Wonder Girls Impressive in Kissing You and So Hot Remix Stages @ Music Bank 080704

Try to keep the bashing down, both groups did excellent jobs.

Wonder Girls rendition of So Nyeo Shi Dae’s “Kissing You” was simply AWESOME! First of all, they looked so cute cute cute with their white outfits, looking like angels with lollipops in their hands. Then the song, wow they nailed it down perfectly. So Hee sounded so good here. Ye Eun really hit it here, belting all the high notes like a seasoned professional. Yoo Bin had a few lines while Sun Mi and Sun Ye gave a assured performance. Must DOWNLOAD!!!

So Nyeo Shi Dae did a pretty good performance for “Tell Me“. YoonA and Soo Young didn’t sing. I was most impressed with Seo Hyun and Tae Yeon, they both did really excellent. Yuri too with the rapping.

The Wonder Girls did another “So Hot” remix stage and I hope it stays that way. They looked smoking hot in their white+red outfits, especially Sun Ye who was smoking hot in her outfit. Great steady performance just like “Inkigayo” last week. They didn’t have K-Chart this week but they won No.1 for something.


134 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Impressive in Kissing You and So Hot Remix Stages @ Music Bank 080704

  1. oh. and Antis will be antis. Fans will be fans.

    As a fan, let’s be mature and not give in to anti’s comments. Just ignore it…or at least try.

    I’ve seen too many SNSD comments and honestly, I just love them more after I read them.

    I don’t know but I just think Antis make me like an artist better.

  2. Tell me doesn’t give justice to WG’s singing voices. Although it’s a catchy song and easy to sing along with, there isn’t much vocal needed there.

    SNSD performed Tell Me with their own style. They didn’t use the husky voices that WG does when they sing it. Usually, SNSD songs are vocally better to sing, so they had no problem singing Tell Me. They did it without cracking or going off pitch.

    WG’s performance kind of surprised me. I’ve seen lot of their perfs from irony to sorry heart to tell me to so hot. And I can honestly say that they did not crack as much in irony and sorry heart as they did in tell me and so hot. But I guess I’ve seen too many Tell Me perfs where they go off tune and crack so I was startle when they sang Kissing You. They did a terrific job! Although YeEun couldn’t hit the high notes as well as Taeyeon, I still think she did pretty good.

    Even though I’m a bigger SNSD fan, I tried not to be biased.



    YOU SHOULD WATCH THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhiO6NJqtk0


    to: Rory

  4. Klover:
    I’d rather have one line sung well then ten lines sung horribly off tune. And for your information, SNSD doesn’t lipsynch. So maybe you should do some research before posting to save yourself from looking bad.

  5. Okay WG antis fuck off.


    Even us Wonderfuls don’t come up in ur space and spam gawd GET A LIFE.

    & btw YeEun did NOT crack yall need to fix your ears..

    WGs OWNED lol You know it!


  6. ok sorry i’m lazy and i don’t wanna read all the comments >_<

    SNSD comments:
    -does anyone else feel terribly sorry for YoonA? That’s a terrible picture of her D:
    -SeoHyun looks like another celebrity in that picture… Can’t think of a name, but that does not look like the same SeoHyun that I know! :O
    -Good job with the rapping for everyone
    -Tried a little too hard

    WG comments:
    basically, THEY ROCKED THE WHOLE THING MAN HOLY CRAP!! They look good in whatever outfit they wear, whether it be cute, retro, sexy, hot, they can pull it off!


  7. Haha, I love Sica but she looked so bored in the background at the beginning, when Fany was singing. Also… why was she the only one in pink? It looked nice though at the end, lol.

  8. @IluvYubin : i couldnt have said it better myself!

    sorry to snsd fans but that’s the truth ! wonder girls cracks
    often cause they do at least 1O perfs by day and live everytime unlike snsd !
    and when snsd dare to sing live they sing all together (9 members!!!) or just one line!!! wg’s have all one solo part in every song!
    so can you really compare such a great group with talentless girls like snsd?!

