Wonder Girls Keroro Fighter Live Battle (16P) 080707

The Wonder Girls battled online gamers this afternoon on Keroro Fighter as mentioned earlier. So how did the girls fare? Well, watch and see for yourself.

Wonder Girls – Live Battle Keroro Fighter 080707 (credit: ahboo)
28 minute video splitted into three parts.

credit: as tagged


54 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Keroro Fighter Live Battle (16P) 080707

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  3. i thought yoobin DID have plastic surgery?

    watch Shinhwa’s “Once in a lifetime” Music Video and try to spot Yoobin. My God. She REALLY DID have plastic surgery.

    but who cares. everyone does it. it’s not the end of the world is it?!

    grow up all you childish adolescent.

  4. @Mike, it’s every girl’s dream
    to have long, skinny legs xD
    they’re so cute in the video 😀

  5. @IluvYubin
    I’m not Korean but i agree with you. People do seem to always accuse Korean celebs and girls of having surgery because they don’t believe that they can be naturally beautiful.
    I don’t know if any of the girls have had surgery but my opinion is that they haven’t and that double eyelids can be developed through time as mine come and go every week.

  6. @ donthaveausername:

    Oh god,only 45 minutes late? Sheesh. That’s usual for artists. You know how sometimes they have hectic schedule and some minor incident. They must’ve reason why they are late. I’ve been a fanmeeting once,and guess what? This artist are late for 3 hours or more. 45 minutes seems like a short time to me. >.> It doesn’t mean they are rude to the fans. I’m sure they have their reason.
    And guys,pls stop with the plastic surgery crap if you don’t have the proof. And Yoobin is NOT FAKE. She’s the most laidback person I’ve ever seen. Just watch their shows if you don’t believe me.
    I think Wonder Girls are the most natural compare to the other groups out there.
    Conclusion is,STOP BASHING THEM!

  7. …….
    Ok I am a HARDCORE Wonder Girl fan. And I haven’t read a single true fact about any of them getting plastic surgery at all but now that I’ve read all these different comments about it I’m curious. Mainly sort of about Sunye cause her before and after eye lid pictures do look different but considering it it’s understandable. I would too ESPECIALLY if I was a pop star in the eyes of every freakin one.
    I have no doubt in my mind that Sohee or Sunmi did NOT have plastic surgery what so ever. But Yoobin, YeEun, and SunYe, the adults in the group I’m a little curious about?
    I doubt YeEun or even Yoobin did but not 100% sure like Sohee and SunMi, but even if they did same with them that goes for SunYe it’s understandable.
    Does anyone have FACTS about the plastic surgery and not just rumors?

  8. Leg rankings:

    1) So Hee – The best, longest (proportionally), smoothest, best shaped.

    2) Sun Ye – Not as long as So Hee’s and thighs are bigger.

    3) Ye Eun – She has a very healthy body shape. Could be a model some day.

    4) Yoo Bin – Very good shape and long, but just too dark.

    5) Sun Mi – She has to put some meat on. Way too skinny.

  9. and obviously people dont just like them because they are pretty it’s just that people only say they have surgery because people like to insult us Korean girls by saying we’re all plastic and they think all of our stars are too, so it upsets me when people just say they had surgery without any real proof at all.

    they’re many natural stars in Korea, people just cant understand how eyes may change over time and obviously being a star with the best makeup and such will change your looks, but people just call any Korean girl now plastic. it upsets me. =(

  10. How could everyone have done surgery but sohee when SUNMI is also a minor? it’s not even legal and no decent parents in Korea would give legal consent to something so vain like that, even if they did want to, it wouldn’t look good. My own mother made me wait until I was 18 to have eyelid surgery..but I changed my mind by then lol.

  11. I was there actually. And they were at least 45 minutes late, which was quite annoying and rude to fans.
    It was boring, they used cheap tricks to entertain us to keep us waiting like rolling the camera round and stuff like that. I did like wonder girls but now, I’m just disappointed. I expected better of them.

  12. mx,

    Okay, I don’t want to fight .__. Anyways, point taken, but YooBin or the other wonder girls never did plastic surgery because they already said they all didn’t on the Brain Battle game thing. End of story.

  13. before you guys fight…
    i just wanted to let you know that
    everyone did surgery except soh hee.
    it bothers me ok now you guys are good.

    even if they did, you shouldn’t be liking them
    JUST because they’re pretty. that’s bullshit.

  14. ^^
    wat’s with the yoobin hating??if you are a true Wonderful you wouldn’t have to say those kinda things.I know we got our own favourite WG but that doesn’t mean we can talk mean about other members.this is embarassing.and yoobin’s personality is juz like that.she only acted cute if other members request them and who says she didn’t let others talk?they all practically do the talking but of coz the unnies have more to say than the maknaes

  15. ah, whats up with sohee’s angry face. but i sure do like the one she went up the stage. very modeling like. not like the others with hatch-back will, ye eun was more straight up. but i think sunmi is the funniest one. her hands all curl up on both pics. i like their outfits. miso’s are almost alike including the shoes too. thats cute.

  16. oh my lord, will you guys stop arguing? or at least take it somewhere i don’t have to read your comments? everyone in WG is awesome and each of the members have their own unique qualities. give it a rest!

  17. sunye and ye eun did not have eyelid surgery o.O; Ive seen sunye’s before pictures and many tapings of her as a girl singing and she looks exactly the same, her eyes aren’t even big at all LOL. and ye euns eyes look natural too, they aren’t that big, but I havnt seen her before pictures yet.

