So Hee, “My Ideal Guy Is Someone Who Has A Radiant Smile”

That was what the maknae of popular girl group, Wonder Girls, Ahn So Hee revealed about what she looks for in her ideal guy during an interview done with MBC Section TV Entertainment program shown on 4th July.

So Hee said that her ideal type is someone who has a radiant smile. She had said before in the past that actor, Park Hae Il was someone who fulfiled her criteria and this generated interest among fans back then.

During the segment, So Hee also did a canny impersonation of Lee Bum Soo with a stern face calling after Kim Ha Neul in the SBS drama, “On Air” which invoked laughters from everyone immediately after she did it.

Asked about what they do to pass time while waiting in between their activities, Sun Mi replied that she would change the lyrics of songs around as she started singing a song about “How Spinsters Live” which caught attention among fans.

If people start talking about marriage, you can just hit them.
If you start getting wrinkles, you can just get a botox.
If pretty boys increase in the younger generation, you can just make them bow to you.
If you become lonely being a star, you can just retire.

(thanks to IPigsta for translation)

The Wonder Girls were also asked about their leopard print outfits used in their “So Hot” promotion, “As we are still quite young (age-wise), our outfits are made and determined accordingly to each of our personalities and body figures. So it’s like a mixture of each of our sexiness in the overall image concept.”


34 thoughts on “So Hee, “My Ideal Guy Is Someone Who Has A Radiant Smile”

  1. ahahs even gdragon admits that he has an radiant smile.
    sohee is definitely talking about gdragon my baby ;]

    heedragon rocks my socks

  2. she is cute,talented
    i love sohee.i hadnt seen her funny side for along time.

    uhummm[jiyong had a radiant smile]

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  4. LOLLL.
    She is and will always be my favorite Wonder Girl :D.
    Ever since the beginning with her outgoing season 1 personality through her shy and uncomfortable season 3 to now!
    But I LOVE that she’s coming out and being more relaxed and fun!
    Can’t wait for the full subtitled episode on youtube!

  5. ROFL sohee, SOHEE…what the hell do you know about guys sohee LOL… kidding XD but yeahhh I expect a kid her age to say something so simple^^

    My brother wants to know yoobins ideal man though LOL..XD

  6. awww im glad she isnt so shy anymore. she must be settling into the world of tv now! yaay ahahahah so cute. i love her spastic laughing after it ahah so bouncy bouncy!

  7. So Hee is adorable, I’m sure she’s just shy sometimes on camera and she’s breaking out of that shell.

    I wonder if they had an interview with Wonder Girls about their “Kissing You” performance @ Music Bank. I wanna hear their thoughts about that, haha :]

  8. yeah her impersonation of lee bum soo is still daum n°1 search term!! ihih so hee is so adorable^^

  9. so cuteee!! :))
    i wish she could do more of that often..
    are you going to upload the rest of the interview??

  10. I saw that video clip this morning not long after I watched Music Bank, and I laughed so hard that I woke my parents up… I got in trouble, but man was it worth it. So hilarious! She’s so adorable.

  11. so hee’s impersonation of Lee Bum Soo became Daum No.1 Search term!!! awesome! so hee is relly funny!
    love so hee!!
    love wg!!!


    I died laughing! LOL, that was so cute!! <3333 I really hope we get to see more outgoing Sohee like this because something as dorky and small as this made her shine.

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