Wonder Girls on Kiss The Radio Program (4P) 080620

Pictures of the Wonder Girls appearing on “Kiss The Radio” program on 20th June hosted by Super Junior members, Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk.


20 thoughts on “Wonder Girls on Kiss The Radio Program (4P) 080620

  1. yeah eunhyuk and leeteuk look scared …it’s funny! maybe because of wg’s fanboys lol or because they think wg are too hot and they don’t want snsd to be jealous……ihih

  2. omggg
    i was watching videos and eunhyuk and leeteuk look sooo awkwardddddd
    but i love suju
    and wonder girls
    omg so cuteeeeeeee

    from all the radio pictures
    i learned wonder girls dress sooooooo well
    like i would neve have guessed
    snsd does not dress as sophisticated
    WG is very urban outfitters
    omg i love themm

  3. yeye<3 in the video there were also a lot of yemi and yebin 😀 eunhyuk looks so cute and so does ye eun! haha poor yoobin, everybody is keeping a distance from her lol

  4. what is up with leetuek in the pictures? he looks like his afraid to be near Yoobin & Eunhyuk looks kinda awkward. Like his uncomfortable.

    Yoobin is the well dressed one..

  5. ahh i love yoobin’s outfit~~
    haha… eeteuk and eunhyuk looks scared of the girls… it looks weird lol maube because of snsd…? maybe not…lol

  6. why does it feel that Leeteuk and Eunhyuk are afraid of the girls? lol
    Sohee expression on the second pic is so cute!
    wonder why they’re moving away from Yoobin?

  7. LOL I love how all the girls are shuffling away from Yoobin unni. Makes me wonder what she could’ve possibly said that made them give her such a reaction XD?

  8. Lol… yeah they both look really awkward. Leeteuk looks like he’s trying to be as far away from Yoobin as possible.. x_x

    But it’s still cute I guess!

  9. when i was watching the radio show, I found it kind of awkward that they were rarely interacting with the suju boys. Like when they were dancing to Look at me, the boys rarely looked at the girls or would just occasionally laugh. 😦 Other than that, they looked stunning and gorgeous!! Look at how cute they look!

  10. I think suju guys were so intimidated by our girls! eunhyuk look so cute next to sunmi and teukie is definetly afraid of yoobin sexyness to tempt him :p

  11. why is leeteuk so far from yoobin? hahaha! can’t handle the smexiness?! XD eunhyuk also looks awkward besides sunmi.

    speaking of sunmi, look at her in the 3rd picture! XD kyeoptaaaaa. she’s like, “uh, i don’t know you guys.” XD

    yoobin looks flippin’ gorgeous! how can she be so pretty!! i think she’s the most well-dressed here.

  12. i think leeteuk is scared to get too close to yoobin in the first two pictures because she s so hot lol

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