  9. Please don’t insult SNSD. WG fans are not used to listen to tell me sung by SNSD. And SNSD fans are not used to listen to kissing you sung by WG that’s all. Actually I’m really thankful to all the WG fans who are respecting SNSD.
    It’s not easy since a lot of SNSD Fans don’t respect WG.
    I think they both did really well.
    SNSD sang Tell Me pretty good. And I don’t think they weren’t happy. You can see all the members singing along to the Tell me Tell me te te te te te tell me part that was lipsyned smilimg happily all the time. Maybe they weren’t very confident? Since is not their song… Anyway, I think they were happy.
    And WG sang Kissing You very well too. But there were backround voices and when SNSD performs Kissing You there isn’t. Well, WG are 5 members and SNSD are 9.
    We can’t compare.

    From a SNSD fan who is getting into WG.

  10. Lots of ppl are saying SNSD handled tell great vocal wise.

    but Sunny killed. I have to say. She’s cute, but her vocals…*shudder*

    WG’s kissing was soooo cuuutte!
    go vocals. yeeun cracked slightly before holding that long note.

    but overall woooowww.

  11. yeay! yoobin sang live!

    well, first, both are so great.. just snsd really screwed the “omona” thing.. it’s so not cute.. lol .. (and the rap thing. euuww!!!)

    different group brings different style… hehe…

    yeay to both and go go go WG!!!

  12. I love jessica but she wasn’t good at the dance
    she’s a really good dancer tho
    and Yuri and hyoi yeon aren’t meant for rapping LOL I love them tho

  13. I enjoyed both performances, but we do have to remember that both groups had little time to practice, and it shows in the choreographies.
    IMO there’s no need to nitpick on the small mistakes…
    hopefully next time it won’t be a cross stage but a Joint stage~

    Wonder Generation! ❤

  14. I love Wonder Girls and all but as fans people need to give credit where credit is due, this time they were a little short of a good performance. Sure they are busy with So Hot promotions and all but the SNSD fans could say the girls are also busy with two filming a drama and movie while the others are radio djs, show hosts, preparing for their 2nd album which includes dance practices + recording etc. Whether WGs didn’t give their full efforts to Kissing You or because of some other reason all I have to say is I am very disappointed and I hope they continue to improve next time.

  15. i’ve read the comments and there is a lot of bashing for the other artists, i’m not gonna bash but i am going to share my opinion.

    i think that WG blew SNSD off the stage. not saying that SNSD aren’t good singers or good dancers, but just that WG was awesome!! they had suuuch energy and they looked really happy. they nailed the song and the choreography. they looked sooo cute.

    sexy was a nice change for SNSD but not very suitable for them. LOL. they still sang Tell Me well. But it was kinda hard to get through that performance. i was holding my breathe through that part. overall SNSD was very cute.

    both did well but if it were a contest…


  16. Both groups did great, SNSD rocked tell me. Wgs did a solid job at Kissing you and thats all that counts, the role doesnt suit them and there voices.

    Both groups did a perfect job and its impossible for us to say they each had flaws because obviously its not there own songs. Both groups can obviosly sing and can do different genres of music

    In defense of SNSD, its kind of hard to try and portray charisma and perfect a performance when everyone from the start will be watching and scrutinizing your performance because your trying to do a cover song of the wgs. THat and the fact that they are not the wgs so we shouldnt be expecting them to be.

    Either way, the majority of the people agree BOth groups rocked and thats the way it should be, with the exception of the nit picky people who basically hated the performance before it even began.


  17. I hate hearing certain fans bash WONDERGIRLS on their vocal abilities. They would have to sing Tell Me on average, at minimun, 15 times a day. That’s insane and will wreak havoc on any vocal cords. Wondergirls can SING and they CAN sing their own songs just fine.

    I have never doubted their vocal abilities and I really wish this WHOLE Cross stage or special stage never happened. It would have saved evereyone time….. AND for me It’s only TELL ME if it’s done by the Wondergirls.

    AND YEEUN CAN SING… this girl is amazing. Even if she cracks she still puts all her effort into the performance and that’s all that count.

    This whole ss thing is so stupid. It defeats all purpose to me.

  18. I think Wonder Girls did fabulous for the amount of preparation time they had. They are so busy nowadays, promoting So Hot, going on shows 24/7, etc, that I was surprised that they did as well as they did, especially Sohee. I thought both groups got the essence of each other’s songs. Though for some reason, SNSD didn’t seem like they were having fun onstage?

    Regardless, both groups did well!


