Go Young Wook confesses, “I Love Yoo Bin”

“I fell for her (Yoo Bin) stunning appearance and cello-like deep voice”, said Go Young Wook on Star Golden Bell.

That was the sudden confession made by former Roo’ra member, Go Young Wook during a recent Star Golden Bell recording on 30th June which surprised everyone. He confessed that he likes Yoo Bin the most and not just because of her stunning appearance but also for her deep voice.

Go Young Wook expressed

Park Jin Young frequents my restaurant often and I once hinted to him that it would be great if the Wonder Girls (especially Yoo Bin) came along with him.

One day, I surprisingly received a call that Park Jin Young had actually bought the Wonder Girls to the restaurant. Wanting to meet them in person, I gave Park Jin Young a call.

But Park Jin Young said that the meeting would be difficult between them and in respect towards the Wonder Girls, I decided not to go to my store in the end.

However, Yoo Bin said later that she had hopes of meeting Go Young Wook in person after knowing that the restaurant was owned by him.

credit: iPigsta + lazenca0


21 thoughts on “Go Young Wook confesses, “I Love Yoo Bin”

  1. creepy guy just was sentenced to 5 years in prison for molesting 13 year olds, hope yoobin didn´t meet him in person…

  2. Haha..yep…i remember this part…
    I guess he really like Yoo Bin…
    You guys ever watch the Idol show host by SuJu…he also in the show…
    He trying to steal Yoo BIn from Eun Hyuk..but Yoo Bin chose Eun Hyuk..haha…^^

  3. ooo.. who is he?
    well, it is so nice of him to confess this…
    but, he is not the one for our lovely yoobin… hahaha..

    someone else please… maybe T.O.P .. heheh

  4. HAHAHAHA seriously everyone’s saying they love them now, hah but who wouldn’t love the wonder girlss! ❤ :]

  5. xD next time yoobin, don’t complain that you have no male fans ahha cuz u definitely do =]


    She belongs to US..her insane female fan base! and all her attention belongs to US! NOT YOU…LEAVE HER ALONE! lmao kidding…..but yahhhhhhh LOL…everyone loves yoobin, she’s beyond gorgeous, one of the most beautiful girls Ive seen in awhile.^^

  7. @mmm

    there’s a korean national taekwondo guy wants to marry yoobin if he get a gold medal haha

  8. its normal,every guy like hot girls,especially the ones like yoobin haha
    yoo bin is so lucky
    now she always got the spotlight out of the girls
    i feel bad for others

  9. who are the other ppl who said they like her??
    and yeah he is kinda old tho. like Shin Jung Hwan’s age… 30+

  10. yes confession from top woudl be nice..but i just realized he’s dating someone..anyone recall? forgot the girls name..

  11. @Jess

    Yeah!!! a confessions from TOP will be like a BIG thing!!!
    a lot of WonderBang fans will be excited for that!!! LOL!!!
    well, that is for my opinion only.. :p

  12. Aw, CUTE!

    Hahahaha! I WISH! Toobin forever! Really, third already? I thought this was the second! Who has confessed to Yoobin?

    This news is really adorable, but he’s like… super old. XD Well, not SUPER old, but definitely OOOOOLDER than our Yoobin. But really, who can resist Yoobin’s charismatic, sexy self with her long legs, tan skin, pretty face, and deep, sultry voice?!!! T.O.P BETTER HURRY! It seems like he’ll have to wait in line for Yoobin. XD

  13. Isn’t this like the third public love confession for her? Lol, everyone love her, I do too!

    Now I’m just waiting for one from TOP, lol.

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