Wonder Girls bags No.1 on Music Bank for the 4th consecutive week

Hats off to the Wonder Girls as they bagged No.1 again on the K-Chart for the 4th week in a row. They got an amazing 10,135 points compared to 5000+ points for Tae Yang and SG Wannabe who were their competitors this week. If I didn’t hear wrongly, Yoo Bin didn’t rap live today. Another credible performance.

Ye Eun did her feature performance for One Two’s “Bad Girl” performance and she did a credible job with the wide ranging lines from low to high pitches. Hope she will consider more feature performances because she definitely has the vocals. Sun Ye didn’t perform with Mighty Mouth for their “Energy” song.

Wonder Girls ballad song, “This Time” also ranked on the K-Charts at No.5.

Meanwhile according to Kris, it was also announced on “Music Bank” that Wonder Girls will have a special stage with So Nyeo Shi Dae next week which will certainly be really interesting. 5 + 9 = 14 girls on stage!


39 thoughts on “Wonder Girls bags No.1 on Music Bank for the 4th consecutive week

  1. Anyone know a Cute pic or image of SUN MI? shes cute i really like her i cant seem to find a pic images of sun mi in the web! arrgghh! shes sooo cute! kawaiii! pls anyone?! SUN MI! wow!

  2. THEY ARE SO GOOD! AND COOL! snsd… wow. i hope it’s not kissing you(but it’s really a nice song) but, it’s too cute for wg:)) but, it would be WOAH! if the 14 girls would sing SO HOT! that would be… kinda… unusual. lol. joke. umm… still thinking what song they would sing… WG FIGHTING!! ♥♥

  3. Hopefully, it’s not “Kissing You” b/c I can’t imagine WG waving lollipops – -” But if they do, their hotness probably melt down those lolli lol XD

  4. UGH, God why do they have to perform with SNSD?

    Seems like SNSD is trying to ride WG’s coat tails on the positive train right now. Pathetic. I hope they cheer WONDER GIRLS only. =)

  5. LMFAO… if they sing so hot with 14 girls… tatd be probably the funniest thing we’ll probably see.

    Every girl gets what? 3 words ?! lmfao!!!

  6. Cutegiurl, TaeYang & Wonder Girls? It’ll be “TOO HOT” to handle lol >..< Imagine those five guys singing “Noona you’re so pretty” to WG and WG singing “So Hot” and acting all pretty. OOhhh la la.


    *Poor Wonder Girls was startled by those air effect thing when the MCs annouced the result lol.

  7. congrats to WG’s!!! but nobody is going to upload the video of wg winning n° 1 ? I really want to see their faces when they saw 10000+ points, please ^^

  8. @cutegiurl

    after “…ahn so hee so hot kim yoo bin so hot” wonderfuls added happy birthday ahn so hee !

    so cute! i’m really thankful toward them!
    WG & wonderfuls<3

  9. congrats to WG!!!! WOW!!! 10,000+ O_O wicked!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s awesome! and This Time ranked 5 too! wahhH! even though they performed in n Music Bank for just like once? haha! WG are so great! congrats!!!!

    can someone say to me the translation of their cheer???the one on 00:24 s ? coz i think it’s new? Wonderful added it….i cant hear it clearly…is it a Pre congratulatory cheer?haha so nice of them hehe

    i must say Ye eun’s perf is really awesome! even though at the last part she needs to be in control…anyways she did a Great jb! i really love her voice! this is the reason why i love her more & More! ahhh so pretty & talented!

    im kinda excited with the special stage yet not….haha…coz they are like not that active anymore so what will they sing together for the SNSD song? will it be another artist’s song? or SNSD? but they dont have any new songs right now????hmmm….

    yeah i would want Wonder Bang t do another special stage! haha! well i would die t see WG & tae Yang both sang to SO Hot & Naman Barabwa! waaa! that would be to die for! imagine every member replace those girls while dancing with Tae Yang! ahhhhH!!!!! it will be ooh sooo hot hot!

  10. Wow, 10,000+ points? Has that happened before? Such an amazing group of girls.
    I can’t wait to see them with SNSD!!