  20. loool i totally cracked up during snsd. vocally, they were like WG earlier during their promotion (b4 their schedule made their voices crack) and omg the
    OMOHNA part LOOOL @ seohyun’s pout.
    haha atleast they were cute!
    Wg’s kissing you was def. alot more mature sounding than SNSD’s cute version.
    both teams are def suited to their own song with reason.


  22. Ye Eun owned the high notes; I’m not sure why people are saying otherwise … She did so well here! She doesn’t have to sing it exactly like Taeyeon does for it to sound good, so whatever.

    Both groups did very well :).

  23. ^ *sigh* is it necessary to bash others artist?
    anyway WG looks really really kute! sunmi and so hee couldnt get any cuter than this? maybe its like a dream come true for them, to finally get cute costume, haha plus lollipop

  24. tell me is the better and more entertaining song and dance to perform, thats why it was famous. whereas kissing you is lame. i dont know why wg agreed to allow snsd to leech off their song. wg really got the short end of the stick… wg looked amazingly cute and it was nice to see but theres only so much you can do with a song and dance that is corny as shit.

    i really cant stand all these snsd fans saying they hated tell me but all of a sudden this is their favorite performance. why? why not a snsd song? bc their songs are lame as shit

  25. I absolutely loved WG’s rendition of Kissing You. <3333 It was absolutely adorable and it proves they can do the cute image without being overly sickening cute.

    Although in the end, I just wish both groups didn’t do each other’s songs because it always ends up with fans of either group bashing each other and saying crap like how the other group sang better than the original. I’ve been reading articles and the comments on SYP and Allkpop and the comments were hecka vicious!

    IMO, SNSD needed to gain back popularity from the Dream Concert incident so they had to feed off from WG’s success. Tell Me isn’t a hard song to sing(neither is Kissing You but Tell Me is better song-wise) so when SNSD sang it pretty well, I admit, they were bound to get rave reviews. Ugh, I hate SM and his marketing plans.

    By the way, NO ONE can do Sohee’s “omona” better than Sohee herself can. Sorry Seohyun and Sunny, but they failed in delivering the pizazz Sohee gives.

  26. Yeah, I saw the encore performance. It was LOVE heheh. That dorky alien SunMi tried to hit her YeEun unni with her lollipop hahhaha ^^

  27. There’s a fancam of the Kissing You encore on YouTube:

    The lollipops don’t quite work with the So Hot outfits. 🙂

  28. Whoooo!
    This perf for Wonder Girls just proves that they can accomplish anything and do it exceedingly well. :).
    Did anyone know that the Wonder Girls did a Kissing You encore with their So Hot clothes?
    That’s insane.
    I don’t even have words for how wonderful the Wonder Girls are. xD
    Please show your love by voting for them!


    Don’t want them to be dead last.. 😦

  29. @ yemi I thought yoobin owned her one line of singing with possibly still damaged vocal cords and looked sexy as hell. both performances were amazing for sure

  30. wonder girls were AMAZING!!! they owned!!! they really did great esp ye eun and sun ye! sun mi and and so hee were so cute!
    but frankly yoo bin sucked in “kissing you”! i understand that she didn’t sing well because she’s a rapper and not a singer but she had just one line and she was out of tune!!!
    for their “so hot” remix they were all in red and white she was the only one in pink just like at the film festival they were all in silverish outfits except her i’m really starting to dislike her she seeks attention too much!!!she is always trying to act cute even when they perform “so hot” she looks so fake !!!

    anyway, they were all pretty! ye eun really impressed me! sun mi gave an asurred perf! sun ye was great!and so hee was really good !they have so much charisma contrary to snsd!!!
    WG’s ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

  31. You know what, I always come here after the airing of a special stage or a performance that everyone looks forward to in order to catch your opinion on it and get the links to the youtube performance, and usually the verdict is right. I was nervous for this one and thought they might mess up, but I was really happy when I saw that you were really excited and thought it was a bangin’ performance.

    And about the outfits…they were pretty hot, but did anyone else think “Christmas”?? rofl

    And guys SNSD did do a pretty good job, their vocals were awesome, they couldn’t get the facial expressions down right (I never knew how hard SoHee’s ‘Omona’ was!) and yuri’s bobbing during the rap was kind of strange, but it made Tell Me really fresh and I was happy to see it performed that way. Although yeah, they didn’t look happy, I have no idea why, but I think for both groups it was a rushed thing; they probably did not expect it and had to practice a lot in the days before the performance. So maybe SNSD just showed it more than Wonder Girls.

