic
    please ? anybody ? i’m desperate yes lol

  10. i think the Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Show
    is working for sohee she doesnt look so shy anymore
    unlike sun mi right now…. lol shes sooo shy just looking at the ground while taeyeon is pointing at her
    heheheheheheheh lol

    go wonder girls

  11. aw. Sun Mi must’ve been really happy and excited. I wonder if she asked Tae Yeon for an autograph.

  12. haha they’re so cuteee, they seem really busy with all these radio broadcast and going on programs and stuff.

    coolsmurf, do you think you can find a video of this and sub it please? thanks a bunch <333 :]]

  13. LOLL SunMi..
    As everyone already stated it’s so cute seeing her this shy. xDDD
    And of course Sohee looking happy and silly with her funny faces. Maknae Sohee is so damn cute. 🙂

    thanks coolsmurf!

  14. awww sunmi. she looks so shy. I bet in the inside shes just bursting. 2Ye couple <3.
    Sohee looks so darn cute. yoobin love your specs. 😀

  15. So Hee is so cute ! it looks like she doesn’t want to let TaeYeon take her Sun Mi away!lol

    MiSo love^^

  16. kangin, if u weren’t so gorgeous, id find u weird xD

    but ya, sunmi looks especially shy and giddy next to her unnie xD

  17. hahaha sunmi looks sooo shy!!!
    is it really our goofy maknae???
    2YE!!! haven’t it that in a bit

  18. lol our dear sun mi looks so shy.
    sohee looks happy doing funny faces.
    the specs yoobin is wearing is that the same one she wore at star golden bell?
    YeYe couple right there.
    what is kangin doing? he looks afraid of ye eun.

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