Wonder Girls MNet M! CountDown Photos (40P) 080619

Always one week late, but better than never! MNet.com official HQ pictures of the Wonder Girls performance on M! Countdown a week earlier, performing “So Hot” and JYP Club remix of “Tell Me”. No Yoo Bin single shots though!

The following are just a sample from the entire collection.

Download (UU) | password: mnet


12 thoughts on “Wonder Girls MNet M! CountDown Photos (40P) 080619

  1. =)
    soo hee is part of wonder girls.
    her cute cute behaviour contributed to wonder girls success..
    i think we should support her.since we are in favour of wonder girls going on and on.

    support wonder girls 5 pieces.
    yoobin sun ye sun mi ye eun soo hee

  2. @TSI
    just like you don’t like so hee and have a preference for the others you can understand that the cameraman(who is an human like you) can have a preference for so hee but that’s not always like that sometimes there are more pictures of sun mi, sometimes of yoo bin …

    today it was so hee and sun mi pictures but next time it will be another member don’t worry!

    ok you don’t like so hee but can you understand that some people love her and that it would be a real injustice if just because you don’t like her there were not any pictures of so hee anymore!
    btw: i don’t understand why you don’t like her but you’re not the only one who hate her you know she is far from being as popular as you think she is
    But she’s a member of WG and she will always be so you should become used to it and give her more support!

  3. @chohee
    sry, but if theres many pictures of sohee and no pictures of another, there is clearly a preference. it doesnt matter if shes cute or not, but the camera leaving out some members is INJUSTICE!

    and in terms of cute? no, just no… ive never liked sohee and i never think i will, we’ll leave it at that, her talents are limited.

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  5. miso couple is really cute !

    @ TSi
    it’s not because you find so hee cute that you are a perverted pedophile, you know!

  6. hehhee…sohee has a britney spears shirt on…

    no yoobin pics?? =(

    when will she perform live??? has it been 4 weeks yet?? lol…im soo anxious to hear the LIVE RAP in SO HOT!!!

    yoobin fighting!!!!

  7. you know what kinda person the camera man is =P… a perverted pedophile thats interested in sohee.

  8. wow so many sohee pics, no solo shots of yoobin and so little solo shots of sun mi sunye & ye eun anyway thanks for sharing.

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