    Wonder Girls really brought it for Kissing You though! They were all energetic, especially Sun Mi at the front, and we got to see Yoo Bin sing! And yeah I thought it was hilarious that the shorties had to wear heels and the others got to wear sneakers, and even more hilarious that the two youngest high-schoolers were one of the three with sneakers. And Ye Eun walking through the tunnel formed by the lollipops and hands was sooo fun.

    WonderGeneration ftw!

  32. Who said that YeEun couldn’t reach the high note? Are you kidding me? She could if she wanted to but she kept her part short.

    And what’s this about ALL SNSD did well? (Sunny’s voice was so bad – -“) Are you talking about singing or dancing? >.> If both, I think the same should go to the Wonder Girls too.

  33. yes i must say that some of of snsd weren’t cheerful enough for tell me. and i noticed ye eun wasn’t that cheerful for kissing you either. but hey the singing matters more to me. and of course both groups sound best when they sing their own songs, but this is purely for entertainment and i love it!

  34. I thought SNSD’s performance was really good, their vocals sounded awesome, but yeah now that you guys point it out I was pretty puzzled by their facial expressions. Yoona looks so grim in the beginning!

    But otherwise, really good job, So Hee was really cute in kissing you 🙂 🙂

  35. lmfao, i dont find the dance by w/e shes called during that solo part good… seriously, its rigid not smooth and its not that special

    its a good try though =P ive seen a lot more “better” dancers around

  36. it was amazing! SNSD – dang. seo hyun is amaazzing at singing live… she was SO good. and ye eun was amazing.
    seo hyun and ye eun are the best singerss ❤

  37. i love both groups but SNSD did “Tell Me” better than WG doing doing “Kissing You”.
    it’s been awhile since i’ve seen a “Tell Me” performance that wasn’t dead. XD plus, SNSD was better vocal-wise. nobody cracked.
    i have practically all of WG’s “Tell Me” performances in my comp and like 95% of them are dead, ESPECIALLY Yeeun. but i still love them. but SNSD rekindled my love for TELL ME!
    omg, i’m gonna get flamed in this WG site.

  38. to all the people who are saying ye eun couldn’t reach the note… how do u know??? are you like, a vocal teacher… Ye eun’s voice is powerful, there must be a reason she didn’t reach for those notes, Ye eun probaly was nervous, so obviously she tried note to crack… So eveyone who thinks her voice isn’t powerful enough… think of yourself…

  39. its too bad sooyoung didn’t sing, i was watching her and she smiled so much. snds and wg both did great!! for kissing you, i was most impressed with sohee and ye eun!! sohee sounded better than when she sang her own songs. and ye eun with the high notes! for tell me perf, seohyun the maknae was just..whoa..i couldn’t stop spazzing seohyun was excellent!! tae yeon was also excellent as well, i thought her voice sounded a little bit like ye eun’s when she sang the first part. AND YURI, who is not a rapper did well doing yoobin’s rap! she was also so cute while rapping too! i favourited both videos^^ wg and snsd ❤

  40. @kjpop

    Helloooooo this web site “wondergils wonderland”
    Not SNSD
    Of course we’re gonna be biased

  41. ahha ok there ladies and gents, i think you guys need to chill with the biases and whatnot. no downplaying one group because you liked the other blah blah.

    go over and do it on youtube, since like half the viewers are already on bash-mode there.

    STAY POSITIVE XD *i love how i ended up saying this =__=*

  42. @IluvYubin
    Hyoyeon’s dancing is actually that special, she’s so freakin good, seriously. And i’m not being biased :X

    Well, i think i don’t like soshi’s tell me, just because there’s too much people in that small stage, but they did really well. No one can top Yoo Bin in her rapping parts, though.

    and wg’s kissing you is just love, but it was kind of mmm… short? They did great tho. So Hee surprised me. And the two shorties are the only ones wearing heels, lol.

  43. I though that both groups did an awesome job!
    I really liked wg’s outfit for kissing you perf…I like seeing another side of them…
    And I just love Ye Eun’s vocals (although she kinda cracked).
    SNSD did an awesome job vocal wise and they looked good in their outfits too!
    With that said, WG were awesome! They looked like they were really having fun doing their song and that’s what counts!

