Sun Mi, “I Like Tae Yeon unnie!”

Sun Mi stated that she is a fan of Tae Yeon from So Nyeo Shi Dae.

Sun Mi said during her interview with Kuki News, “I really like Tae Yeon unni. I am her fan. I think she sings well and I think she is cute.” When Sun Mi said this, Ye Eun, who was sitting beside her said, “She likes her so much that she would go around and say ‘Tae Yeon jjang’ often.”

Ye Eun also complimented, “It’s really difficult for me to point out who’s pretty. They are all very pretty. So Nyeo Shi Dae is a really hard working group”. When questioned about girl groups being more active than compared to the past, they expressed, “So Nyeo Shi Dae, Jewelry, Brown Eyed Girls, SeeYa, etc have all been more active than before. Before the past year, all girl groups weren’t that active, so we are happy that they are all now much more active.”

Sun Mi’s statement really catches the viewer’s eyes. Wonder Girls and So Nyeo Shi Dae have been competing ever since their debut and have always been compared. They are both all girls group and debuted around the same time. Even the fact that they are both idol groups from a big entertainment company is similar. Wonder Girls acknowledged So Nyeo Shi Dae’s excellence and conveyed that they are having a good competition.

Credits: Soshified, Soompi | Translated by: minjeong@soshified


47 thoughts on “Sun Mi, “I Like Tae Yeon unnie!”

  1. and to enemiesofsnsd, what gives you the right to call them lazy? Some of them trained for SEVEN years before debut. Do you understand the pain they went through? Stupid? I think you’re just degrading yourself more by stating all those comments. Call them stupid and lazy only wen you’ve proved that your IQ is higher than theirs and when you’ve worked harder than them. If both WG and SNSD can be friends and they enjoy each other’s company, why do you have to keep bashing one another? What? You’re not happy with the friends WG have? Or they can only befriends those people that you’ve permitted them to. Grow up

  2. Why dont you all just stop the comparison about WG and SNSD. They both have their good and bad points. And about Jessica getting nasty in the UFO replies, that’s just their way of talking, it not only happens when it comes to WG. Its funny and when they talk that way, you can see how close they are with the fans to be able to talk in that manner, like how you talk to your friends. About SNSD not complimenting WG, you dont expect them to start complimenting WG out of the blue during a show right. They’re friends in real life so I dont think they’ll be happy when they see fans fighting over this stuff. And if you call SNSD stupid, b*tches and stuff, have you ever met them? Or did you just believe all those rumours. Humans make mistakes. Dont tell me you’ve never commited any mistakes. So what gives you the right to call them names.

  3. Um. If WG says something bad about SNSD in an interview, that would be bad. Of course they have to say something nice, whether it’s SNSD or another group.

    It’s for good publicity!

  4. Why does WG giving a compliment automatically have to result in them recieving one back? It makes them look like they’re only doing it for good press, but not genuinly.

  5. Go WG &SNSD!
    Go Wonderfuls & S♥nes!

    Haters, please, support your idols with love and stop bashing others with hate…

  6. both of the groups are talented, snsd also ever praise wg ! because you hate them then that’s why you didn’t find it or trying to search about it.. GO WG & SNSD !

  7. “2. WG are the better singers because they sing live more. SNSD barely sings live so they may make less mistakes but just imagine how they would sound singing live 10 times a day like WG has to do.”

    The only period SNSD lipsync was when they promoted Into the New World. For the rest of their 3 singles, they sang live.

    What’s wrong with you, IluvYubin? Seriously. How old are you? Why is there so much hatred in your heart? What did SNSD ever do to get you so angry at them?

    Please learn to live with less hatred in your heart. From a fellow WG fan to another, and I’m guessing I’m way older than you, take this advice from me.

    Learn to live with less hatred in your heart. It will do you good.

  8. ppl saying LOLDZDLZO SNSD R STUPID RUDE ALOLZ! where u get that from? wat makes wg 10x better then snsd? way better songs yea, does that make snsd lil bitches? no, y did u choose wg over snsd? is it cus wg didnt have rumors pre debut? is it cus snsd’s so called 1 inch skirts? leme tell u wgs skirts r shorter, only reason half of the ppl talkn shet about snsd is cus u jealous and since every1 chose wg cus tell me was awesome u went with the flo, lolz look @ these snsd girls tryn to catch up to these goddesses, is wat u say, but wat exactly makes u “hate” them so much? rumors? confirmed? link plz, “they think they so pretty”, link to them saying that plz, wondergirls only had more chances to talk about snsd cus they obviously had a comeback, while as snsd, hasnt yet, make any sense now? keep bashn em but half the ppl bashn r prob fat lil girls jealous of em


  10. Actually SNSD does get nasty whenever a fan of theirs mentions WG, Jessicas UFO replies to a fan that said “if you dont reply to me I will go to WG keke” and she said “GOOD BYE”.