  18. first of all, get your facts straight! as far as i know, sohee, yoobin, and sunmi are all natural. yeeun and sunye had eyelid surgery and sunye had a nose surgery (because of a car accident) you mentioned about yoobin’s personality and now it’s her face that is fake?
    second—> learn how to speak/type correct grammar! how can she please people by doing hypocrite faces? it doesn’t make any sense!
    third- sunmi also likes to act cute! does that mean she is a fake too?!
    fourth- sunye and yeeun usually do all the talking in the shows that are broadcasted. and sohee gets the most attention because she is famous for her “omona” expression!
    how can you be a wonder girls’ fan or even like wonder girls if you hate yoobin sooo much? i mean you even waste your breath here ranting about how horrible yoobin is when you know people (many in fact) are going to disagree with you!

  19. what the…? yoobin is not fake…do you have evidence? huh? even if she did, almost the other members including yeeun, sunye, and sunmi have all had the same accusations btw, which I personally think they’re all false. if you look at yoobin’s old pictures she looks almost exactly the same. she lost weight for so hot and if thats why you think she is “plastic” she wouldn’t have even had the TIME to have plastic surgery within a month.
    if you’re trashing one member you’re basically trashing all of wg. and its usually sunye and yeeun that talk the most b/c they’re the best talkers out of the group, so I really don’t see where your coming from when you say that she never lets the others talk. all the other members have said on various talk shows and radio programs from the tell me days that she is one of the people with most “cuteness” ugh whatever, I can’t stand people that bash people on useless agruments.

  20. jenny, mk :

    okay i admit that……she sucks!!! she never lets the others talk ! and this plastic girl is really not cute she’s only one who did plastic surgery in wg’s it doesn’t really matter but i can’t find her gorgeous sorry!!
    she’s too over-rated! i don’t like her! and before any of her fans come after me saying that i’m just a jealous i don’t have any problems with the other members : sun ye is gorgeous ; ye eun is really pretty and so hee & sun mi are cute!
    i can understand that she likes to act cute sometimes , once , twice okay! but everytime it’s annoying ! she just seeks attention!!! she’s always trying to get the attention on her ! she seems to forget that they are a group!!!
    even so hee isn’t like that she looks snob but at least she doesn’t try to please people by doing hypocrite faces !! wonder girls are all natural except her! she seems out of place! how can someone’s personality be naturally so FAKE ?


    Yoobin acts cute when the other members ask her to because they say she is good at it. if you know observe yoobin you will see her natural personality is shy and just laid back kinda like sohee minus the moodyness.

    I cant believe people think yoobin is fake LOL. she’s the coolest one in WG..x.x;

  22. mx——> yoobin’s personality is naturally like that -_- she is the same without the cameras rolling. even the other members mentioned that she likes to be cute at home. that doesn’t mean she is fake. we all have our immature sides. and i agree with jenny…maybe you are just jealous of yoobin. 😛 she is gorgeous and she has an amazing personality!! ^-^

  23. mx: She isn’t fake. They are all cute. 😀 Just admit it, you’re jealous of YooBin’s power to be cute and sexy at the same time.

  24. I love the outfits
    specially sun ye’s
    sun mi is so pretty OMG
    all the girls have nice legs ^^

  25. everytime i see yoo bin i think “wow she must be tired to act cute !” she is so fake ! the others are so natural contrary to her

  26. sohee and i suffer with the same thing, bitch face.
    when we relax the face, we look like bitches ❤ woop woop


  27. sun ye should have another show to host.. shes so good

    hahaha.. aww ye eun looks so cute!!

    the whole thing was hilarious

  28. ^if you noticed, the girls are wearing awfully short skirts/shorts (especially while performing so hot lol), so the pillows help cover their legs and prevent their undergarments from being shown. :] korean celebs usually have blankets but i guess it’s so hot these days that they use pillows.

    sunye’s wearing the shoes yoobin wore on the dream concert red carpet (lol i remember b/c i liked them a lot)! they’re around the same height so i wouldn’t be surprised if they shared shoes.

  29. ROFL what is with the meanie face sohee is making? XD lol

    ye eun and sunmi looked gorgeous, sunmi is really growing into a beautiful young lady^^ she is so stunning now, I love seeing pictures of her and whatever outfit she has! ^^ yoobin looks great as always and sunye its nice to see her showing some legs hahah

  30. It was SOOO Fun in the end Yeeun asked the Middle school pupils if she could get also a bit of the Keroro bread from them xDD

  31. LOL I commented without actually watching the videos but now that I’ve watched them they are just so darn cutee!!
    I’m SO unbelievably happy that Sohee’s actually talking and laughing so much now!!

  32. LOLLLL Sohee looks PISSSSSED walking up the steps to the stage.
    o.o in one picture it looks like SunMi cried..!
    Ahhhh I love the Wonder Girlss!! :DDDD
    Hahahaha thanks coolsmurf!

  33. Puhahaha already in the first pic or so you see Sohee in the background with an not too happy face 😀 😀 And Sunmi is just a fairy princess in the pink dress. After all the happy pics Sohee suddenly comes with an almost angry face as if she didn’t enjoy it at all to play 😀 (Bet it’s only because she can’t play well and knows she’ll loose?? 😀 :D) Sunye laughs on the last pic and on one other pic also 😀 😀 Makes me wanna laugh with her! 😀

  34. so hee looks so pissed xD shes adorable though, I will not lie thanks for bein’ on top of the news, coolsmurf =]

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