Wonder Girls falls again to Tae Yang in M! Countdown 080626

Another round with Tae Yang over the #1 spot for the second week running on today’s M! Countdown, but the Wonder Girls came out short and lost again. No luck on cable channels? Another decent performance again from the girls and I thought I heard Yoo Bin singing and not lip-sync to the pre-recorded part! Many Wonderfuls also confirmed that in Soompi.

She is given the OK now to rap? Or testing the waters?

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28 thoughts on “Wonder Girls falls again to Tae Yang in M! Countdown 080626

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  2. rofl sohee has a hugeeeee cutie cupcake smile on her face in the third pic, it just made me laugh XD lol I dont see her smile like that more often, she’s adorable haha^^

  3. ouh, they become no. 2 once again…
    well, at least, they’re in top 3…
    huhu… i’ll pray for ur no.1!!

    let’s rap out the world!!!

    WG’s love is in the AIR!!!!

  4. though i’m not a big fan of this song….personally, i think this is yoobin’s best rap in a WG song…..well, for me it is becuz it’s nicely paced and well executed…hopefully this means more lives from her w/o the background rap.

  5. i been waiting for this for long..
    orh lose to tae yang again??
    never mind
    girls..jia you fighting…
    cheers up..
    yoobin sang live
    i miss her so much

  6. uh they lost again but thats ok thats life sometimes you have to lose to but in the end wonder girls will come out victorious and yoobin is doing live now? waaaaa im so happy and im sure the girls and the Wonderfuls are super happy too.

  7. even though they didn’t win, im so proud of them =) they improved a lot since their debut performance. they’ve achieved a lot within a couple of weeks.

    wg fighting ^^

  8. so someone said explain why they didn’t win MCountdown.?
    let me try. ^^

    few months ago, news broke out that MNet and YG ent are official business partners. so, let’s think. hmm. Tae Yang is under YG ent, and YG ent is with MNet, and MNet controls MCountdown, and Tae Yang wins MCountdown. hmmm. let’s just be suspicious.

    BUT i like Tae Yang winning because those abs need to be honored! whew. its good enough for ahhh. so yummy. ^^ Go Tae Yang! but Go WG more! ^^


  9. YAY YOOBIN! Yoobin’s back in FULL FORCE! Ohhhh man. TaeYang better get ready because the Wonder Girls is getting everything together now with Yoobin’s rap, so I hope WG wins next time!!

  10. great job for the rapping yoo bin!!!
    great job for the quickness of getting into dancing position sun mie and ye eun!!!
    great job so hee for trying your best to sing!!!
    great job sun ye for the high spirit you have for the perofmances!!
    wonder girls fighting!~

  11. yay!! yoo bin sang live!! ^^
    so how many weeks has it been?? —> 4 weeks
    but the doctors told her to rest her voice for 2 months which is —> 8 weeks. hope yoo bin gets better! she was awesome on stage. and she never gave up!! wonder girls fighting!~

  12. I don’t understand how come they r first on some shows and in others they aren’t??!? Can someone explain

  13. so yoo bin is singing live again?
    yay!! cool!! i’ve been waitng hekka long for this ^^
    good luck to her!! and hopefully her voice fully recovered adn she’s not doing just because she’s forced to. the song sounds even better when she’s rapping live.

  14. could someone please tell me when the Music Bank performances of today (WG+ Energy + Ye Hun) will leak on internet… did it air already?

  15. its ok… WG no matter what happens.. I’ll always support you guys… although you were no.2, to me you guys are always no. 1!!! keep on practicing your vocals, I know you can do it!!! make the wonderfuls proud!!! WG FIGHTING!!!

  16. yup, thy No.2 ._.
    but but but but REALLY YOOBIN SING LIVE????????????????
    its 4weeks+ already? think she is OK =D

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