  44. wg was the best!!!!! :))
    thank you for the fast upload!
    and wg should sing songs more like that too..
    they sing better when they have easier dancing…
    snsd looked kind of fake when they did teh little getures that wg did… like sohees umunah.
    wg is natural at that..
    and te so hot remix!!
    do you think you can make a dl link for the songs?
    so i can listen to it while im working :)))

  45. I must say, WONDER GIRLS DID INCREDIBLE for the Kissing you performance. They worked those lollipops man! lol. No but seriously, they were just adorable and their voices were on point. SO HOT again was SO HOT.

  46. i think both groups did really well
    but watching it, i realized that there is a reason why i really like the wondergirls and am so neutral about snsd.

    i think it’s because snsd seems so manufactured a lot of the time, and while the girls are all gorgeous and super talented, a lot of them seem fake at times (i.e. acting overly cute) while wondergirls always seem so natural and down to earth (i.e. sunmi’s dorkiness or sohee’s dodo ness) hehe

  47. i think sica looked nervous. like she didnt want to mess up or something… but thats the vibe that i got from her.,,, they all looked less comfortable doing tell me than their usual performances but that’s expected … none the less i still liked it a lot. they did a good job,

  48. I think SNSD’s perf was decent, they don’t own the stage ever when they perform, even at their own ‘only SNSD’ performances, hyoyeons dancing isn’t that special to be honest, she’s simply the best dancer in SM TOWN, not Korea, kil gun and some Korean actress are often called the best female dancers in Korea, with BoA coming next. the rap sucked but the girl isn’t a rapper so whatever, the singing was boring and sunny sounded like crap for some reason I can’t see her point in SNSD, she can’t sing, act or dance. lol and the other girls are better looking..lmao.

  49. @ Hong: Yeah, I got the same feel. Sica wasn’t into it. Ye Eun wasn’t into it either. LOL. How funny, Yoo Bin pull the “cute” look better than Ye Eun! And while Sica is usually the sexy/cool one, she didn’t pull it off this time. XD

  50. i just noticed that sunmi is really happy when she performed kissing you. =D

    and i don’t think that soshi is sad when they performing
    i mean i think they just want to put that wonder girls feel to it; maybe jessica look really confused but overall i think everyone else really enjoy it, esp. sunny.

    all i know is soshi= jessica looking really confused
    and wonder girls= ye eun also look really confused


  51. I thought SNSD > WG for the Tell Me/Kissing you performances. They both did well. But All members of SNSD did well in “Tell Me” while WG struggled through the song. Well, Sun Mi was just awesome. So Hee was pretty in her field too. But Sun Ye and Ye Eun didn’t impress me. Which is weird because they are usually the best. Ye Eun wasn’t able to hit the high note of Tae Yeon. Oh well, I enjoyed both performances! I hope to see more SoWon!! 😀

  52. It’s glad to see Ye Eun hitting those high notes just like in the oooold tell me days w/o being scared to crack 🙂

  53. i think WG did a pretty good cover of “Kissing You” as well as SNSD, they did a good cover of ‘Tell Me’.

    I’m not shocked that SNSD had great vocals but the song (tell me) just don’t suit them but the break dance of Hyoyeon was the rock~! woot~! but Tiffany did too much winks and trying hard, I guess and Sunny, what happened to her? She sounded weird with Sohee’s part. lol But overall (besides the lack of charisma), SNSD did a good job. 🙂

    WG’s rendition of ‘Kissing You’.. I found it funny. I was laughing because of Sunye. The ribbon on her hair was so funny. idk. but maybe, it doesn’t suit Sunye. Yoobin sounded cute and Ye Eun is a little bit shaky but nonetheless, her high note was fine. I expected her to crack big time! as in like in ‘Tell Me’ days but she did somewhat crack (a little) and she, i don’t know how to explain it, somewhat… she suddenly sang a high note or maybe she was a little trying hard to hit the note. It needs to be natural, but oh well. WG did a good job.

    WG’s cuteness was totally different from SNSD. Both were unique that made the performances great.

