How Park Jin Young Composed Wonder Girls So Hot

A video of Park Jin Young doing the dance choreography for “Tell Me” was released last year. On 23rd June, JYP Entertainment released a video documenting how Park Jin Young composed Wonder Girls’ new song “So Hot.”

According to JYP Entertainment, the said 7-minute video is an insight on Park Jin Young as a composer. It also recommended that aspiring composers check out the video to get tips on music-making.

credit: krnloop


9 thoughts on “How Park Jin Young Composed Wonder Girls So Hot

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  2. damn, that was fast. i can’t even single out all the different sounds in the song… it just sounds good all together~ JYP is genius. its hard to get tired of his songs, especially So Hot and Tell me.

  3. why people keep saying that he’s ugly…

    i don’t think he’s ugly, he’s so ordinary just don’t have that so-called star look.

    but with all that talents he has, it just make people more special than the superfacials…

    don’t you think

  4. Wow. GENIUS.

    And this comes from a guy who majored in GEOLOGY. O.O

    He makes producing look so easy. Must be great to have such TALENT!!!! T.T


    JYP is PURE genius. Out of all of the BIG GUYS (YG, SM, JYP, etc.), I have most respect for JYP because he knows his stuff so well, and I feel that he is the most talented.

  5. This guy is pure talent.
    He can compose, dance, sing. On top of that he can promote other entertainers into stardom like Rain and WG.
    Most people in the industry can specialize in one field but JYP can do all and very good at it!

  6. he may be ass ugly but he sure is talented
    haha he made that look like a breeeeeeze! must be nice to have that talent! Im envious

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