Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae Music Bank Cross Stage Final Update

Just a final confirmation and update of what the two groups would be performing for tomorrow’s KBS “Music Bank” Mid-Year Episode.

It will not be a special stage but rather a cross stage where each group will sing a song from the other group as listed below. So there will not be 14 girls on stage. The groups will also sing their own songs as well.

– So Nyeo Shi Dae will perform “Tell Me
– Wonder Girls will perform “Kissing You
– Wonder Girls will perform “So Hot” and their 5th K-Chart #1
– So Nyeo Shi Dae will perform a “Baby Baby” and “Girls Generation” medley

Watching it Live
To stream the show live, either download TVANTS and search KBS or view it on this empas blog or through tvsbox or KBS Able (registration needed).

KBS “Music Bank” starts @ 6:20pm KST on 4th July
Use a timezone converter to see when you have to get up/stay up until : http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

There will be 2 other special stages where Son Dam Bi, Bae Seul Gi, Ga In (Brown Eyed Girls) and Joo will be performing Jewelry’s “One More Time” while MC Mong and Lee Seung Gi will also carry on their chemistry from “1N2D” with a special stage. This special episode of “Music Bank” will run for 80 minutes.

credit: Soy@Soompi + Kris@Soompi


48 thoughts on “Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae Music Bank Cross Stage Final Update

  1. i agree xD
    can you upload it in youtube coz i KBS loads so ssssssllllllllooooooowwwwwwww xD

  2. It work for me with the empas blog link.
    The quality is pretty good. ^^

    yeah Music bank airs on KBS 2TV

  3. I’m so sorry everyone!
    I sound like such a nuisance I’m so sorry.
    I just get really nervous and anxious and overworked when something goes wrong.
    And since I was REALLY looking forward to this perf. that just kinda doubled since I’m not a very good techie person and the programs were just confusing.
    I’m so sorry for all the comments and questions.
    If I miss the perf I’ll catch it on youtube..
    Thanks so much for the info and links and all that good stuff coolsmurf!

  4. okay, TVAnts is being lame now..

    if I knew KBS Able would take longer for non-koreans or foreigners I would’ve registered earlier! :l eh.

    youtube it, with subs perhaps?
    but I’ll take whatever I can get :]]]

    thanks a bunch coolsmurf for all your hard work!
    really appreciate it ❤

  5. o.o..
    So I click the KBS Able link…
    And then click the 2tv link there..
    And that’s it.. it’ll work?

  6. I get it to work through KBS Able, but it’s streaming at 128kbs, so the quality is horrid.

    Music Bank airs on KBS2, by the way.

  7. I’m about to just give up.. :/
    These programs just don’t work for me or I’m doing something wrong or I dont even know.
    I don’t know which KBS on tvants is it and all of them don’t even work. The ones that do work aren’t even in korean.
    And just regularly clicking KBS Able works but buffers aloot so the connection is slow.
    And it sometimes stops the video so I only hear sounds.
    But then it stops altogether.
    I was reallly looking forward to this and I was planning on staying up but it’s really difficult.
    Any easy suggestions..?

  8. Doesn’t registering take a while..?
    We can’t just click the KBS Able link you have up there and then click the 1tv and watch it?

  9. everyone, i suggest u register at KBS and use KBS Able. I have been relying on that because the others doesn’t work really well.

    for music Core and Inkigayo, TVANts and others are fine.

  10. I downloaded TvAnts and clicked KBS2 and that didn’t work. Then I clicked just KBS and then it worked :] yay.

    so just be patient.

  11. Ahh..
    I’m doing the KBS Able one since my tv ant doesn’t work..
    But the player is soo slow it buffers every 10 seconds!
    And then it just turns itself off.
    Any recommendations so I can watch the live show in peace?

  12. ew i hate this
    tell me should be JUST snsd
    and kissing you should be JUST wg
    I bet that the high note part is kissing you tae yeon will just sing if they perform together
    i wanted to hear wg’s vocals
    im so mad

    and wg prob doing so hot

  13. I don’t know if it’s true but i heard that SNSD is performing online so only WG will be on stage!!!
    i wonder why, i don’t think they are busy……
    they were maybe scared of another silent treatment!
    I still don’t know know if it’s a good thing because i was curious to see them together on stage but i was a little bit anxious in same time

    anyway, i feel sorry for sun mi^^


  14. OH OH OH!!! HOW EXCITING! I’ve been wanting them to perform each others’ songs in so long!! I’d like to see the switch in their images! I hope they switch up with costumes, too. That’d be interesting!! I think SNSD has an upper hand performing “Tell Me” though since basically EVERYBODY knows the dance. =P

  15. kbs never works on tvants for me, so i suggest you guys to try the other channels provided.. (even though , they don’t work for me either…)…tvants is a no-n-, but the other streaming sites should be alright

  16. Does anyone know which KBS channel it is on tvants?
    And why the video won’t come up for me..?

  17. I hope wonder girls does well… What does snsd doing a medly mean?? anyway everyone please give your support to wonder girls and remember don’t boo snsd… please be mature about this, think of the snsd’s wild fans…wonderfuls and wonder girls fighting!!!!!!!!