  12. Wow! Ah special stage with SNSD? I’d like to see SNSD in leopard print and doing the v-line dance then lining up all together with the Wonder Girls in one big line and doing that shaking butt thing! HAHAHAHA! That’d be a super long line! It’d work for M-net Countdown though since their stage is freakin’ HUGE.

    But what’d be more hilarious is if Big Bang comes and does the “So Hot” dance. WONDERBANG FOREVER!

  13. Yeah the special stage with SNSD is weird ! I mean SNSD have no new songs right now…

    HUR I want WONDER BANG !!!!

    Btw Taeyang is cute in the pic u posted hehe

  14. congrats to WG!!

    a special stage with snsd! omg it would be really……………….weird!!
    snsd singing “i’m so hot”…..aah no no no please don’t!!!! i’m sorry but with snsd it doesn’t work ! wg are hot but snsd just suck!

  15. YAY CONGRATS TO WONDER GIRLS! HEHE. Yoobin should start singing live now. I miss her rapping live, hehe.
    and Ye Eun was awesome! I love her voice! Go Park Oppa!!! ^^ hehe.

    wow really SNSD and WG special stage! ooh that would be awesome! I love both groups a lot, hehe.

  16. congrats congrats congrats!!
    that was so awesome!!

    special stage with snsd?
    is snsd has a new song to be sing?.. haha..
    WG should do special stage with someone else.. hehe

    well, at least sunMi can collabs with taeYeon..huhu

    my eyes only for Wonder Girls!!
    *sweet* hohoho….

    yooBin still lipsyncd?
    emmm… i wanna see her doin her rap live
    coz she was so good at it.. hehe…

    yoobin yoobin yoobin yoobin….

  17. i am so not excited about that special stage.. Wg doesnt really fit SNSD.. PLEASE WONDERBANG…

  18. congratzz to wonder girls!! they are the best!!

    a special stage with snsd??!! i’m not excited at all about that!

    snsd aren’t popular anymore and that’s why they are going to do this special stage !! but wg don’t have any interest to do it!!!!

    anyway it proves that our girls are really nice!!
    wondergirls forever!!!

  19. first of all congrats to wonder girls for being #1 for th 4th consecutive week big thanks to all the wonderfuls that voted.

    second wonder girls and snsd? to be honest im not that excited coz for sure people specially the media would start comparing them again id rather see wonder girls collaborate with other group maybe shinee or super junior happy or big bang(wonderbang)

    last but definitely not the least my fave ye eun’s performance im so happy for her finally she got to show her excellent vocals.


  20. OMG our girls are SO FRIGGIN AWESOME!!! 😀

    and ARE YOU SERIOUS??!?!? a collab with SNSD!?!?!? it’s my dream come true~~~~

    thanks for the info!!!


    Wonder girls and snsd?? I’m not excited about that…
    media and everybody else has been trying to use WG to recover snsd’s lost rep.. so i’m effy about this.. but hey, if it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster I’m all for it..

  22. wow! congrats to Wonder Girls first of all!

    but in Ye Eun’s performance, even though she did well, she needed to sing a bit louder. but that was great!

    I can’t wait for next week’s performance with SNSD! ^_^

  23. wat?…
    that should be a record hehe…
    and WG with SNSD?..
    looking forward to it

  24. Ye Eun sang ‘bad girl’ beautifully. I remember she said to JYP in her audition that she dreamed to be the singer that touches pp. Congrat! she became what she’s dreamed of.

    Ye Eun will always be my fav.

    Go Go WG, fighting!!!

  25. Yay! number 1 again! wow, they won by a landslide!

    and omg a special stage!?

    i cant wait! i love the two groups!
    i hope that they will do another WONDERBANG special stage again!!!

  26. 10,000+ points?!?!

    wow…..I’ve never ever seen it get that high on Music Bank. That’s amazing. How could Sun Ye didn’t perform Energy though? Was she listed on the program?

    Thanks for Ye Eun’s upload!

  27. OMG can’t wait to see the one two perf! yeeun’s outfit is very nice ^^
    bet they still let sunye wear those high waist trousers. when is she gonna start wearing the skirt and skinny jeans like in the so hot scans/pic release?

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