Wonder Girls Newsis Interview Photoshoot (8P) 080625

Finally something that’s not just indoors! Wonder Girls photoshoot for Newsis taken on 25th June with three group and 5 single shot photos.

credit: as tagged


24 thoughts on “Wonder Girls Newsis Interview Photoshoot (8P) 080625

  1. yoo bin, sun mi, ye eun look so good in thees there so so so hot hot. lol… yeah im a fan too. SUN MI !!!!!!!!!

  2. No Comment! i Just Love SUN MI! hehe Sooo Cute! Kawaii!! i hope they make a concert tour here in the phil. many filipinos here love koreans haha especially me! SUN MI!

  3. Yoobins skin is just naturally darker, many Koreans have this darker tan looking skin naturally but alot of them use products to make it whiter. My skin is naturally more tan but I used papaya soap to lighten it more. Yoobins skin color suits her better than my tan skin did though. ^^ I didnt even look Korean haha

  4. wow nice photoshoot, only if they tweak the light more
    but its cool anyway than boring plain bg

  5. AH! Wondergirls… they’re the bestttt 🙂
    They look so good in this photoshoot!

    And doesn’t YooBin have a darker skin because she comes from a different prefecture than the other 4 WG’s?
    Something like that…

  6. I wish I were that bear with YooBin >.>

    But Sun Ye, Sun Mi, So Hee and YooBin look amazing. I still don’t like the way they kept Ye Eun’s fringe at the top of her head. It looks like two eggs >.>

  7. yoobins skin is beautiful, she’s not too tanned, she looks perfect to me. ^^ but I hate that coral lipstick they put on her and sunye sometimes haha

  8. I feel like SunYe and Sohee’s settings don’t match their outfits in their solo shots. Also, Sunye’s looks forced or awkward. =(

  9. why is sohee wearing a britney spears shirt?

    i ❤ britney…hehehhe

    wow… binnie look GORGEOUS……..

  10. I’m really worried right now.. KARA is having their comeback soon… i ‘m worried that they are going to steal the WG attention… I hope everyone continues supporting WG… first snsd now Kara.. WG is the best girlgroup ever!!!! WG FIGHTING!!! I don’t want WG to disappear… they are my idols… and if they get unpopular i’d be really upset…

  11. =) lovely
    Yoobin a bit too tanned…
    but still lovely..
    dnt really likeher with too much makeup..
    sunye looking great

  12. OMG finally really good looking pictures of wonder girls with new style~
    and I love So Hee’s and YooBin’s so much! X3
    and Sun Ye too~
    wow I have a new great YooBin pic for my MySpace background LOL (haha) :DDDD

  13. omo their solo shots they all look so pretty!
    i like all of their clothes well except for sunye’s pants she looks prettier without those ugly pants.
    these days i always see YeHee pics i really liked it.

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