  54. oh and i just have to say that WG nailed the Kissing You perf because they looked GENUINELY, SINCERELY happy while performing it…..welll i cant say the same thing about SNSD…. and yeah this just proves that WG are really sincere & kind towards their words for SNSD….LOL Im sure Sunmi is happy coz her Tae Yeon unni perform their song Tell Me hahah! anyways….i thought that both groups will perform Tell me???? well I guess it’s better this way….LOL..and yeah well Sunny’s voice on sohee’s part was kinda irritating sad to say….T_T why does she have to make her voice like that? Seo Hyun did a REALLY GREAT job! she’s the best for me among SNSD….so pretty oo with her long straight hair ^_^

  55. lmfao… my own opinion:

    SNSD had some pretty good vocals (esp the one who sang 1st part for sohee)… but a lot of it were very very harsh, theres no smoothness in it.
    The stage was cluttered, lol, you cant even concentrate on a sole individual becuase they all started looking like freakin background dancers… or w/e u call it.

    and yeah, the rap part, it wasnt meant for snsd. they dont really have a dedicated rapper.

  56. SNSD did well vocal-wise. but there was no feelings. there were like a bunch of robots. no charisma.

  57. you guys should show wonder girls and the other that wonderfuls is not all about talking crap about the other group.
    That we can give comment without saying such mean stuff.

    anyway i thought both group did really good, i mean my two favorite song and they both nail it =]












  59. Is it only me that feel annoying when SNSD’s girl sang So Hee part(her name is Sunny right?). And the rap part just..feel not right -__-

    And yay for WG’s KY perf. They was so cute and sang so well

  60. i want a ipod format vid of it!!! now!!
    i thought sohee was so amazing
    and they looked stunning like actually
    i finally heard the ghost btw
    and i know its a wg site
    but seo hyun looked good
    even though i kind of didnt like her omona
    i liked sunnys better
    im so sad
    because the ahboo downloads dont go on my ipod
    what will i do?

  61. LOL@jaime’s comment!
    I never noticed that!
    I mean I knew about all the nice things WG says about SNSD in all their shows and radio nonsense.
    And I believed them then because they just have such good hearts and sincere feelings towards everyone.
    But there was always that 2% doubting thought.. that they’re probably just saying it cause they’re in front of the cameras..
    But now that you mention that it’s true! WG totally means what they say and that this perf. proves it!

    And highfive on the mp3 thing. xDD

  62. mee too. i want mp3 of kissing you WG version.

    i just have to say this. from WG’s performance, it is evident that they have no ill-feelings towards SNSD. whatever good things they said in their interviews about SNSD, they really reinforced and expressed it by singing this song.

    I cant say the same thing about SNSD. it didn’t seem like some of the girls were happy singing Tell Me.

    and I agreet with June
    snsd did sound amazing
    but they just didn’t have the charisma liek you said
    the dance had nothing to it
    and it didnt look as good
    i noticed tht yoona and sooyoung didnt sing either
    why did they have mics? lol pointless
    i loved kissing you by wonder girls
    they did so good
    and looked like they had so much fun doing it
    omgggg i was so happy

  64. i just have to say that WG nailed the Kissing You perf!!!!! it was sooooo much better than i expect it to be!!!! they are just too cute for words! Sohee is sooo adorable!!!! im on love♥♥♥ LOL…

    anyways SNSD did an amazing job for Tell Me vocal-wise….but other than that the perf was bring…..their facing are like kinda annoyed and yeah they weren’t on the ‘Tell me’ mood LOL…watching them makes me feel like they didn’t want to perform the song…..-_-…im not an anti, im also a SNSD fan but this is just….Tiffany annoys me on the beginning…it seems like she’s trying too hard…..but Seo Hyun is so cute! i love her the most in this perf!!!!!! her voice is just awesome! im awed!….

    but yeah WG is still the best! and yeah Sohee’s dance is really nice & clean…..love her more and more!

  65. @ teddy yoo bin – it’s already up on coolsmurf’s youtube account. support him and our girls by watching it =]

  66. WONDER GIRLS!!!!! THIS IS SOOO WONDERFUL!!!!!! I LOVE THEM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Coolsmurf, for me your the best!!!! i love your site!!!!!

  67. Ooh a reminder to what my train of thought was earlier.
    Is there any chance that there’s a mp3 of the Wonder Girls singing Kissing You cause I’d muchhhh rather have their version on my ipod than SNSD.. xD.

