Park Jin Young puts down Rain over Wonder Girls? Nah

This was the general impression after reading excerpts from Park Jin Young’s interview in the recent issue of GQ Magazine in Korea.

Park Jin Young mentioned in his interview

1/3 of Wonder Girls albums and digital music income is already half of Rain’s albums and digital music income. Wonder Girls has low promotion costs but its album and digital music profits are relatively high. Rain has high promotion costs but he doesn’t have a hit song and is just relying on high profits from commercial endorsements.

And needless to say, his comments has ruffled the feathers of Rain’s fans, “What a terrible birthday gift”, where Rain was celebrating his 27th birthday yesterday. For Rain’s fans, it was “disappointing” to read such a statement from Park Jin Young, who handled Rain’s career while he was still in JYP Entertainment. Fans also added that for Park Jin Young to say that Rain has “no hit song” was a slap on his face because Park did most of Rain’s songs.

This has lead to speculation that their relations are indeed on “rocky waters” although a statement from JYP Entertainment denied the allegations.

Wonder Girls concept was geared towards all age groups with their hit songs like “Tell Me”. But for Rain, he was trying to set a trend which only appealed to specific age groups and so it didn’t have the “popular songs” phenomemon like what Park Jin Young said.

Generally, music sales volume for Rain is on the low-scale since he has other areas like CFs, movies to fall upon while for the Wonder Girls, they generally bring in the money through their album sales.

There you have it, both sides of the story.

credit: krnloop, kris


15 thoughts on “Park Jin Young puts down Rain over Wonder Girls? Nah

  1. what jyp said was basically true… without him, there wouldnt be rain. without jyp, rain would still be a backup dancer.

    maybe it will has an effect on both the WG / rain fans, but he has every right to say it. especially when you run out on your trainer / producer / w.e else.

  2. yep, agree with Jaime & what JYP has all the rights to say it…
    my sis loves Rain so much, i just keep wondering was his song that good? besides his series and modeling thing…

    i think JYP did love Rain and put so much of himself with Rain, and i can tell how much he’ll be disappointed when Rain left, more hurt with more trusted..

    and WG will have to try not to be like Rain, so WG might have to keep that in mind and have a little pressure with this issue(if they want to quit)

    from here i can tell that JYP won’t waste HyunA for sure, i think JYP likes HyunA a lot since she’s good dancer…^__^

  3. =)
    i Never really like him and JYP
    until Wonder Girls came in,
    i began to take look at JYP

    Rain? he dont really have any songs that made him famous??
    Except It’s Raining??
    only 1 song???
    He cant stay top forever, he is destined to come down
    His Debut Hollywood movie Speed racer is a tragic ending.
    low and poor sales = his album sales
    he is just another star from korea, protrayed to the world.
    he is nothing big in korea in terms of abum sales
    Mr JYP is angry with him, i think he have a good reason.
    after JYP promoted him to superstar status,
    he just left him???
    took my money and my training, then run away when you successful???

    not a good image from what i see.
    sorry guys .

  4. @jaime

    “based on his investment money, JYP had trusted Rain more than WG.”

    Wow. I didn’t even think of that, but now, that you’ve said it, I whole-heartedly agree. I think JYP has all the right to say what he said, which is nothing but the truth. JYP invested a whole lot of moolah on Rain, and Rain just ends up leaving him.

    You make a good point about Rain is commercial like Hyori. Both Rain and Hyori are just really good eye candies. They can just stand there, and they can make money. I’m not saying they don’t work hard, don’t get me wrong, but they rely on looking good, as in cfs and whatnot, rather than promoting their vocal talents with their songs and whatnot.

    In my opinion, it’s completely right for JYP to say it, but I think it puts Wonder Girls in a position. I’m actually afraid that the Clouds might take this in the wrong view and go after the Wonder Girls.

  5. What he said was true…..but I don’t know whether it’s smart to say it. Of course Rain’s promo cost will be higher, since he’s Rain. He barely spends any time on singing or promoting his album…he’s commercial, and that’s where he gets his money, like Hyori basically.

  6. It’s true. Revenue from Rain’s album sales were, basically, a rounding error compared to what he got in CFs, product endorsements and actors’ fees.

    With the Wonder Girls, on the other hand, about half of their revenue comes from digital downloads, CD and ringtone sales. JYP mentions in the interview that Tell Me was the chart-topper on for more than 8 weeks, and that So Hot is still #1 for its 5th week running now.

    They also use television and radio much more effectively for low-cost promotion than Rain did. In terms of total airtime, they’re even outpacing Super Junior and SNSD, which is no mean feat given how much clout SM Entertainment has with TV and radio producers across the country.

  7. uhh. well what he said is right. truth hurts right?
    he did invest alot in Rain, alot. then, Rain just left..

    — WG started at the bottom too, so he is right when he said that thier promotion costs was low. coz he if put more money out for WG, Irony would have been more popular.

    based on his investment money, JYP had trusted Rain more than WG.

  8. if he has an issue with Rain he should resolve it behind quarters.. what he said wasn’t wrong, but you can’t just say something like that… i feel sorry for the clouds, they must be very sad… but I just hope they don’t go all crazy fan girl on the WG… I hate this.. because they will have to answer questions about this issue, over and over again.. I love JYP but he dropped the ball this time…putting our girls in such a delicate position…

    I thought Rain and him were on good terms?? wasn’t he there when the girls recorded So Hot?? (watch Star show…)

  9. I thought JYP fired Rain :/
    whatever I think the truth is Wonder Girls have BIG BIG famous catchy Hit songs !
    Rain have alot really good songs but I bet he was never soo long on top of charts with one song ~
    I like both very much Wonder Girls and Rain ~
    and of course JYP was mean but its kinda true what he say ~
    but he really made fu of hisself to say Rain’s songs wasnt hits cause JYP made them but whatever ~Rain is famous and I think no one can bring him down with words only :d

  10. hey watd u expect, i mean, if someone runs away from ur company after taking ur money and ur training, would you still be nice to them?

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