  11. I’m support WG than stupid snsd.Snsd is very stupi stupid girls.They thinks they sooooo cute but they just a stupid,lazy,rude and many thing that worst about snsd.

  12. Never heard SNSD praise WG. It’s always WG praising SNSD.

    another article said that SunMi like Sunny?

  13. snsd does not get cold when wg subject is mentioned. i remember in the way begining that sunny said she likes sohee. and snsd said that being compared to wg is not bad because wg is good and that its a nice competitive atmosphere for both groups to work harder.

    anyway, wg is awesome and snsd is cool too. sunmi is my favorite member and taeyeon is my fav from snsd.
    yoobin is very close to being my fav. love her.


    snsd doesnt deserve any praise from anyone!
    its wondergirls that needs praise for their hard work!!!

  15. IluvYubin i totally agree with you ! snsd suck!!! they’re so stupids and direspectfuls !!!

  16. yeeeaaaaahhhh SNSD learn from WG but for so hee’s voice hmmmmm need to learn from who….?
    if you don’t belive me check out their live video….

    oooohhhhh come on man don’t you just fooling around looking for someone mistake…

    support WG for sure and don’t think SNSD is lower than WG… they are in same level for an korean singer…

    grow up dude….

  17. Okay guys, drop the ‘who praises more’ topic and proceed with how SunMi likes TaeYon so much.

    Maybe TaeYon’s dorkiness catches SunMi’s attention. Both of them share an enthusiastic personality, maybe that’s the reason why SunMi likes TaeYon. Thans for posting this up. 🙂

  18. lol comment above is longer than the article….
    truthfully i really don’t care if SNSD praises WG or not… I know WG likes them, whether the former praises them or not, is really trivial to me… the way I see it WONDERFULS are already doing a great job…I PRAISE THEM EVERYDAY!! lol… so go Wonder Girls, go Wonderfuls!!

  19. good comment June, im a huge fan of SNSD and WGs are growing on me but lets not be ignorant fans (thats everyone snsd and wg fans), obviously the wgs are asked about what they think about SNSD more than SNSD is about the wgs. I find it interesting that the only thing some of the fans read is about HOW WGS praise SNSD yet they assume SNSD doesnt do the same. Did you ever think that maybe Wgs are asked that question more than SNSD is?? The times ive seen SNSD asked about Wgs they showed nothing but praise. DRop the rivarly crap, the Real WGS and the Real SNSD are actually friends, and fans who fight over whose better end up making them look bad.

    Lets just drop the whole crap and not stoop to immature levels. Every group has there immature fans who do immature fans but dont be one of em. This is coming from a SNSD fan too so dont even put try and label me as a WG hater or one of them crazy violent snsd fans.

    I respect both groups, and it annoys me when there are ignorant people who just make stupid assumptions. This aint a rant just a viewpoint.

  20. The interviewers are the one that asks the questions. It’s not like they want to talk about SNSD 24/7. And to the people who says SNSD doesn’t praise Wonder Girls enough. Hello? During their first album promotions, BOTH groups were asked about each other constantly. Besides Wonder Girls had their comeback FIRST. If SNSD had their comeback right now, they would constantly be asked about their rivals (Wonder Girls) too. It’s fans like you guys that thinks everything is a competition. “Wonder Girls praised SNSD too much. Aww, they’re so humble unlike SNSD. blah blah blah”

  21. i agree. why do they always praise SNSD? has SNSD ever praised WG? and i mean more than once.

  22. Wonder Girls are awesome they’re always humble & polite.
    Love them they rock!

    snsd suck.

  23. Love wondergirls they’re wonderful !!!!
    SNSD I feel bad for most of the members cause couple girls in that group just ruins everything its not fair for the rest of the girls u know who am I talkin about
    NOT really fan of SNSD but I love Sooyoung from SNSD

  24. I think they praise SNSD often because the host/interviewer ask them question either abt SNSD or abt girl group.
    I noticed everytime another group is mentioned then there is a praise. (this goes for SNSD as well)

    But yeah too much praised is…it doesnt sound sincere when you read too many of them.

  25. i sooo agree srainy.
    it icks me off a bit when WG praise them.. and i dont hear any from their side.
    but then, i realize that WG are good and awesome girls. other artists praise them more anyway.. so its all g. ^^

  26. i feel like wonder girls praise snsd too much @_@
    and snsd doesnt do the same… at least not any that goes on the news~
    it’s like free promotion to the rival group in music business lol

  27. hey it’s not like snsd doesn’t like wg, there’s this one interview on yt where taeyeon praised and said some other things about wg. too lazy to find it.

  28. wonder girls always praising SNSD.. you guys are also GREAT my dears… c’mon SNSD share some love back….lol




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