About the Ghost Rapper during Yoo Bin’s Lip-syncing

The Wonder Girls appeared on Go News live chatting program on 25th June where someone wrote on the screen about ghosts and their responses.

You can view the video here.

Currently, Yoo Bin is the only rapper in Wonder Girls. But because of her voicebox problem, she is lip-syncing now during performances. But during a recent performance on Inkigayo (22nd June), they heard some raps during Yoo Bin’s part and they replayed the video 20 – 30 times just to make sure. Ye Eun said, “To make sure, we compared every member’s lips with the voice.

Ye Eun added, “It cannot be any other member’s voice. All the other members were distant from the mic, none of the member’s lips were in sync with the voice. But we heard someone rapping along from the beginning to the end. We could not think that it was Yoo Bin’s voice by any means.”

Sun Ye said, “If we had heard the sound of the wind flappng, we would have thought that it was her. But it was definitely a high-pitched voice. What’s even more strange is that the voice was out of breath.”

Yoo Bin said, “I didn’t make any voice then, for I was worried about unexpected results for my throat. When monitoring, I double check if I rapped accidentally, but I couldn’t find any trace of this happening.”

There’s still no confirmation on when Yoo Bin will start rapping again. And so the truth is out there and remains unresolved…

credit: lazenca0


42 thoughts on “About the Ghost Rapper during Yoo Bin’s Lip-syncing

  1. i dont think that was the ghost i think that someone leave the mic. on and didnt nottic and was singing along… im not scard and i belive in god….

  2. i’m sad.. i hoped it was her..but this ghost thing is getting out of hand…loool… 2nd time it has happened.. TURN OFF HER MIC then… i hope shes doing better though.. this is getting worrisome…

  3. wow…it’s weird how YooBin doesn’t remember rapping.
    but if they didn’t want her to strain her voice, why didn’t they just turn off her mic?

  4. For your folks’ information, this might have a little to do with a very common superstition in Korean music industry. They have long believed witnessing a ghost while recording or performing guarantees the song’ big hit. So I think they wanted to believe it was a ghost. But who knows if it was really a ghost of someone who was very into music when alive? I don’t think Wondergirls really needed to rely on such a superstion though. They are already good enough anyways

  5. i couldnt hear it
    for like the longest time
    but after a few more times
    i think i hear it
    does the ghost go
    “one” in the the rap a little later than yoobin?

  6. my brother analyse the audio(from a HQ video) of their perf and we could clearly hear the ‘rap voice’ and if you watch the perf carefully you could see that even ye eun was surprised when the ‘voice’ come out during their perf(she kinda like pausing her dance and look confused before continuing with their dance routine)….Even if yoobin rap accidently that is definitely not her voice cuz her voice are deep and the ‘voice’ rapping along was sumhow high pitch like 12 years old girl trying to rap thingy…..Thus it still remain as a mystery…

  7. lol this sounds really stupid to me. OF COURSE it was yoobin. she was mouthing along to the song. that does happen when one is lypsynching, she could have made a sound and not realize it since she was dancing too. makes perfect sense that the ‘ghost voice’ is out of breath dont you think.

  8. and all this time , i thought it was her .
    now i see that even ghost cant get enuff of yoobin

  9. I heard that voice when I first watched their performance, and I thought it was a ghost, too, but no one else mentioned it in the comments. I’m glad others heard it, too. I watched the performance through coolsmurf’s Youtube in the middle of the night, so it was extra scary for me. I thought I was just hearing things.

  10. it kinda scary!!I even have a goosebump after reading this.. but it could be anybody..maybe it just a friendly ghost who is big fan of soobin and dream to be singing on stage with her!!!well my prediction is maybe someone in the audience was bringing a microphone and just singing along(i know it kinda stupid..lol) or it could be someone who had nothing to do and create this thing just to scare the girls and fans..i don’t really know..it just said whatever pop up in my head right now..hehhee

  11. Weird..
    I hope that it’s just a small unexplained sign that Yoobin can rap again soon..
    LOL Sunmi is so silly in the video.. hahahaha I love her!
    Thanks coolsmurf!!
    Will there perhaps be a video on youtube of the show with subtitles?

  12. I’ve been wondering if she had gotten better because I also heard “rapping” during her live parts. Kind of freaky… Maybe the sound waves of her recorded rap were being echoed through a mic?

  13. man thats some scary stuff….but yea that was a little bit too high but it sounded like her….but its just like what she said on so hot “Everybody’s Wanting me cause i’m hot hot” but instead of Everybody is Ghost lol (yea i know that was lame no need of telling me that :D) but yea i hope she gets better too

    WAS I DREAMING!!!!???


  15. It’s HyunA! 🙂

    I’d said before that I thought it was an open mic because of the clunk sounds here and there.

  16. hehe.. now ghost is really interested in Wonder Girls.. *lol* ..
    might be no.1 ghost fan.. hihihi..

    when will yoobin rap live?
    i can’t hold this anymore… hehe

  17. I don’t think it was a ghost. I agree with Kristie and Pim, because you can hear like some tapping noises near the end or the performance.

    ++ and I don’t think it was YuBin herself, because her voice isn’t that high pitched

  18. O.o; lol maybe she was rapping too loudly herself and we all know her throat is not well so I can understand the high pitch and out of breath comment, she may have been just rapping too loudly over the track that’s all. Or it’s a ghostttttttttt!!!!!!!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhh lol ^^

  19. It might be someone backstage who has a microphone on and was singing Yubin’s rap lol

    But Yubin rap a bit in the So Hot Remix “Oh NO please leave me alone” and “STOP” LOL her mic is on while lipsync haha

  20. Oh my that’s scary!!! o.0 >.< I hope that’s nothing serious though just coincidence…
    Get well soon Yoobin!

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