Yoo Bin, So Hee, Sun Mi to Develop Talking Ability on Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Show

The Wonder Girls trio of Yoo Bin, So Hee and Sun Mi will become permanent fixtures on “Shim Shim Ta Pa” radio show to develop their talking ability.

The trio who will be called “Won Language Trio” (원말삼) will go on MBC-R (95.99MHz) “Shim Shim Ta Pa” radio show and tell listeners stories about the Wonder Girls. They are hoping to develop their talking ability through this.

According to JYP Entertainment, “Yoo Bin, So Hee, Sun Mi don’t really talk much on programs although they are a noisy bunch off-screen. We have planned for them to be on the radio show for to develop their talking ability.”

Yoo Bin, So Hee, Sun Mi tend to be on the quiet side when they appear on programs and don’t interact much with people. Because Ye Eun and Sun Ye are the ones that need to talk most of the times, they usually represent the other three members. But they can’t be neglected just because they don’t talk much. So the “Shim Shim Ta Pa” PDs and relevant officials have come to an agreement to made this arrangement to fulfil the listeners’ needs.

The Wonder Girls trio will greet listeners from 4th July onwards, every Friday night on “Shim Shim Ta Pa” radio show in the storytelling segment.


19 thoughts on “Yoo Bin, So Hee, Sun Mi to Develop Talking Ability on Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Show

  1. yeah i really wana tune in to the radio show/watch a vid of them talking or something,hahah

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  3. wow. that’s a good idea to put them on a radio show to get more reactions and speaking out of them.

  4. I hope they record themselves on video of the radio show and upload it onto the internet with subssssss 😀 that would be amazinggg ❤

  5. YAY!!!! this is great to see that the three will be more recognized… We should set up a subbing team especially for that

  6. I had noticed in the past couple weeks that MiSoBin seemed to be talking more in interviews.

    This is a smart move on JYPE’s part. With 2Ye’s voices in demand for collaborations with other groups (as they should be!), they are going to get plenty of exposure – and be very, very busy. Getting MiSoBin into the spotlight lets WG be in several places at one time.

  7. Oh yessss~~ Every week I can listen to them live now! Oh yeah~ 😀 Of course I hope they get better at speaking xD (Remeber Yashimanman with JYP ans Sunye? JYP then said that Sunye needed speaking training but look how good she is now :D)

  8. LOL haha now sohee will have to open up more =D
    but what about ye eun? she doesn’t talk much either, obviously sunye will talk the most as the leader but ye eun never really opens up about much herself haha. ^^

    Anyways I’ll be glad to hear more from sunmi and yoobin ^^

  9. oh and apparently Yoo Bin and Ye Eun was on Star Golden Bell July 5, 2008? idk, I found a video on youtube uploaded by booloveswondergirls. But idk if it’s legit, i’m so confused.

  10. wowww, this should be really interesting with them talking on their own without Sun Ye and Ye Eun there.

    but you know what sucks for me? I don’t understand korean :[

    but it’s still good to know, haha thanks coolsmurf ❤

  11. Oh wow this is great!
    JYP that man is a smart onee. hahah.
    I love this!
    MiSoBin? haha agreed with cutegiurl about the Sohee.
    She’s my allllltime fav. member and it’s so exciting to see her actually talk and joke now like she used to in the irony days. 🙂
    ❤ Wonder Girls

  12. yay! im totally happy! maybe this is the reason why sohee is opening up again LOL….yay! and we can hear stories behind the scene of WG too!!! ahhh!!!!!! please do sub it if some interesting story comes up ^_^ heheheh i love JYP! hahah! he sure know how to solve a problem ^_^

  13. oh, cool. jyp sure knows how to target a problem and try to fix it
    I’m happy that we’ll get to hear more from sohee, yoobin, and sun mi 🙂 they’re some of my favorite members (just by a little bit)

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