Ye Eun’s performance becomes Daum No.1 Search term

Ye Eun’s performance with One Two for their “Bad Girl” song at KBS “Music Bank” yesterday has seen her become the No.1 search term on Daum immediately. Many have become interested following that performance.

The performance by Ye Eun was on the whole decent but she could improve in some areas. If you contrast that with the experienced Seo In Young who did a live with One Two on Inkigayo a week earlier, you would have find that In Young was able to control her voice with ease. But Ye Eun doesn’t seem to have that control. But that will come with practice and she has the potential.

But I have to admit Ye Eun sounded really great and I am liking the song now.

credit: WG-CN for the Daum picture


18 thoughts on “Ye Eun’s performance becomes Daum No.1 Search term

  1. hi i’m from the philippines….

    ye eun is my favorite in the group and i really loved her performance here…some may not like it but her singing style in this performance for me is great…i’m really thankful for this site because here in the philippines…only few knew about wonder girls…

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  3. I agree wholly with those who said Ye Eun’s performance was more than “decent”. I feel it’s due to her lack of popularity that influences some people’s opinions on her so she may be judged a little more harshly, even though on something like this where she obviously hits the notes(difficult as they are, bu t she manages to do a damn good job of singing it and changing octaves with good control). Seo In Young and Ye Eun have different vocal capabilities and voices, so I think it’s not fair to compare her with Seo In Young because they both make the song their own.

    But anyway if we want to get technical and judge her, I think the only people who can actually do that are those who have had vocal lessons and/or have the knowledge of music keys and vocal techniques.

    IMO, Sun Ye and Ye Eun have equal strengths and weaknesses. Sun Ye has had more training but I think her range isn’t as great as Ye Eun. But they’re both darn good.

  4. i thought ye eun did lovely with the song. her voice was smooth and bery sultry. i loved every second!

  5. At first, I read your commentary on the performance before I watched the performance itself. I kept waiting and watching for the supposed “decent” performance and the lack of control on her vocals and surprisingly….I never found it.

    Ye Eun is an absolutely AMAZING (or as Koreans would say: Amajing) singer. She’s right up there with Sun Ye in terms of her ability to skate across octaves at the drop of a dime and do it so smoothly that it appears effortless.

    I thought this was a great performance. Going from high to low notes like that, is much more difficult than you think. I guess most people thought this was her “lack of control” during this performance? It sounded awesome to me.

    She hit a lot of sweet notes throughout this performance and sang for the most part in a higher range than we normally hear her sing, but it was extremely smooth and pleasant to listen to. I wish her schedule wasn’t so packed and she would sing this collaboration more often. I like Seo In Young, but this performance was much better than hers, in my opinion.

    She still has a ways to go to perfect her singing ability, however that said, she’s quite talented where she is now, and improving on what is already good will give us something fantastic.

    Fighting Ye Eun!

  6. FOR ME Ye Eun IS THE SECOND BEST SINGER FROM WG right after Sun Ye !
    and I love her because she can really do an amazing job…

    After that I sing that she just have to get more confidence on stage ! that’s all from there…
    Sun Ye and Yoo Bin are the best for me on stage because they got confidence and ATTITUDE !!!

    to conclude I’ll say that Ye Eun will be stong vocally being more confident in her skills.

  7. ye eun so proud of her she did really good in that performance hope to see more of her singing that song and now that i heard ye eun sing that song im loving the song already.

  8. i have no idea what you’re talking about O_O
    it just seems that to me…you always have problem with yeh eun
    and her live especially solo. i thought that she sounded perfectly fine…
    and even if you compared her to seo in young, she actually sounded
    better at some points even though yes, i do think that seo in young
    is and should be a better singer but her voice/neck condition wasn’t
    the best when she sang live last week. despite the fact that this song
    isn’t yeh eun’s song and she learned it by singing like it’s her own song
    and also she made harmony towards the beginning when seo in young
    didn’t which sounded quite pleasent. i felt that yeh eun had grasp and
    had more smoother side when she sang the song while seo in young
    had the huskie and crisp. i personally really like both of their voices so…
    both their voices fit nicely as well even thought they’re a lot different though.
    it’s just that yeh eun tries to use her powerful voice when she was trying
    to sing the high notes when seo in young uses her neck voice in high notes.
    i guess it’s just your opinion but i just wanted to get my thoughts out there.

    i have got to say…they need to pay way more attention on yeh eun’s outfit…she didn’t even get her own for the trio performance…she’s still staying strong as #2 on daum search while “wonder girls award performance” is on #1

  9. i think she waas betttttttteeeerrrrr than seo in young
    i just saw siy’s and ye eun hit the notes better

  10. really?
    i gotta watch the seo in young one again i guess.. because I thought she lacked when i first heard.. and i’m a fan of seo in young’s voice.. i think her voice is very soulful, but she didn’t bring it last week..

    true Ye Eun could improve..but she did AWESOME!! there were 1 or 2 rough patches, but on the hole the performance was great…
    she needs to control that soulful voice of hers, but I reall y think she did great.. call me biased but I liked her perf more than Seo In young..

  11. Her voice is very sweet and soulful which I love about her, but the thing is, during this performance she kind of wavered her voice. It would be really high at one point and then really low at another. She did lack control but she did really well overall. I’m just glad she didn’t crack. 🙂 I already know her potential of singing well. (1000 song)

  12. i think she’s doin a pretty good job…esp for a girl who has another hit song and also going to school ~~

    plus i have to say i like her voice compared to suh in youngs

  13. obviously.. coz seo in young is more experienced than her.. and i think ye eun did good.. not the best.. but i bet she could improve more…………

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