Ye Eun, “Study and Entertainment – can’t miss any!”

Ye Eun is juggling hard between two lives, as a student and as a singer.

Majoring in postmodern studies at Kyunghee University as a freshman, she is taking her finals these days. Besides, she has got schedules related to their new song, ‘So Hot’, so it’s tough for her to get prepared for exams.

Yoo Bin stated, “She is suffering from finals and a lot of performance schedules. Through this and next week, she is forced to keep the routine of going to school for exams after rehearsals and coming back to broadcasting stations.”

translated by lazenca0.


14 thoughts on “Ye Eun, “Study and Entertainment – can’t miss any!”

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  2. She’s being a great role model to girls.
    She’s shows that it’s possible to achieve your dreams while getting a great education.
    I’m glad she finds education highly important.
    I wish her luck in her studies and singing career. =)

  3. poor ye eun. she still has to study so hard with a busy schedule. i hope she doesnt get strained and that she does great on her finals.

  4. ye eun unnie! good luck with your finals!!! and yeah i can’t imagine how she balances her school life & star life hehehe…hope that you wont get tired of it ^_^ i adore her for being smart, for having those powerful vocals and she’s pretty too! what do you expect she’s a Wonder Girl!

  5. I don’t know how this girl can do it !!!!!
    I can’t even imagine ………SMART GIRL!
    Hwaiting!!!!! Ye-eun
    I adore her !!

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