Wonder Girls wins Mutizen Award on Inkigayo for second week running

Wonder Girls rounded off a perfect week by coming up first in the mobile ranking chart which was hosted by Yoo Bin and also clinching the Mutizen Award among the Take 7 nominees which included Super Junior Happy, Nell, etc.



16 thoughts on “Wonder Girls wins Mutizen Award on Inkigayo for second week running

  1. Oh yea, this performnace was great, and Soo Hee is getting better.. (yays! haha) Wonder what that interference was on Yoobin’s mic.. hm.. oh, and does anyone ever notice how the crowd goes wild for Ye Eun’s part? lol.. surprising.. x]

    Anyways, CONGRATS!! I’m proud of them!!! Much love!!!! 😀

  2. so hee is doing really well now
    they won against super junior?!!! wowwwwwwwwww they are really great

    love WG<333

  3. Besides the (feedback?) sound during YooBin’s rap, there were two or three other clunks where someone bumped a mic. Maybe a spare mic was left on.

    It seems like during the best performances, you can see someone (especially Ye Eun) singing along on the other girls’ parts. I guess it means they’re relaxed and having a good time. I’ve noticed Ye Eun joining in on the rap lately.

    YeEuniacs, YeEunite!

  4. their performance is really getting better and better each day i also noticed that on sohee’s part the people are not the loud usually when its sohee’s turn fans scream loud anyway im happy Ye Eun is gaining popularity its about time fans notice her talent.


  5. There was contact with the mic.

    So Hee did a lot better this performance.

    Was the beat slower or did it change pace?

  6. omg yay wg!! omg this perf has 2 new news for me.. first, it must be the editing and producer picking diff cam angles, but its the FIRST time Yoobin’s lipsyncing wasn’t totally noticable <3. Second is during sohee’s solo, it was so quiet.. nobody cheered.. i usually dont notice these but today 😦 was very noticable, even ye eun got a nice cheer

  7. coolsmurf, could you upload wonder girls perf of chain of love? i cant find it on youtube anymore >.<

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