Wonder Girls loses to Tae Yang for the 3rd time on M! Countdown

Another week, but same result! Wonder Girls were in the running for #1 at M! Countdown, 3rd July with Tae Yang. But possibly fearing the worse (ok, I made this up), the Wonder Girls didn’t even turn up and perform. Tae Yang performed “Only Look At Me” and a remix version of Big Bang’s “Lie”.

It was pretty neck-to-neck stuff in the votes per round with Wonder Girls nicking all of the rounds bar one by a few votes. But that one round proved to be crucial as it was a big gap. In the end, Tae Yang won by 942 votes to 895 for Wonder Girls. Congrats to Tae Yang for the M! Countdown hat-trick.


9 thoughts on “Wonder Girls loses to Tae Yang for the 3rd time on M! Countdown

  1. I don’t know its kind of weird that they’re not winning on mnet when they’re winning everything else. But i do have to say its kind of sketch. Once Mnet bought stocks from YG and now own a portion of the company, Taeyang is suddenly winning only on mnet. But whatev I still love taeyang but it’s still kind of sketch.

  2. Ahh.. grats to TaeYang..
    Although it confuses me on how WG can win music bank,etc for 3-5 weeks in a row when they can’t win mnet?
    WG fighting!

    thanks coolsmurf!

  3. tnx 4 congratulating Tae Yang!!! Im a BB fan but i also like WG(4 girls band)…weLL at least my 2 fava bands r in top 2!!! thats all i care!! BB+WG fighting!!!

  4. Mnet is not on my vocab anymore..
    i’m still very confused.. how can they
    win ALL, but always end losing…
    just because of one category…. yeah, but congrats
    to Tae Yang… he also deserves it..
    DAMN YOU MNET!!! hahahaha

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