Wonder Girls @ Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio 080703

Wonder Girls on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio on 3rd July hosted by Choi Hwa Jung. This time, the power of five are all present.

credit: wonderholic


15 thoughts on “Wonder Girls @ Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio 080703

  1. LOL
    – yoobin’s hand IS in a dirty place. that’s what i thought of when i saw it immediately >_<
    – yoobin does seem like she’d swing that way… probably because she’s so open about it?! idk hahaahah idk why i think she would
    – if the whole girl group thingy theory is carried out, let’s see what SNSD does… xD

  2. did u hear ye euns squeal when yoobin said that she had a lot of women after her on that showl!!!!! almost like its something secret between the two that theyre not supposed to talk about…. she might be gay too hahahahahaha

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  4. yeahh, one on Guerilla Date or whatever. Apparently in Korea when you turn into an adult you get a special “present” or something which is a kiss. And apparently she kissed Sun Mi? hahha. And Sun Mi’s face was all sad cause Yoo bin was her first kiss, rofls. but idk, hahaha.

  5. Yoobin does seem to “swing” that way lol
    once on the show the host asked something like “do you have a lot of guys after you” to the wonder girls and yoo bin said she got a lot of girls. xP

  6. iwishiwaskorean MAYBE U NEVER KNOW IF THEY ARE!! Yoo Bin seems like shed swing tht way hehehe. shes minez

  7. yes all 5 member are present!
    ye eun’s wearing caps nowadays.
    sun mi colored her hair?
    sohee looks happy this days.
    yoobin and sunye looks pretty, love yoobin’s specs.

  8. In the first picture, I think Yoo Bin’s peace sign is in a dirty place, haha if the pervs out there now what I’m talking about. haha

    idk why I think this but I always wonder if any girl group members are ever lesbian since they’re always around a bunch of girls, hmmmm. lol

    anyways, thanks coolsmurf. You always seem to save me from boredom everyday ❤

  9. Found video of WG doing So Hot on Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time Radio.

    Credit to…booloveswondergirls

  10. yay they’re complete!
    haha putting Yoobin in between Sohee and YeEun just makes her so small >__<
    seems like this was the same day as their Shim shim ta pa show… Yoobin, Sohee and Sun Mi are wearing the same clothes… oh yeah it’s the same -___-

  11. I don’t know if SoHee is wearing heels or not but little SoHee isn’t “little” SoHee anymore. She’s on her way to becoming a very becoming a very beautiful young woman.

  12. yay!
    the POWER OF FIVE!! lolz!
    yoobin looked as if she’s wearing her shorts over her pants!
    or is it?

  13. LOL @ the beginning sentence in the picture.
    “We are so pretty, I’m so hot!”
    And LOL@Kari’s comment. xD
    Can’t wait to hear more about this radio show!
    Wonder Girls = love 🙂

    thanks coolsmurf!

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