Wonder Girls on Ten Ten Club Radio Show 080617

Just one picture of Yoo Bin, Sun Mi and So Hee with the radio DJ.


16 thoughts on “Wonder Girls on Ten Ten Club Radio Show 080617

  1. @ Sunnyyy ^_____^ U R so cute Don’t be sorry!!!!
    There’s nothing wrong with expressing your opinion
    thats why there’s a comment section
    Everyone have a different opinion
    I respect others opinions here cause we all love WG’s

    By the way I wasn’t judging her at all I have a several different occasions she was acting like that not only one but a several
    but who cares seems like everyone loves her she’ll be fine without my love LOL LOL LOL

  2. you cannot judge her just because of that
    who know? she was maybe sick or tired or something happened to her

    when i’m tired i’m not very nice too (like now^^)


    sohee <fighting!!

  3. Only reason that I was saying was she was very not nice to one of her fan who happen to be my friend


    Gotta love Sohee!!!!!

  4. EG

    I don’t think she have a diva attitude, she maybe seems cold for you but she’s just young and shy that’s all.

    She’s maybe weird sometimes and she’s not very talkative but I find that lately she’s trying to change, she talks more and she smiles more so please give her a break!

    She didn’t do anything yet there are ALWAYS people who say mean things about her ! always ! so please stop that even if you really believe that she’s cold, mean… you don’t need to put it where fans like me can read it!!!

    I know that if i leaved a comment saying that i think that yoo bin is really fake people wouldn’t love it so i keep my thoughts for myself, if you could do the same it would be really nice! thanks!

  5. oooh jezzzzzzzzzz @miso chill out girl!!!
    Sohee is very very cute!!!!! but her diva attitude get little too much sometimes
    Ooooh I love all of em but I got to say Sohee is my least favorite
    Absolutely love other 4
    Sunmi & Yoobin are my number 1’s
    Peace out ya’ll!!!!
    Cause we all love wonderful wondergirls!!!!

  6. sunny

    i’m starting to not like stupid girl like you !
    why do you to leave this kind of comment ? we don’t need to know how you feel poor girl ! she’s too cute that’s why you don’t like her ? OK but you don’t need to say it here, jealous !

    so hee <3! WG<3!

  7. This one isn’t from KBS Mr. Radio, it’s from SBS Ten Ten ^^
    I just posted the ones from Mr. Radio over @ Wonderholic.

  8. yoobin this time round
    make up is better..
    or i think is better or pale..
    i like natural yoobin..

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