Wonder Girls on Hong Jin Kyung’s Entertainment Open Space Radio (3P) 080627

Wonder Girls on KBS Cool FM “Hong Jin Kyung’s Entertainment Open Space”. So Hee wasn’t present for this radio program due to school exams.

Two more pictures with another staff, I presume.

credit: wonderholic


14 thoughts on “Wonder Girls on Hong Jin Kyung’s Entertainment Open Space Radio (3P) 080627

  1. so pretty and cute… the cookie or cake looks really good… too bad sohee isn’t there, never mind education comes first!

  2. I love Ye Eun’s Harvard shirt! XD

    Future foreign transfer student at Harvard maybe? I’d love that. *o*

  3. Awesome cookies! Those fans sure put a lot of time into baking them so they’re perfectly shaped. Backing letter cookies are always so difficult. xD

  4. why sunmi not going to school??
    always sohee not there if WG have interviews on radio…
    in the morning…

    is sunmi going to school in afternoon??

  5. rofl sohee had SCHOOL? what about sunmi? dont they go to the same school? o.O; Im actually shocked sohee can still attend normal school, but with how serious people in Korea take school and such I doubt the kids annoy her all day. ^^

  6. aww those banners are very cute… “Saeng Hil ChukHayo!!” (spl??lol)… look at yoobin..can’t stay away from sun mi hein?? lol.. and 2YE!!!

  7. Aww their banners say “Happy Birthday Sohee”!
    Those and the awesome cookies must’ve been from the fans right?

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