  68. jeez u guys work fast.

    um, WOW. WG’s 0WNED KISSING YOU!! like, ill actually like that song cuz of that performance. ahah its definitely going in my ipod =] and so HOT was…well, SO HOT! ❤ yummy. these girls make me proud =]

  69. i finally figured out why everybody says that SNSD sang Tell me better than WG? duh, they made 3-4 of their most able singers to sing, the rest danced. they look wierd

    Wonder Girls OWNNEEDDDDDDD! Kissing you feels like a WG song. hehe. =) i love it. awessssome. this song is more karaoke-friendly than WG’s. of course, WG will do great, but our girls did it very EFFORTLESSLY! they sounded awesome and looked great. the feel is there!

    the way everything was set-up feels like a rivalry to me. with fans fighting to be the loudest one. and awesome job wonderfuls!

  70. Ok I gotta say WG’s totally nailed it!!!!!
    About SNSD stage was too small for those 9 girls
    looks akward
    Not , never really impressed with Tiffany
    Taeyeon, Jessica, Seo Yeon, sound fabulous
    Yuri did a awesome job for rapping considering she doesn’t rap
    Hi5 girl!!!!!!
    Did dissapointed Sooyoung didnt sing she’s my fav
    Yoona could care less about her
    Hye Yeon always impress me with her move gotta love her
    Sunny no comment ……………sound hideous
    If I had to choose between WG vs SNSD
    Absolutely WG
    Even though SNSD did a great job but not all of em
    WG did awesome each individual
    This is just my opinion
    Don’t attack me LOL LOL LOL
    Peace Ya’ll

  71. I’m going to have to MAJORLY disagree with you olw.
    Sohee did exceptionally well for what’s she’s known for.
    NAILED the Kissing You performance AND their own song.
    And her dancing is ALWAYS right on beat and nice and cleann as said by JYP.
    I’m so excited for her though because in alot of recent interviews and such she’s laughing more and being more silly like she used to be!
    It’s exciting :D.
    Oh I agree with you on everything else olw xD
    The perf itself was awkward and strange..
    The vocals didn’t match the style of the song cause I think SNSD tried a bit too hard. and yes there is way too many girls o.o.
    Don’t get me wrong I’m a fan of SNSD too.
    But I have to say..

  72. Our girls did so amazing!!! *clap hands a bizzillion times*
    The outfits were oh so cute. Mandoo Sohee awww. And yoobin you look so cute but sexy at the same time.
    Yay for both groups.
    They didn’t win K-chart? 😦 Oh wells at least they won something! 😀

  73. GO WONDER GIRLS!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ^^ they did SO FUCKING AMAZING!! ^^ YAYYYYYY YOOBIN!!! GO GO GO! lol I am such a nerd -.-; but seriously they did GREAT^^

  74. well SNSD did good vocally BUT the perf was really boring… and there’s way too much girls !

    WG did really really good.. I was woried concerning the vocals but they all were on point and more (except for So Hee… :s )


  75. i cant watch video through youtube.com…theres some problem!…please posted here!!!! pleaseplease!!!

  76. OMG! Can WG get any cuter >.<
    Kissing You performance was really impressive and as for Tell Me, really great but the dance was WEIRD O.O It’s JYP’s dance version not WG’s – -” And omg, NO CHARISMA AT ALL T.T and the worst part was Sunny’s cuz her voice is so ridiculously high O.O*

  77. WGs is so good
    But I think SNSD isn’t very good.First,Tiffany sings Sun Mi part is a bad idea,it’s awful.Second:yuri raps like reading poem.Third:Tae Yoen volcal is quite strong but is doesn’t suit Ye Eun part.
    WGs kissing u is much better

  78. MAN REWATCHING KISSING YOU C<IP.. I actually think they did better than SNSD in most of there Performances.. just an opinion..not a fact..

  79. snsd looked weird! thei faces were like not in thebtell me mood! i would they were anoyed to sing it!

  80. Yeah, I was impressed by WG’s Kissing You-performance. It was much better than I expected it to be, vocally and all. I can’t stand the song itself though 😛

    But that doesn’t change that SNSD managed Tell Me better vocal-wise, than WG has ever done (from what I can remember anyway). Performance-wise, WG kicks a** 😛

  81. They looked sooo cute!! >.<
    I wanted to pinch their cheeks!
    Ye Eun is just ❤ Her vocals owned.
    Gah! I can just go on and on and on about their performance! ^^ It was really awesome!

    Take that haters!

