So Hee Says Sorry for Bending the Rules

So Hee apologised for “bending the rules” during her high school days.

During a recent recording of SBS Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate on 5th July at SBS Open Studios, So Hee revealed her high school story.

After entering high school, the thing I wanted to do most was wearing my skirt very short. I was jealous of my friends who did that while I couldn’t. But I wanted to do the same so I shortened my skirt and wore it without anyone knowing. I would like to confess about this to my principal and teachers through this program. I’m sorry. (credit gomdorii for translation)

One production staff revealed, “This is the first time So Hee is cracking a joke about herself on programs. Seeing So Hee talking about her high school makes us realise that she’s really just an ordinary high school student. This episode will be aired on 9th July at 12.30am (KST) over SBS.


20 thoughts on “So Hee Says Sorry for Bending the Rules

  1. lol..omg haha!!!this just reminds me of the situation here in my school..totally the same!!!girls just want their skirts to be short. As long as the hemline does not passes their knees, they’re happy with it. But since it’s Sohee, all i can say is, CUTE!!^_^haha..whatever she does appears cute doesn’t it??

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  3. lol. well, at least she confessed.
    most girls like to look pretty and wear short skirts. she’s still a girl even though a famous and talented one.

  4. LOL yeah the pic matches her confession! hahah bad girl! hahah…finally….she’s opening up now….we can hope for her ‘other side’ to be release soon….she’s improving ^_^ hope she can be comfortable even more on programs ^_^

  5. Her expression is like “Can’t help it, sorry” lol XD
    No matter how bad you are, you’ll always be my #1 mandoo pie lol ^^

  6. lol I remeber back in middle school in Korea they use to measure our skirts =)
    We use to hike them up a bit right after in the bathroom though LOL it was our only freedom with clothing!! ^^ we use to always get a shirt a size smaller too lmao but you know those button down shirts have to fit over your chest so that was a mistake haha. ^^ you aren’t alone sohee^^ lmao

  7. oh bad girl so hee!!
    show those legs girl, show em!
    (its an all girl school anyways, no biggie)

    i’m i the only one that has always thought
    this girl was hilarious?? she the funniest WG to me…

  8. maknae is growing cuter each day!
    i like her more when she share things about herself and opening up.

  9. Aww! My little rebel wonder girl..
    Hahahha I love this it’s so silly and fun!
    She’s actually joking on air now!!!
    I think it’s so great of her to joke about something silly like wearing your skirt short during school. :P.
    I just hope it doesn’t give her hormonally challenged fans bad ideas.
    Can’t wait to see the radio show!!!
    <333333 Sohee!

    thanks coolsmurf~!

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