  18. WG AND SNSD?!?!
    worst match ever for a special stage
    wg kicks snsd’s ass
    sorry to snsd fans but i really dont like snsd
    but WG ALL THE WAY =D

  19. ahh so they won’t be on the same stage after all, not like Wonder Bang? i think that’s good. eh.

    as soon as i heard about this ss, it worried me. our girls are no competition to these other girls and their fanclubs. if they make WG look bad..

  20. OMG
    I still dont know if is a good thing this special stage
    Guys WG will do So Hot
    This is the country #1 song for weeks
    Like June said thats is only for the special stage
    anyway SNSD will need this to raise their popularity
    our girls are anough popular these days
    they dont need to sing 1545644354764234 songs
    and I think that WG will even sing SO hot twice when they win another number one (fingers cross)
    I glad that they will sing tell me insted of so hot
    because SNSD doesnt know how to be sexy remeber when they try to do BoA =/

    I will try to watch live
    but here it will be 6AM

  21. I honestly don’t give a crap about SNSD. Why do they get to sing more songs than Wonder Girls? Aren’t the WG the ones who are promoting their music?

  22. i’m very VERY sure there’s a reason behind doing tell me instead of so hot!
    SO WHY?
    FIRST Point – it’s impossible for the ANYONE in korea to not know how to sing tell me!
    SECOND Point – who can resist not singing along to tell me?
    THIRD Point – There’s something called microphone to receive the cheers/singing from fans

    Conclusion –
    Since everyone knows how to SING tell me & CAN NOT STOP singing along & there’s MICROPHONES collecting the audience’s singing/cheers….
    they probably wanted it to sound/give the impression to the people at home that snsd’s given the *thumbs up* or should i say have-been-forgived by the public eye!

    p/s: If wonder girls were to perform “So Hot” after the SS (: wouldnt that be better?? at least it’s ‘equal’

  23. ahaha I gotta stay up tonight =__= damn u california haha

    Anyway, I think the whole thing is once again a conspiracy ahha my blog is brainwashing me >< Blah so SNSD has 3 song and the wonder girls have 1

    oh ya, thats totally fair =] i mean, if you suck at math ahha but even a three year old can tell u thats fixed =P

  24. Hahaha.. again in favor for SNSD.. which is very unfair..


    go wondergirls..

  25. i dont understand why SNSD is doing their medley either..didn’t their promotions ended?
    i have a feeling SNSD will have an advantage on their performance since they actually have TIME to practice…
    crosses fingers~* i hope the wonder girls’ busy schedule wont affect their performance tomorrow or else, it’ll definitely lead to a whole lot of bashing btw the two female groups.. T-T

    the other female artists performing “one more time” will be interesting i think..haha~ such a random bunch.. 8)

  26. dude! im excited to see this! but why does SNSD get to preform 2 of there songs!?anyway Wonder Girls will dominate for sure! cant wait to see them! i bet they’ll put their own twist on Kissing you!

    WG is still performing SO HOT right!?

  27. yay i hope they will only cheer for wonder girls!!! I want WG’s to perform a medley too! with irony and eebabo!! why does SNSD gets to perform 3 songs while WG’s will only perform this shit of kissing you?! this song and the choregraphy with the lolipops sucks!!!

  28. It’s 2:20AM for us Californians’

    Also, is it KBS2 or just KBS?

    Also, is there a way to increase the quality?

  29. You guys, of course Wonder Girls are going to perform ‘So Hot’. That’s the song they’re currently promoting and they’re up for the #1 Music Bank award too. The above list is just telling you about the SPECIAL STAGES.

  30. You know, it would have been nice to see SNSD perform Irony or So Hot on their own in exchange for the Wonder Girls having a go at Kissing You. They’ve had far more time to prepare, too, having just returned from a summer break.

  31. uh, why snsd got tooooooo much songs to sing.. hehehe…
    *lol – joke*

    😦 i can’t watch this…
    i’ll be away tomorrow for my college entrace…

    btw, WG is the bestest ever!!!

    *sulkin under my blanket*

  32. I live in Texas also, so which website would stream the show to me the best?

    I don’t know which one to use, they’re like in korean and stuff.
    but I’m excited :]

  33. I think SNSD does 2 things.
    The Tell Me and then their medley.
    But hey coolsmurf?
    I DLed the tvants thing and tried it out now just to make sure for later.
    and how long does it take to buffer a channel..?
    I searched KBS and clickd the KBS tv live or something.
    and it just says please wait while buffering but it’s been buffering for a long time..
    Did I do someting wrong?

  34. Actually, the both perf Tell Me and then they both perf one different thing. WG does Kissing You and SNSD does that Medley bla. So it’s equal.
    Anyway, anticipating the Tell Me and happy for Sunmi because she’ll meet Taeyeon unnie. Taemi love? 😀

  35. I’m with Kristina.
    SNSD gets to perform 3 songs while WG’s is only 1.
    I’m guessing “Tell Me” will be both groups
    but then “Kissing You” will only be WG’s, is that right?

    either way I’ll watch this only if I happen to come across it on YT…I thought they’ll do “So Hot”
    but figures SNSD can’t be sexy..they are too cutesy & annoying to pull off the cute & sexy thing that WG’s have.

  36. i dont like this.
    why snsd is performing 3 song and wg only 1????
    are they also performning so hot???

    Yayy thanks for the update!
    And the DL to watch it live!
    I live in Texas so it’ll be at 4:20 in the morning but I’m totally willing to stay up for the Wonder Girls!
    Whooo I’m excited!

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