Wonder Girls So Hot @ Star Golden Bell 080607

HQ quality clip of the Wonder Girls “So Hot” performance upon MC Kim Jae Dong request. What makes it special is that they are in school uniforms.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Credit: WG-China
Encode TS to AVI + ReUp -> DiY_MaN


14 thoughts on “Wonder Girls So Hot @ Star Golden Bell 080607

  1. @ Qui and @ab

    I ‘m encode TS to AVI and i check
    many time and many computer.
    This Clip is ok play normal.

    May be u will change new codec ,
    update codec or change software player
    on u computer.

    Sorry For trouble. ^_^

  2. this video i download is very good..but the only problem is that the video is really slow…and the sound is in normal speed..so when the sound is over..the video is keep going..><

  3. ^ of course, everything gets on youtube quick, but this is HQ!!! and HQ is just so much more awesome. thanks for the HQ version!

  4. this is available on youtube already, listen to sun mi’s evil laugh at the beginning of the dance so random.

  5. Oh thank you!
    Er my sound was waaay faster than the video itself.
    Was that my bad or the video..?

  6. I think they recorded this before she decided to get
    her hair chopped off since it was uncomfortable
    during performances.

  7. thank you!!!!!!!!
    but now i’m confused… has sun-ye been wearing a wig? i thought she got a hair cut. pff……

  8. @ ab,
    U dl 4 part finish.
    u click right which one and select extract.
    Winrar will join 4 part to Avi files and u can
    watch on many player [such as window media,

    PS: if u don.’t have winrar software u can’t
    extract files but u try by winzip [I’m not
    sure] but I think winzip new version can
    do it same winrar.^_^

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