  82. june… i’m not evn going to defend wonder girls..
    THEY DID AWESOME!! Just one perf of their “kissing you” killed most of SNSD..so don’t even start with me here…hahahah


  83. simply AMAZING!!!!
    They nailed it and some more…
    i’m soooo happy!!! they did awesome and the remix was AMAZING!!

    SO HEE was my fav, just because she nailed it…nailed it…
    Sun Mitoo cute!!! that smile of hers..
    Yoobin sang!! LIVE!! i died
    Sun Ye wwas the best…she did awesome..her mojo is BACK!!
    Ye Eun was the only thing i was loooking at…so pretty…she nailed the high notes…

  84. Scuz, I’ll get murdered with you, haha.

    I’m not going to lie, just one SNSD ‘Tell Me’ performance is better than 95% of Wonder Girls’ ‘Tell Me’ performances vocal-wise. During the ‘Tell Me’ era, I watched all their performances and it was pretty bad most of the time. T_T However; SNSD lacks the charisma Wonder Girls usually has during the ‘Tell Me’ performances, but it was still enjoyable.

    Sohee did really good in ‘So Hot’ today!! I think it was her best performance so far vocal-wise!! ❤
    And I LOVE THE OUTFITS! No more cheetah prints please!!

  85. WonderGirls are more SKILLED than SNSD..

    FOR SURE..




  86. yeah. i expected that SNSD would really be good with the vocals but i doubted their charisma. well.. what happened to Seohyun? She looks strange with that ‘omona’. lol

  87. i think snsd perform tell me very weird. they dance like very not flexible. they have no expression at all.

  88. I’m probably going to get murdered now, but I think Girls’ Generation handled Tell Me better than Wonder Girls, vocal-wise. They lack the charisma that Wonder Girls has when performing the song, but on the other hand, they didn’t hit any false notes like some WG-members pretty much always do. Performance-wise, Wonder Girls does Tell Me better, of course ^_^ Wonder Girls *are* more skilled performers than Girls’ Generation.

  89. OMG it was awesomeeeeeeeee.
    Both did REALLY well.

    I think I heard Yeeun’s voice crack a little, but she was awesome at the high parts! It was so different seeing them in their Kissing You clothes lol ^^

    I liked SNSD’s version of Tell Me. It kind of sounded like the sped up the song a little?
    Taeyeon, Jessica, and Seohyun owned it though D:
    Haha but was it just me or did they not look too happy? =x

  90. they all looked sooo adorable!! awwwwwww omg they did really awesome!! seriously exceeded my expectations bc the theme is kind of corny with the lollipops but they pulled it off and they sounded exactly like snsd!!! omg loved it!

    Either I have the worst internet connection in the entire world.
    Or Freakin KBS Able is the gayest thing ever.
    I saw the show but in bits and parts.
    The sound was more stable.
    Freakin player kept messing up every chance it got.
    I completely missed the ending though
    After WG sang So Hot the player completely died.
    Hoping to see a more steady version of the perf of WG and SNSD soon!
    WG did completely AMAZING in Kissing You
    And SNSD sounded ok in Tell Me but of course couldn’t top the originals.
    So Hot remix was of course WONDERFUL.
    Er update soon on what WG won?

    thanks coolsmurf!

  92. woow the Kissing You is really awsome! i love it<3
    nice job girls^^
    So Hot is also very cool=) i like this remix version more then the original version. oh and i love the new outfits!
    Kari I totally agree with you in the Tell Me topic…

  93. The Tell Me performance was kinda awkward for me since they have a totally different style. Still, they did a decent job. I didn’t like their “omonas”… So Hot remix again XD.

  94. SNSD performed Baby, baby, then Girls Generation, and then WG performed Kissing You. I think SNSD will perform Tell Me when WG perform So Hot?

  95. let me say again, omg so good. i thought they were gonna crew it up…. since it isn’t their song. i think i like this song. it sounds so different for some reason !!!!

  96. Their “kissing you” performance was pretty good. Can’t wait to hear “tell me”.
    Did Jewelry really sing the same song? I’m pretty sure they sang 모두 다 쉿!

  97. i saw the kissing you part LOL, omg so cute !! YOOBIN SANG !!!!!!!!!

    are other perf over? i missed the front parts -_-

  98. please post the video here!!!!! i cant watch from youtube site!!….pleasepleaseplease!!!!

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